Bournemouth vs Brighton


Bournemouth and Brighton open the English Premier League this Friday …

Being two teams of the same championship but clearly that the favoritism should go to the team of the house, even being in a bad phase. Highlight this game is Friday and repeat itself on Tuesday in the same conditions but for the league cup.

Homemakers have in this game the great opportunity to finally score.

The team started very badly the season with 4 losses having 0 points along with Crystal Palace. Worse, it is the 2nd worst defense (tied with 3 more clubs) with 8 goals conceded and the 2nd worst attack having only 1 goal scored against Manchester City.

Despite the 4 losses I must say that the opponents were not exactly easy.

The team now had 2 defeats against Arsenal and City being that with the Gunners was thrashed but with City only suffered the goal in the compensations.

Before that he could have done better against Watford since he was at home but the West Brom out of doors was a normal defeat.

However this match will have to win otherwise it is expected to change quickly in the position of coach, which would be a mistake since Eddie Howe is the right man and even deserves other flights in my view.

The cast is not spectacular to me, not even close, but with Begovic on goal, Ake on defense, Gosling and Ibe ahead and Benik Afobe and Defoe as advanced goals and victories will have to start to emerge. It will not be easy to stay in the first league but this match has to be for the 3 points.

Brighton have finally made it to the top division after so many attempts in recent years and it will not be as easy to stay, and this season has already anticipated that.

The team has 4 points in 4 matches, fruit of 1 wins and 1 draw being that also did not have easy games. First received the City and therefore the defeat was natural. Leicester had an equally difficult trip to defeat.

Then they improved tied in the difficult terrain of Watford and managed to finally win at home against West Brom.

Like today’s opponents, they managed to win the league cup through these bouts. The cast does not seem enough to win this battle or to remain in the English Premier League.
Tipton Bournemouth vs Brighton:

For this match as I have already said I expect only a home victory. The team is certainly looking forward to a win and this is the ideal opponent at this stage,

not only because Brighton are inferior but also because they are still adapting to the Premier League and looking to improve the results.

So my bet goes to a home win, but as the home team still does not breathe confidence I’ll be cautious,

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