Chelsea vs Manchester United Soccer Prediction 19 May 2018

Chelsea vs Manchester United Soccer Prediction

Chelsea vs Manchester United Soccer Prediction

A great match at Wembley Stadium between two teams

Looking for a win that will allow them to finish the season on high. Chelsea were the champions last season, and this year they broke their income, with the Champions League adding weight to their schedule and finishing out of the Champions League places, which they can only recover if Liverpool win the final next week.

Manchester United improved their performance over last season, being second in the Premier League, but fell in the last 16 of the Champions League, against Sevilla, which prevented a more positive balance time.

This improvement also did not allow an approach to Manchester City, rival of the city and great dominator, reason why it will have to add another trophy to the balance sheet to see positive accounts.

For Chelsea, the last few weeks have been a little disappointing, with the Blues having the possibility of securing their place in the Champions League
This situation became even clearer when they beat Liverpool in the Premier League in the game’s last-to-last match, but a home draw with Huddersfield and a heavy loss to Newcastle last week drove the team away from that goal.

Manchester United, more focused on the game of the Cup, did not fail to guarantee their position in the league, this despite having lost to Brighton, have tied for West Ham and only secured a win in the last three games by beating Watford by the minimum margin.

Prediction Chelsea vs Manchester United:

Minimal margins is what will be expected for this meeting.

Both coaches look to the game to think about securing defensive safety rather than going for the goal, so it may be a very tactical game, with many precautions, with standing balls to be the most facilitating element of the goal.

Prediction of the Day: tie
Odds: 3.00

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