BATE vs Arsenal

He travels to Belarus to face BATE who has only drawn in the last game.


The second team of this group can discuss with the Cologne the passage to the next phase. However in this game you have the concern of having one of the best clubs present in the Europa League that aims to win.

The Bate has a little competitive league compared to the English, has the advantage of the English do not give much importance to this competition since the focus is the English League.

Bate did not concede a goal in the league in the last 4 games but in the last round had to recover in a game where he had little possession and few opportunities.

I hope you give the Initiative to Arsenal in the game.


The Gunners, they want to beat Belarus, beating BATE is almost a must. In a game that will dominate and well that knows what to do with the ball in the feet,

In the last game against the Colony gave back to the game and won 3-1 after having been losing by 0-1 and well that played in the second part.

I hope for a win, the Adepts also expect this and Wenger has a golden opportunity here to go away in a European competition.
Prognosis BATE vs Arsenal:


Arsenal will play to win on BATE ground, however a draw does not pinch their chances for passage to the 16-finals and so it is a bit risky to bet on the Arsenal victory but I am confident that will win given their difference Of Quality.

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