Champions League Group Stage 2019 Betting Odds

Who follows Kloppo and the Reds?

Soon it will be time again and on Tuesday and Wednesday evening in the stadiums of Europe will be the legendary Champions League anthem, which brings millions of football fans every time again goose bumps. After three years of dominating Real Madrid, Liverpool FC are the reigning champions and the hunted team. Thirty-one other clubs want to challenge the Reds for their place on the throne and, since the draw, have known with which opponents they have to duel in the group stage.

From the German point of view, as set since last year, four teams at the start. In addition to the permanent guests Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, this time RB Leipzig and Bayer 04 Leverkusen have made it into the concert of the greats. From the Austrian point of view, RB Salzburg is finally a club again. With LASK almost a second club could have done it. The Linzer failed but in the playoffs to Bruges.
Also did not make the last step, the Swiss champion. In a very close duel with Red Star Belgrade, the Young Boys Bern had beaten only due to the away goals control. There are a total of five teams from German-speaking countries, who are among the best 32 teams on the continent.
The favorites come as every year from England and Spain. In addition, the question arises whether Juventus with new coach once again can bring the title to Italy or whether Thomas Tuchel finally breaks the Champions League curse with PSG? So many exciting questions that will soon be answered first. The draw will certainly increase the anticipation.

The end of the group phase of the Champions League 2019/20

Since last season, there is a new regulation in the qualification, which states that only six teams can play through the detour into the group stage. The major European leagues, including the Bundesliga, have benefited from this reform. There are four clubs directly in the group stage with it and do not have to take the stony path through the playoffs.

After the draw, there will be eight Champions League groups in 2019, each with four teams, each of which will play one leg away and one in the “each against each” mode. By Christmas, the six group games are then completed and the first two clubs make the leap to the knockout stages, where finally begins the hot phase in the premier class.

Once again there is a return match, with no national duels being allowed in the last 16 rounds, and one group winners each beating a runner-up. From the quarter-finals, there are no more requirements and all pairings are possible.

The whole thing goes on until two teams are left, who face each other on May 30 in the grand finale and duel for the coveted Henkel pot. The final takes place for the second time in history in Turkey, more precisely, in Istanbul. The Bosphorus will then decide who will succeed Liverpool FC, or whether the Reds may repeat their previous year’s triumph.

Group A: Paris St. Germain, Real Madrid, Club Bruges, Galatasaray Istanbul

Boom, the first two lots in Group A had it all. Real Madrid and Paris St. Germain are two of the most glamorous clubs in the premier class, each highly motivated by the new season. After three successful years in a row, the Madrilenians had to hand over the handlepipe to Liverpool last season and Paris has been yearning for a success in the Champions League for many years.

The two great powers of European football are according to the odds the clear favorites in this group and should normally qualify for the knockout round. Club Bruges and Galatasaray Istanbul will be in third place and thus the entry into the Europa League among themselves.

Winner Group A – Betting odds:

⚽️ Paris St. Germain ➲ Odds: 1,90
⚽️ Real Madrid ➲ Odds: 1,90
⚽️ Club Bruges ➲ Odds: 61,00
⚽️ Galatasaray Istanbul ➲ Odds: 51,00

Group B: Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspurs, Olympiakos Piraeus, Red Star Belgrade

Bayern Munich will not be dissatisfied with the draw. The opponents are attractive and at the same time beatable. The thickest chunk is clearly the finalist from the previous year, the Tottenham Hotspurs. Harry Kane and Co. also have good prospects for the knockout stages, as Olympiakos Piraeus and Red Star Belgrade are not the cream of the crop internationally.

Above all, the Serbs are dangerous with their atmospheric audience at home and have defeated in the preseason, for example, the eventual winner Liverpool. However, with a concentrated performance, this task should not be too much of an issue for Niko Kovac’s team. The German record champion will easily progress a round. Champions League bets on the FCB could therefore be worthwhile.

Winner Group B – Betting odds:

⚽️ Bayern Munich ➲ Odds: 1,55
⚽️ Tottenham Hotspurs ➲ Odds: 2.50
⚽️ Olympiacos Piraeus ➲ Odds: 21.00
⚽️ Red Star Belgrade ➲ Odds: 51.00

Group C: Manchester City, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta Bergamo

Pep Guardiola has big goals this season with his team. The group phase should only be the beginning of a long journey in the competition. Real stumbling blocks do not expect the English master. Shakhtar Donezk, Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta Bergamo will play a surprise knockout round. After the performances shown in the qualifiers, the Croatians from Zagreb can be given good chances and possibly a tip on Dinamo as a runner-up is not so bad.

Winner Group C – Betting odds:

⚽️ Manchester City ➲ Odds: 1.05
⚽️ Shakhtar Donetsk ➲ Odds: 15,00
⚽️ Dinamo Zagreb ➲ Odds: 41.00
⚽️ Atalanta Bergamo ➲ Odds: 15,00

Group D: Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow

Bayer 04 Leverkusen is known under Peter Bosz for the very offensive game orientation. Now the Werkself are facing a real challenge in the group stage. Two of the most defensive teams on the globe are in Group D – Juventus Torino and Atletico Madrid.

It is almost to be feared that these great caliber for the Bundesliga will come a little too early in the development and Bayer has to concentrate rather to assert themselves in the fight for third place against Lokomotiv Moscow.

Winner Group D – Betting odds

⚽️ Juventus Torino ➲ Odds: 1.60
⚽️ Atletico Madrid ➲ Odds: 2.50
⚽️ Bayer 04 Leverkusen ➲ Odds: 13.00
⚽️ Lokomotiv Moscow ➲ Odds: 67,00

Group E: Liverpool FC, SSC Napoli, RB Salzburg, KRC Genk

Jürgen Klopp travels to Austria. RB Salzburg receives the reigning champions at the first participation in the group stage of the premier class. In addition, the SSC Napoli and KRC Genk find their way to the Alpine republic. Very attractive but also very challenging opponents are waiting for the Austrian champions.

Liverpool and Napoli have known each other from last season. At that time, the Reds turned the Italian representative gossamer. In any case, explosiveness is present in Group E, although this time both clubs should make the leap into the knockout stages.

Winner Group E – Betting odds

⚽️ Liverpool FC ➲ Odds: 1.50
⚽️ SSC Napoli ➲ Odds: 3,00
⚽️ RB Salzburg ➲ Odds: 40,00
⚽️ KRC Genk ➲ Odds: 51,00

Group F: FC Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Slavia Prague

If there is such a thing as a hammer group, then it is most likely the group F. Ironically, in this group Borussia Dortmund can be found. BVB meets FC Barcelona with Lionel Messi, Inter Milan and Slavia Prague.

The Czechs are the big underdog and probably a point supplier. Inter Milan, however, should by no means be underestimated and the Italians can be a very unpleasant opponent. The Borussia would have certainly been able to make it a little better, although for a place among the top 16 clubs in Europe, these clubs must also be beaten.

Winner Group F – Betting odds

⚽️ FC Barcelona ➲ Odds: 1,46
⚽️ Borussia Dortmund ➲ Odds: 4.75
⚽️ Inter Milan ➲ Odds: 4.75
⚽️ Slavia Prague ➲ Odds: 151,00

Group G: Zenit St. Petersburg, Benfica Lisbon, Olympique Lyon, RB Leipzig

Julian Nagelsmann has formulated the goal before the draw, to move into the second round. After the draw, he will see even more confirmation that this venture is absolutely realizable. The Saxons have probably caught the lightest and most balanced group. Zenit St. Petersburg, Benfica Lisbon and Olympique Lyon are the opponents. This makes every team beatable for the bulls on a good day.

Champions League betting on Olympique Lyon are most likely to be favored after a brilliant start to the season. Under no circumstances must Leipzig hide behind it and the Bundesliga team can trust one of the top two places in Group G.

Winner Group G – Betting odds

⚽️ St. Petersburg ➲ Odds: 6,00
⚽️ Benfica Lisbon ➲ Odds: 3.25
⚽️ Olympique Lyon ➲ Odds: 3,00
⚽️ RB Leipzig ➲ Odds: 3.25

Group H: Chelsea FC, Ajax Amsterdam, Valencia, Lille

Very interesting is the compilation in the group H. Behind all teams is still a small question mark. Chelsea have yet to find themselves under new coach Frank Lampard, Ajax Amsterdam has been forced to sell off the summer clearance, Valencia has made a real false start to La Liga and Lille is also in doubt whether the preseason, which finished as runner-up, to repeat this way.

The greater international experience may speak for Chelsea and Ajax, but the bats from Valencia also have a real coaching fox and many experienced players in the team. Therefore, a surprise in the Champions League Group H would not be excluded and bet on Valencia as a group winner worth considering.

Winner Group H – Betting odds

⚽️ Chelsea FC ➲ Odds: 1.75
⚽️ Ajax Amsterdam ➲ Odds: 4,00
⚽️ Valencia CF ➲ Odds: 4.50
⚽️ Lille OSC ➲ Odds: 15,00

Who will win the Champions League? – The current odds

It’s incredibly difficult to predict who will secure the handle pot in Istanbul in May. In front of all teams is a long and exhausting season full of ups and downs. The last season in the premier class has shown how close it sometimes gets down to business and that you sometimes need a little luck if the jump to the top is to succeed. The Champions League 2019 odds confirm this impression.

Of the usual suspects (Bayern, Manchester, Paris, Barca, Real, Juve), this season we would especially like to take a close look at the royals from the Spanish capital. Having been seized of supremacy last season after three years on the European throne, the White Ballet has regrouped.

Also success coach Zinedine Zidane returned to the sidelines and should continue the glorious first term. Another hot tip is Manchester City.

After winning the championship in recent years, Pep Guardiola would love to crown his time on the island with a triumph in the premier class. For this reason, the focus at the Skyblues will be more on international competition this year.

From the German point of view, of course, it is above all the Bayern and Dortmund fingers crossed. Compared with the top teams from England and Spain, the Bundesliga lags behind for some years and further than in the quarter-finals or maximum semi-finals, it will be enough for any team from the German House of Lords.

⚽️ Manchester City ➲ Odds: 4,20
⚽️ Barcelona ➲ Odds: 5,50
⚽️ Juventus ➲ Odds: 11.00
⚽️ PSG ➲ Odds: 11.00
⚽️ Real Madrid ➲ Odds: 9,00
⚽️ Bayern Munich ➲ Odds: 13.00
⚽️ Liverpool ➲ Odds: 7.00
⚽️ Atletico Madrid ➲ Odds: 20.00
⚽️ Tottenham ➲ Odds: 20.00
⚽️ Chelsea FC ➲ Odds: 30.00
⚽️ Napoli ➲ Odds: 40.00
⚽️ Atalanta Bergamo ➲ Odds: 100,00
⚽️ Inter Milan ➲ Odds: 40.00

⚽️ Borussia Dortmund ➲ Odds: 30.00
⚽️ RB Leipzig ➲ Odds: 80.00
⚽️ Bayer 04 Leverkusen ➲ Odds: 100.00
⚽️ RB Salzburg ➲ Odds: 250.00