Australia vs Brazil Betting Predictions 13/06/2019

Australia vs Brazil Betting Predictions

Competition: World Cup Women 2019
Date: 13.06.2019
Betting Prediction: 2
Odds: 3.20
Stake: 5
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The starting position in Group C at this women’s World Cup in France was relatively clear. Australia and Brazil should secure the first two places and thus qualify for the last sixteen. Italy comes in third and World Cup debutant Jamaica retires early. After the first matchday, it turns out that things could be different, as the Matildas from Australia are already under pressure after the defeat against Italy. Another defeat could mean that the Australians could almost sensationally miss the last sixteen. The Canarinhas from Brazil, however, could advance with a win already in the playoffs. View our betting prediction explained!

Australia vs Brazil Betting Predictions

Today’s Betting Prediction Australia vs Brazil

Let’s look at the table first. Brazil are leading the pack after a 3-0 win over Jamaica. Then follows the Squadra Azzura from Italy, who should aim for a compelling victory against Jamaica on Matchday 2. Australia and Reggae Girlz have no points on their account. The pressure in the duel between Australia and Brazil, as we make a clear prediction, is on the side of the Matildas. The Brazilians are in a group phase of the World Cup for years but indomitable. Brazil has won ten group matches at a World Cup in a row. Nevertheless, the bookmakers regard the Down Under team as favorites in this encounter. Our assessment is a little different. With odds of up to 3.20 on a Canarinhas win, we would be more likely to bet on a South American win in the game between Australia and Brazil. The odds show in no way the balance of power in this game again, because the Selecao is never to be underestimated in women’s football. Therefore, let’s see if the bookmakers are right with their prediction, or if the Brazilians catch a good day.

Australia vs Brazil Betting PredictionsAustralia – Statistics & Current Form

The aftermath of the dismissal of Coach Alan Stajcic is still felt in the Matildas. Ante Milicic has been in charge for five months. Since then, he has tried to change the style of the team, but the results indicate that he is not necessarily right with his chosen path. Most recently, Australia conceded three defeats in a row. For more than ten years there were no more four bankruptcies in series. In the home the Matildas and especially the coach for the defensive style of play are criticized. But the coach sees no reason to change the general direction of the team something. Therefore, we do not expect a lot of goalscreen scenes on Thursday either. Unless the Australians will take advantage of their opportunities they are playing out. That was not the case in the first World Cup match against Italy.

The Matildas were the much better team, but in the end it was not enough to win. 7: 3 scores were scored for Australia, but on the scoreboard was a 2-1 victory for Italy. At first, everything went completely according to plan. Samantha Kerr gave Matildas a 1-0 lead in the 22nd minute after scoring a penalty, but was able to use the extra margin. Subsequently, Australia focused on solid defensive work, but the concept went to hell. After just under an hour Italy came to draw.

“After losing to Italy, it is difficult for my girls, but I really hope they can show in the next games what a great team they really are.” – Ante Milicic

In the fifth minute of injury time, it came as it had to come. The Squadra Azzura could even mark the winning goal. Coach Ante Milicic now had his hands full lifting his team up. But he hopes his team will show what’s in it later in the tournament. In terms of personnel, there are likely to be few changes in the second game against Brazil. The width in the squad but should be present to give one or the other player a break to indulge, with the ladies who have lost to Italy, should now be on reminder.

Expected lineup of Australia:
↳ Williams – Carpenter, Catley, Kennedy, Polkinghorne – Logarzo, van Egmond, Yallop – Foord, Kerr, Raso
↳ Coach: Milicic

Last matches of Australia:

⚽️ 09.06.2019 – Australia vs Italy 1: 2 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – Holland vs. Australia 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 05.04.2019 – USA vs Australia 5: 3 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.03.2019 – Australia vs Argentina 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 03.03.2019 – Australia vs South Korea 4: 1 (friendly)

Australia vs Brazil Betting PredictionsBrazil – Statistics & Current Form

There are players in world football who are chasing one record after another, the Brazilian Formiga is one of those. After scoring at the 2015 World Cup in Canada, she is already the oldest scorer in a World Cup. In 2019 she now took two more records on top. Seven World Cup appearances are available for her and besides she is after the game against Jamaica with over 41 years, the oldest World Cup player of all time. All Brazil bows to the tall, old lady of women’s football. But what will be even more important to you personally is that the defeat series could finally be ended in the opening game. The Canarinhas have come to France with nine bankruptcies in series for the World Cup and were not really regarded by the bookmakers as a tournament favorite. Nevertheless, we can imagine that we are predicting a long tournament for the Selecao before the match between Australia and Brazil.

In the first World Cup match against Jamaica coach Vadao had to renounce his star Marta after a fiber tear. But another experienced player has jumped in the breach, because Cristiane left their stamp on the duel against Jamaica. She scored all three goals to 3-0 victory. Among other things, she turned a worthwhile free-kick in Wembley manner. However, the result could have been much higher. Especially in the final phase, when the Jamaican women were losing more and more strength, Brazil had several high-profile chances, which were partly forgiven but miserably. Being so negligent in dealing with their own opportunities could take revenge on the Matildas from Australia. Maybe Marta can provide a remedy. In case of emergency, the six-time World Player against Jamaica was already on the bench. We can imagine that they will now intervene in the second group match in the event, tending also from the beginning. Formiga or Beatriz would probably have to settle for a seat on the bench in this case. That would also mean that the Selecao would be more offensive in this match.

Expected formation of Brazil:
↳ Barbara – Tamires, Monica, Leticia Santos, Kathellen – Andressa Alves, Thaisa, Debinha, Formiga – Marta, Cristiane
↳ Coach: Vadao

Last matches of Brazil:

⚽️ 09.06.2019 – Brazil vs. Jamaica 3: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 08.04.2019 – Scotland vs Brazil 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 05.04.2019 – Spain vs Brazil 2: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.03.2019 – USA vs Brazil 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 02.03.2019 – Brazil vs. Japan 1: 3 (friendly)

Australia vs Brazil Direct Comparison

18 matches have been delivered to Australia and Brazil to date. At World Championships, this pairing is something of a running gag, because for the fourth time in a row, these two teams meet at a World Cup. Overall, the Matildas are just after victories with 9: 8 front. Only once did they part with a draw. Most recently, Australia has won four times in a row against Brazil. Just over a year ago, the Matildas won 3-1 in a friendly match. Poliana’s own goal, Tameka Yallop and Sam Kerr, ensured a 3-0 lead before Debinha scored the winner ten minutes from time.

Australia vs Brazil Our Best Betting Prediction Explained

The Canarinhas have won their opening match after nine defeats in a row and have now won ten World Cup group games in a row. Nevertheless, the Brazilians should go to the odds as an outsider in this match. Australia has now lost three times in a row. In the direct duels the Matildas but could always keep the upper hand in the last four games. Therefore, it is not easy to filter out the right tip in the duel between Australia and Brazil.

Key Facts – Australia vs Brazil tips

⭐️ Brazil have all won the last ten group matches at a World Cup.
⭐️ Australia has suffered three defeats in their last three internationals.
⭐️ After nine defeats in a row, Brazil could end this black series by defeating Jamaica.

But we think Brazil will bring some more footballing class with Marta, while the Down Under team is sure to have some more freshness. Therefore, we assume a close encounter. But if we take a look at the odds, then we clearly recognize the value in the 3.20 on a Brazilian victory. Therefore, we decided to use the betting odds on a triple of Canarinhas in the duel between Australia and Brazil.

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