2019 US Open Bencic vs Vekic Preview & Betting Tips 04/09/2019

2019 US Open Bencic vs Vekic Preview & Betting Tips


Who reaches a Grand Slam semi-final for the first time? Follow up our tennis tips below and find out all the information you need to know!

Almost everything is possible in the WTA Tour of the year 2019. This shows not only on the basis of some curious tournament results and constantly changing faces in the top 10, but currently also once again in the quarterfinals of the US Open 2019.

Competition: US Open WTA

Date: 04.09.2019

Betting Tips Under 20.5 games

Odds: 2.25

Stake: 6/10 units

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Bencic vs Vekic Tennis Betting Tips

Finally, at the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the calendar year, it is already certain that in the upper half of the tournament tree, a lady will reach the final, which is outside of said top 10 – and will promptly ascend there with her entry into the final. Which lady still has a chance to be determined in the quarterfinals between Belinda Bencic and Donna Vekic in the following prediction.
It is Belinda Bencic against Donna Vekic according to odds of bookmakers in the role of favorites. No wonder, as the Swiss defeated Naomi Osaka 2-0 in the round of 16 in the last sixteen and not only triumphed over the reigning world number one, but at the same time over the reigning champion at the US Open.

The Croatian should not be underestimated, as she has reached in Flushing Meadows for the first time in her career a quarter-finals of a Grand Slam tournament.

That should not only provide sufficient momentum, but undoubtedly releases forces. Thus, the win is a bit too vague for us, so we at Belinda Bencic against Donna Vekic a better guess to good odds on under 20.5 games, which will be necessary to determine the winner, consider the better.

Belinda Bencic – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 12.
Position in the seedling list: 13.

The 22-year-old Swiss Belinda Bencic is back. Not only in the top 10 of the WTA World Ranking, which is hard to beat after reaching the top eight women in Flushing Meadows, but also in the quarter-finals of the US Open. Where exactly everything started exactly five years ago.

We are flying back to the year 2014. The then only 17-year-old young Swiss player played their only fourth Grand Slam tournament ever and sensationally drew after victories over the then top 10 players Angelique Kerber and Jelena Jankovic in the round of eight best women.

The beginning of a hopeful career and a promise for the future. A promise, however, that has not fulfilled the hopes of a whole country already raised by the national press for the successor of Martina Hingis.

“People always think I’m older than I actually am. Because I’ve been on the tour for so long. I learned a lot during that time. At the beginning, everyone thought it was just uphill. But that’s not how it works in tennis. ” – Belinda Bencic at the Basler Zeitung

So Belinda Bencic sank for years again in the sinking. Victories against the stars of the WTA Tour alternated with weeks and months of negative series. In 2019, however, she seems to have finally caught again.

Thus, Belinda Bencic not only once again won a tournament victory in the current season (WTA Dubai 2019 – 2: 1 against Petra Kvitova in the final), the only third on the WTA Tour in her career, but she is finally back in a Grand Slam Tournament quarter-finals, where Belinda Bencic against Donna Vekic, according to odds of bookmakers now even the favorite for the first time in a semifinals at one of the four major major tournaments in tennis.

It was particularly the relaxed, almost self-evident way in which they bowed the defending champion Naomi Osaka 2-0 in the second round out of the competition, highly impressive. Not only because the Japanese with their usually fatal baseline strikes always bite on granite bite in the defensive strong Swiss, but especially because Belinda Bencic had problems in the last few weeks with the left foot and her training had therefore even shut down.

No wonder, if you look at their matchplan. The victory over Naomi Osaka was already the number 57 fixture in their season. In 16 defeats, she has so far won 41 games. This is already a career record for the exceptional player, who, after a strong year so far, only lacks one to reach the tennis Olympus: a major title.

Last matches by Belinda Bencic:

🎾 02.09.2019 – Bencic Vs. Osaka 7-5, 6-4 (US Open)
🎾 01.09.2019 – Bencic Vs. Account (US Open)
🎾 29.08.2019 – Bencic Vs. Cornet 6-4, 1-6, 6-2 (US Open)
🎾 27.08.2019 – Bencic Vs. Minella 6-3, 6-2 (US Open)
🎾 13.08.2019 – Azarenka Vs. Bencic 6-4, 1-0 (Cincinnati WTA)

Donna Vekic – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 23.
Position in the seedling list: 23.

23 years old is the Croatian Donna Vekic. She was also ranked 23 at the tournament start in New York City. And position 23 took them in the occasionally deviating from the world ranking list of the US Open seeding. Numbers, which are likely to change, because even the move to the US Open Quarterfinals brings the Croatian in the live ranking a jump to 21st place in the WTA World Ranking. That would be a new career high for them according to current status. Vekic can only be overtaken by Elise Mertens – a potential opponent for the semi-finals.

Even without a new career high in the world rankings is this tournament, which incidentally also her former partner Stan Wawrinka after triumph over defending champion Novak Djokovic made it into the round of eight best players, already a complete success for the young player. Only for the fifth time is she qualified for the main draw at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Counting the other three majors, she plays for the 25th time in a Grand Slam tournament. And after she reached the round of 16 at Wimbledon 2018 and the French Open 2019 twice and made it into the second week of the tournament, she is now for the very first time ever in a quarter-final.

“After Wimbledon I was very nervous because the first half of the season went very well for me and I thought: Do not screw it up now! I was very nervous in San Jose and Toronto, but I found my rhythm in Cincinnati. Again, I play good tennis. ” – Donna Vekic at wtatennis.com

This is quite remarkable, as Donna Vekic was a bit out of the way after a strong first half of the season. While she was in St. Petersburg for the first time in February in a final of a WTA Premier tournament (0-2 against Kiki Bertens), she also left at the Nottingham Open against Caroline Garcia (1: 2) her third individual title in the WTA Tour lie.

Nevertheless, their big matches remained stuck during this period. For example, the clear 2-0 over the top favorite and then world ranking second Petra Kvitova in St. Petersburg. Just in time for the US Open she has found her game again.

Belinda Bencic against Donna Vekic is by no means unrealistic about her first semi-final. Especially with regard to her 2-1 win over Julia Görges in the second round, in which she not only turned a 0-1 deficit after the lost tiebreak in the first set, but in which she also to 100% their strengths on the court brought: a hard and difficult to counter service and fast points with their aggressive basic strokes, which were mostly held flat.

But: Naomi Osaka, who masters the keyboard of the offensive game even better, bit his teeth on Belinda Bencic vs Donna Vekic has to prove for the jump into the semi-finals that she can now vary her game according to the opponent.

Last matches by Donna Vekic:

🎾 02.09.2019 – Vekic Vs. Goerges 6-7, 7-5, 6-3 (US Open)
🎾 31.08.2019 – Vekic Vs. Putintseva 6-4, 6-1 (US Open)
🎾 29.08.2019 – Vekic Vs. Kanepi 7-5, 6-3 (US Open)
🎾 28.08.2019 – Vekic Vs. Hogenkamp 7-6, 6-3 (US Open)
🎾 15.08.2019 – Williams vs. Vekic 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 (Cincinnati WTA)

Bencic vs Vekic – Head to Head Statistics

Head to head: 2: 1

Source: Extratips.com


There have been a total of three clashes between Belinda Bencic and Donna Vekic so far. In the first two duels, both dating back to 2014, when the athletes were still 18 and 17 years old respectively, the Swiss defeated smoothly 2-0, before it took five years for the ladies to meet again.

The last time was in the third round of the French Open 2019. And it is well known that Donna Vekic scored a smooth 2-0 victory (6: 4 and 6: 1) over the young Swiss hope …

Belinda Bencic vs Donna Vekic US Open 2019 Our Tennis Betting Tips

For Belinda Bencic against Donna Vekic, the prediction is influenced by two very important factors. First of all, it is the fact that the Swiss just came back in the knockout stages with a 2-0 win over Naomi Osaka to find the right antidote to an aggressive service with subsequent quick attacks on the baseline – exactly the same style of play that the Croatian played should try now.

And secondly, it is the left foot of the Swiss woman who was last injured. If this does not hold, they should have difficulty getting their counterplay on the court.

Key Facts – Belinda Bencic vs Donna Vekic Tips

⭐️ Neither Belinda Bencic nor Donna Vekic have ever been in the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament before
⭐️ Belinda Bencic reached the quarter-finals of the US Open as early as five years ago at the tender age of 17 for the first and only match to date
⭐️ Donna Vekic would enter the top 20 of the WTA World Ranking List for the first time in her career with a win in this match

We stop at Belinda Bencic vs Donna Vekic a tip on under 20.5 games for the most goal-oriented. That’s because we think two scenarios are likely: if the Swiss’s foot is down, there’s not much to block in two straight sets. On the other hand, if it is too badly affected, the Croatian could have a similarly short process with her as at the French Open.

In both cases, the match is unlikely to go the full distance of three sets, let alone a tiebreak. For under 20.5 games Belinda Bencic against Donna Vekic odds of up to 2.25 are available, which we play with six units.


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