Nicolas Jarry vs Alexander Zverev Tennis Betting Tips 23/07/2019

Jarry vs Alexander Zverev Tennis Betting Tips

Competition: Hamburg 2019

Date: 23.07.2019

Betting Tips Zverev 2: 1

Odds: 4.00

Stake: 3/10 units

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How big is the mental factor in professional sports? 20%? 40%? Or even bigger? Of course, it depends very much on the sport. While there is some momentum in football and a team can pull each other down, the danger of having a single sport like tennis is even greater in the head. A player is finally alone on the court, has to play each point itself and can not be immersed in the mass just briefly or replaced.

Today’s Tennis Tips Nicolas Jarry vs Alexander Zverev

A very current and well-known example from the German camp is Alexander Zverev, still number 5 in the world and the reigning tennis world champion. After his recent first-round debut at Wimbledon, he stated that his quarrel with ex-manager Patricio Apey was nagging him and did not allow him to focus on his work on the pitch. He wanted to “leave for a few days where nobody finds him”, to find himself again. Now two and a half weeks have passed and in time for the start at his home tournament, the German number 1 is back. He was incredibly open to the journalists and allowed them to share his thoughts.

Maybe that’s just the way to get back to strength. However, he would have needed a bit more luck to win a loose start in his hometown. It comes directly in round 1 to the duel between Nicolas Jarry and Alexander Zverev, in which a forecast is complicated. On the one hand, the Chilean won the event in Bastad on Sunday and is in top form, on the other hand, the two players faced each other twice this season on the red ashes. Twice there was a full-length thriller that once Jarry and once Zverev could decide thinly. Excitement and high-class rallies are guaranteed at the Rothenbaum in Hamburg. The match is expected to take place on Tuesday. The exact heading will be made by the organizer.

Jarry vs Alexander Zverev Tennis Betting Tips

Nicolas Jarry – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 38.
Position in the seedling list: 1.

Nicolas Jarry has reached his career best in the world ranking with 38th. The 23-year-old is playing a very strong season so far in 2019. Especially on sand, he feels very well and has already achieved good results. In Barcelona was only in the quarterfinals against Daniil Medvedev terminal. In Geneva, he could even reach the final by Jarry then failed despite match balls to Alexander Zverev. The first title win he was able to celebrate on Sunday in the Swedish Bastad.

With a strong run in the north, Jarry beat Henri Laaksonen, Mikael Ymer, Jeremy Chardy, Federico Delbonis and finally Juan Ignacio Londero. Throughout the tournament, Jarry did not make a single move and was the lucky winner in the end. His self-confidence and form are just right. The only question mark is behind his fitness. He had to quickly pack his bags in Scandinavia and start the journey to Hamburg.

There, Jarry has little time to get used to it and has to go directly against the number 2 of the tournament and the crowd favorite. Players like Nadal, Federer, but also Zverev are used to following tournament victories and keeping their level: A young athlete like Jarry is not used to that and it will be exciting to see how he deals with this new situation. Nicolas Jarry may occasionally be able to offer his favorite favorites, but in the longer rallies and towards the end of the match he will feel his heavy legs. Zverev does not have a lower odd against Jarry for nothing, and the prediction towards the local hero makes all in all sense despite the good form of the Chilean.

Last matches by Nicolas Jarry:

🎾 21.07.2019 – Jarry Vs. Londero 7-6, 6-4 (Bastad)
🎾 20.07.2019 – Jarry Vs. Del Bonis 6-3, 6-2 (Bastad)
🎾 19.07.2019 – Jarry Vs. Chardy 6-1, 6-4 (Bastad)
🎾 17.07.2019 – Jarry Vs. Ymer 7-5, 6-3 (Bastad)
🎾 16.07.2019 – Jarry Vs. Laaksonen 7-6, 7-5 (Bastad)

Jarry vs Alexander Zverev Tennis Betting Tips

Alexander Zverev – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 5.
Position in the seedling list: 2.

Alexander Zverev has long been accused, despite his great talent and the already impressive successes in his young career, at big events always can not retrieve his potential. He seemed to have refuted this by winning the ATP Tour Finals last November. But a doubt remains. Is he also able to win a Grand Slam tournament in Best of Five mode, which will take over two weeks? So far, the 22-year-old has been guilty of this proof. The victory in the ATP Tour Finals was apparently not the final knot release. This season the DTB ace is fighting with himself, his coaches and his nerves. The unnecessary first-round finish at Wimbledon was a real downer again in the last race. Afterwards, he sometimes cited the dispute with his former manager Patricio Apey at the press conference as a reason for the early failure. Apparently, the controversy burdened the number 5 of the world so much that he can not focus properly on the court.

After his 20-day break, he now wants to rediscover his old strength at home at the Rothenbaum in Hamburg and to regain self-confidence for the upcoming hard court series in the States. For the first time in three years Zverev is in the Hanseatic city at the start. Against Nicolas Jarry, he must immediately show his best tennis to pass. The South American has a similar game system as “Sascha”. Both have grown tall, have a strong serve and very punchy basic strikes. Alexander Zverev has a few plus points on the backhand side and has to get his opponent involved in these cross duels. In addition, he can build on the fact that he has recovered fresh in a possible third set a few conditional advantages against the winner from Bastad who won on Sunday only the title in Sweden.

Last matches by Alexander Zverev:

🎾 01.07.2019 – Vesely vs Zverev 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5 (Wimbledon)
🎾 21.06.2019 – Goffin Vs. Zverev 3-6, 6-1, 7-6 (Hall)
🎾 20.06.2019 – Zverev vs. Johnson 6-3, 7-5 (Hall)
🎾 17.06.2019 – Zverev Vs. Haase 6-4, 7-5 (Hall)
🎾 13.06.2019 – Brown vs. Zverev 6-4, 6-7, 6-3 (Stuttgart)

Jarry vs Zverev – Head to Head Statistics

Twice the two players have faced each other on the tour and the direct duels between Nicolas Jarry and Alexander Zverev are optimal for prediction as a basis. The games took place not so long ago both on this season on clay court. At the first meeting in Barcelona Jarry had the better end on his side. After defeating the match ball, he sat in the tiebreak of the third round and caused a surprise. The revenge succeeded the German then a short time later in the final of Geneva.

In a similarly dramatic tennis thriller, the DTB ace also fended off match balls from his opponent and again prevailed in the tiebreak of the crucial passage. Both games were completely balanced and in the overall balance it is 1: 1. This time the starting position is a little different by the final win of the South American on Sunday in Bastad.

Nicolas Jarry vs Alexander Zverev Best Betting Tips Explained

The form, the self-confidence and also the two direct duels in this season actually speak for the fact that between Nicolas Jarry and Alexander Zverev a tip on the quota of the Chilean is profitable. He should therefore have at least a 50% chance to win the match. But there are two arguments that speak against it. On the one hand, Jarry has not played his final against Argentinian Londero 48 hours before his appearance at the Rothenbaum in the Swedish city of Bastad and has only a very short preparation and regeneration time. On the other hand, Alexander Zverev was able to prepare after the early end on the sacred turf of London extensively and in peace to the home tournament in the Hanseatic city. He appeared at the press conference very tidy and wants to attack again after the difficult weeks surrounding the dispute with his ex-manager.

Key Facts – Nicolas Jarry vs Alexander Zverev tips

⭐️ Jarry travels to Hamburg as a freshly-baked tournament winner
⭐️ Zverev starts rested in the home tournament
⭐️ Twice was a duel on sand between the two athletes in the tiebreak of the third set decide

Instead of the match Nicolas Jarry vs Alexander Zverev to tackle the odds of the underdog with a bad gut feeling, we recommend rather to put as alternative to a three-success of the German. The number 2 of the tournament should have the longer breath in a long and intense match at the end. It is not improbable that the two sets of fifty-two-hour fights by the players in Barcelona and Geneva will make the match a third set. The 4-rate is very attractive for this tip and can be wonderfully played with a small bet of three units.


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