Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling is the need for a common commitment by the media, online gambling operators, the state and of course the players themselves to take and comply with actions that preserve and promote public health , and especially :


  • Inform the player about the risks of gambling
  • Reduce the risk of excessive and compulsive behaviour
  • Protect vulnerable individuals from excessive gambling, including minors
  • Promote the identification of excessive behaviour
  • Promote access to care and assistance


Picks Soccer is fully committed to this approach and wishes to draw the attention of its visitors to the real risks of excessive and compulsive behaviour regarding gambling on the internet:

- Gambling on the internet is prohibited to persons under 18 years old
- In the long run, statistically, the majority of the players will lose money
- Do not consider gambling as a way to make money
- Play only the money you can afford to lose


The practice of problem or excessive gambling ( loss of control: too much time spent, too much money spent ) does not only happen to some people.

It is estimated that more than 1% of the globe population is affected by problem or pathological gambling.

The consequences of excessive gambling can be extremely serious for the player and his entourage ( financial, moral, emotional, social ). There are however many ways to get help ( specialised centres, associations )

The purpose of this RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING section is to provide you with a certain amount of information ( without aiming at completeness ) on the problems of the EXCESSIVE GAMBLING.

The priority we place on responsible gambling is an important part of our management. We value our customers and we will ensure that those who choose to participate in games receive the tools they need to make informed choices. We will also ensure that the integrity of our services is protected.


Our responsible gambling framework is based on the following:


  • Specialised Resources
  • Training and awareness for all employees and business partners
  • Establishment of a responsible gambling center
  • Creation of a self-exclusion program
  • Protection and exclusion of minors
  • Responsible gambling advertising
  • Collaboration with government and other stakeholders
  • Financial support
  • Information services on gambling is committed to providing visitors with an experience that encourages responsible gambling. If you or someone you know have a problem with gambling, we encourage you to visit our Gambling Help website