World Cup Prediction Brazil vs Belgium 6/07/2018

Brazil vs Belgium World Cup Prediction

The quarter finals dance begins and at this stage everyone believes everything can happen Brazil was already a major candidate for the title, and it is natural to reinforce this status. Belgium has started as an outsider and is proving credentials.

Both teams have already given music to their supporters to celebrate, but Brazil seems more attuned at this stage.

The scorer spent the first game to tune his instruments with a poor performance against Switzerland.

Each one played for themselves in a group with many soloists but without a melody line.

Neymar spent a lot of time on the ground, and the short time he stood up always played alone, and a ball just for himself could have been the best solution. But Tite did not like the song and made the necessary arrangements to get another sound.
In front of Costa Rica, Neymar was more associative, the soccer of Brazil circulated more, and for the first time constructed a melody, mainly in the 2nd part where the 1º goal sinned by late.

It was followed by Serbia and we already had a refrain, which is to say that we have already seen a trend and rhythm in the game of Brazil. But, the distrust of new defunctions still hovered in the air, reason why it would take a new composition, now against Mexico.

And the canarinha managed to improve even more, being very close to Brazil that we all know with the label of Tite. That is, we began to see Brazil pragmatic, strong in transitions, and with magic in front of attack.

The combination of all this has a responsible, Tite has organized, disciplined, united and even rescued players who appeared to be discredited.

This Brazil looks like a set of strings, where practically everyone treats the ball well, but they can have different solutions to interpret different musical styles.

At the front there is a trio of violins composed by the soloist Neymar, but where Coutinho and William tuning by the same tuning fork. Behind two cellos, one of them will be absence for this game, Casemiro.

The other is Paulinho. The two, playing a few good tones below, are fundamental to give the cadences of music, are they that hold the engine room and let the front men shine.

Behind, and in the same aisle two double basses full of experience and very strong, both in marking and positional play.

The set of strings is complete with the violas that act on the flanks, with Marcelo and Danilo responsible for giving another rhythm and reaching a musical style that not being learned begins to fall in the ears of millions of fans, not just the canary.

Belgium has also proved that it also produces moments of rare beauty. Here the violins play back with De Bruyne and Hazard.

Much of what this selection manages to produce has the mark of one, or even of these two geniuses. At the front Lukaku and Mertens are guaranteed goals, and using different solutions.

The first one is more positional, it is an authentic cabinet, very strong in the power of shock, powerful in the aerial game and still with mobility capacity. Already Mertens is much more refined, with an unusual technique, and a very intelligent player, with and without ball. With these 4 players, Belgium can score goals for any team.
But, the problems start from now on, and again it is not for lack of individual quality. Witsel, Fellaini, or even Dembélé have “diesel engines” but they do many miles and reliably.

However, the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the whole. It is clear that they lack to function as a block, noting too much the differences between their characteristics. If we go back to the defensive sector, the problems are even more noticeable.

Again the problem is not in the quality of Kompany, Vertonghen, or even Aderweireld, or even in Courtois.

But again, they have not yet given full proof of their behavior as a homogeneous defense. The two goals conceded with Tunisia, but mainly with Japan, almost ruined everything.

That is, there are clear problems of tuning in this Belgian orchestra, but clearly a fact to which maestro Roberto Martinez will not be unrelated.

Prediction Brazil vs Belgium:

With more than enough quality, in both formations, to be able to win this game, I see Brazil a more homogeneous, more regular and competent team in the sum of all moments of the game. That is why I attribute favoritism to you. However, given the critical stage we are in, and the probability of the game being able to take 120 minutes, it is advisable to protect it from a potential draw at the end of the regulation time.

So my bet would be Brazil (0) Asian handicap, but as the biggest odds that picks up at this moment is 1.49, I will opt for the hybrid solution of the double hypothesis for Brazil with more than 1.5 goals in the total of the game.

Brazil will score at least 1 goal, and I would not be surprised if the result was the same as the last 3 games to qualify, (2-0). But with this bet I also take into account the attacking power of the Belgians. With a price of 1.60 on Betclic I understand that I have a good return, given the inherent risk.

Prediction of the Day: Brazil wins or ties and more than 1.5 goals
Odds: 1.60

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