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Popular sporting events take place every day in the world and the bets placed with online bookies sometimes break new records. This is why you should use our smart betting tips. If you want to earn money by betting on top scorers, you are in the right place. What really makes the difference are the few tips that you can find below. They will help you bet smartly. Follow thes 7 steps for betting smart:

7 Steps for Betting Smart


1. Manage your money correctly

In the world of online betting, we often refer to the “bankroll”. This is the amount of money you dedicate to sports betting. Above all, it’s the sum you can afford to lose.

Indeed, betting on sports is neither more nor less risky than buying shares on the stock market: you have no guarantee of getting your money back – despite what many will try to make you believe.

It is therefore essential to dedicate only a sum that you are willing to lose. If you earn 1000 euros per month, and decide to invest 10000 euros in sports betting, you take a big risk: losing a really important amount of money.


2. Bet only 1% of your bankroll

No matter the amount of your bankroll, from the moment you decide how much you are going to spend from it, it’s time to decide how much to bet.

It is generally advisable to never bet more than 1% of your bankroll on a result. So, if your bankroll is 300 euros, it is recommended not to bet more than 3 euros on a match.

The idea is always the same: to limit the risk. 3 euros, it may seem little, but do not worry: many sports betting sites allow you to bet from 1 euro or even less.


3. Start with a little money

Even if you have discovered the system of the century, do not rush. Try to follow the system using a bankroll of 100 euros. It’s not a lot, but you risk “only” 100 euros.

Or even better: do not bet on the system yet. Wait to check that it works, study the various bets offered each day and practice placing bets without playing real money. When you are sure of yourself, you can go there.


4. To be registered on several sports betting sites

Not all sports betting sites offer the same odds for a given match. These can sometimes vary completely, especially for less likely results (odds higher than 2.50). It is not uncommon to see differences of 0.20 between two sites, one of them offering the result at 2.50 and the other at 2.70.

On a match, it’s not huge, but imagine that during the year you win 100 bets of 1 euro. This odds difference of 0.20 then turns into 20 euros. Not so negligible, right?

You should register on several sports betting sites and compare odds. There are also sites that help you compare odds.


5. Enjoy bonuses … with care

Sports betting sites know how to attract new players: they offer very interesting bonuses, a kind of “free money” easily won.

When you are offered 100 euros as a bonus for 100 euros deposited on your account, it is difficult to refuse, because the first idea that comes to mind is “they just gave me 100 euros”. The problem is that it is not free. These sites try to make you believe that the bonus is unconditional, but it is not. To be able to withdraw the amount of the bonus, it is sometimes necessary to bet up to 3 times the deposit AND the bonus, on odds higher than 1.7. It is therefore impossible, in some cases, to bet on the very likely victory of a team against another to be able to ensure its bonus, because the bet will not count for the validation of the threshold.

And if you do not reach this threshold, the site will prevent you from withdrawing your bonus and sometimes even your deposit.


6. Choose the right tipster

Tipsters, there are plenty of them. If you want to maximise your gains, it is often necessary to follow one or more successful tipsters.

However, not everyone is as transparent as they claim. Since we can never be sure of the veracity of the proofs (if they exist), the best is still to follow the tipster for several weeks and see if his bets are valid or not.


7. Be cold-blooded and patient using this smart betting tips

Once again, betting on sport is not an exact science. Like poker or roulette, there will be a series of victories and gains, and a series of defeats and losses. You can earn almost 700 euros with a bookie on the first 4 weeks of use, then lose a few hundred euros the next 2 weeks.

You just have to be a little patient: the winning bets will come back very quickly. If as soon as you lose, you withdraw your money, then you will never know if it was just a passing or lasting trend.

By the way, remember, you have decided to dedicate a certain amount to sports betting. It is therefore planned for this kind of black series. Be patient and wait for the positive trend to resume – or your bankroll will be exhausted.


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You can choose to bet daily with our free soccer picks selected by our tipsters from competitions around the world. Following these tips can make the difference between losing and making money through sports betting, and between earning 10 euros per month and 100 euros per month.

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