Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Betting Predictions 06/09/2019

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Betting Predictions

Will the Bears start against the Packers with a success in the season? Lets’s find out in our betting prediction below!

Goodbye summer hole – NFL here we go again! The long wait has finally come to an end, because the new NFL season is upon us. Numerous fans have counted the days backwards, but the NFL is the league with the longest break between the final of the old and the start of the new season.

Competition: NFL

Date: 06.09.2019

Betting Tips Green Bay Packers

Odds: 2.50

Stake: 6/10 units

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Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Today’s Betting Prediction

Right at the start, the NFL did not give a damn and set with the duel of the old rivals Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers a real cracker on the program. Already for the 199th time it comes to this meeting and thus no other meeting was held more often in the NFL.

The rivalry between the two NFC North Clubs, which have a total of 22 NFL Championships, is correspondingly high. Even the balance is amazing, lead the packers in the direct duel but only gossamer with 97:95 with an additional six draws.
So we can look forward to a hot duel again on Thursday, because in the last two years, the Bears have reversed the years of superiority of the Packers back and last December won the first duel after five consecutive bankruptcies in series.

According to the bookmakers, the home team from Chicago is the easy favorite, which is understandable after their strong pre-season. Nevertheless, we see more of a 50-50 duel, because first, it is the first game of the season and second, the Packers should be slightly stronger than last year.

This is at Bears Vs. Packers a tip on the away team to prefer, given the high odds, the value is clear.

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Betting Predictions

Chicago Bears – Statistics & Current Form

The Bears are a very exciting project that has to pass the matriculation exam this season. In the previous year they played a very strong regular season, but once again could not win a playoff game. Then everything was pushed on kicker Cody Parkey, who failed with the decisive field goal on the post.

However, they can not do that easily, because even before that it became obvious that their offense can not keep up with the best in the league. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky shows his inexperience and even in the accuracy of his passes, he is only in the midfield.

So Trubisky has to show that he can be one of the greats, because without a top quarterback the Bears will never make it to the top. Their defense may be so good. However, it must also be noted that the wide receivers of the Bears do not come from the top shelf and they have none of the really big top stars on the court.

Something was missing here in the summer to refill and so we are skeptical whether the Bears can repeat their 11: 5 season from the previous year. In our opinion, far too much attention was paid to choosing a new kicker, which is important but should not necessarily be a priority.

We’ll see if Eddy Pineiro’s final election was a good move and if he can keep a cool head even in stress situations. In the last pre-season game he definitely missed a feasible PAT.

Against the Packers on Thursday will show whether the defense can maintain their flow from the previous season and whether the 1: 3 balance from the pre-season was just a picture without value. Conceivable is a duel on equal terms, which is why at Bears against Packers, the odds on Chicago are not necessarily worthwhile for betting.

Key Players:

✨ QB: Mitchell Trubisky
✨ RB: Tarik Cohen
✨ WR: Allen Robinson
✨ TE: Trey Burton
✨ K: Eddy Pineiro

Last Games:

🏈 30.08.2019 Chicago Bears – Tennessee Titans 15:19
🏈 25.08.2019 Indianapolis Colts – Chicago Bears 17:27
🏈 17.08.2019 New York Giants – Chicago Bears 32:13
🏈 09.08.2019 Chicago Bears – Carolina Panthers 13:23
🏈 06.01.2019 Chicago Bears – Philadelphia Eagles 15:16

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Betting Predictions

Green Bay Packers – Statistics & Current Form

The Packers are facing the truth a year ago. After two seasons of missed playoffs in a row, they will finally have to deliver again this year, otherwise Aaron Rodgers’ reputation as a quarterback god would also get scratches. Because everything can not be due to the defense or its weak receivers.

Speaking of receiver! Just before the start of the season, the Packers had to make a bad news, because in the last pre-season game, the German wide receiver EQ St. Brown injured so badly on the ankle that he was placed on the injured reserve list. For him, it also means the premature Saisonaus, since he then no longer allowed to be used.

This Rodgers loses another receiver, after Randall Cobb was already shipped to Dallas in the summer. With Davante Adams, they will only have a seasoned WR who has proven his NFL skills for a long time. Nevertheless, over the air we see the Packers’ biggest advantages over the Bears for Thursday.

For example, Rodgers’ Passing Game is still a whole lot stronger than Trubisky’s. Should Green Bay be able to stop Tarik Cohen and the Bears’ running backs, then chances are good that they start the season with a little surprise.

Where a success of the Packers would not be a big surprise for us, as we see them this season but pretty much on par with the Bears. The only problem could be the communication between Rodgers and the new Head Coach Matt LaFleur, which has not gone smoothly so far.

While the quarterback still wants to announce most of the moves itself, LaFleur has already indicated that this will be a little different with his coaching Sttaff. There is a potential for conflict in the course of the season.

For Thursday, however, that should not have much impact. The pre-season was a little more successful than Chicago’s with a 2-2 record and in the final game even the high-fought chiefs could be defeated. With Bears against Packers a tip on Aaron Rodgers and Co. is the much better option.

Key Players:

✨ QB: Aaron Rodgers
✨ RB: Aaron Jones
✨ WR: Davante Adams
✨ TE: Jimmy Graham
✨ K: Mason Crosby

Last Games:

🏈 30.08.2019 Green Bay Packers – Kansas City Chiefs 27:20
🏈 23.08.2019 Oakland Raiders – Green Bay Packers 22:21
🏈 16.08.2019 Baltimore Ravens – Green Bay Packers 26:13
🏈 09.08.2019 Green Bay Packers – Houston Texans 28:26
🏈 12/30/2018 Green Bay Packers – Detroit Lions 0:31

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Direct Comparison

The duel of the Bears against the Packers is as written above the longest and most traditional of the entire NFL. Again and again changed a bit the supremacy, although we are currently actually at a point where both teams are at eye level. This is shown by the tight matches in the last three years as well as the season predictions.

Of the last five encounters, only one with more than one score advantage has been won and took place in 2017 in Green Bay. However, the Packers just won relatively often in Chicago in recent years. Eight of the last nine away games at the Bears Stadium have won the Packers, which makes them easy favorites for Thursday.

16.12.2018 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers 24:17
10.09.2018 Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears 24:23
12.11.2017 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers 16:23
29.09.2017 Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears 35:14
18.12.2016 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers 27:30

Prediction & Betting Base Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

The bookies are the Bears high in the price, which is certainly due to their strong last season. However, this also offers the chance, at Bears Vs. Packers to take advantage of the great odds on the Packers to make good profits with simple win bets.

Key Facts – Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

⭐️ The Bears won last year NFC North with a 11: 5 balance
⭐️ The Packers were third in NFC North with a 6: 9: 1 record
⭐️ The Bears could win seven of their eight home games in 2018

As for the overall points in this matchup, we would be wary of too high expectations. In the last seven direct duels there were only twice more than 47 total points, which is why we tend to tend to under-points on Thursday.

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