Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Predictions

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Predictions

8 Games – 0 Wins! That’s the Browns’ record in recent years against the Steelers, though we have to be fair in saying that they drew, so they did not lose all the games. Nevertheless, Pittsburgh is by no means among the favorite opponents.

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Predictions

Competition: NFL

Date: 15.11.2019

Betting Tips Over 40.5 total points

Odds: 1.96

Stake: 5/10 units

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Even in the preseason, it was just the archenemies who denied them the step towards playoffs and the hotter the Browns are going to be to finally break this negative series. The prerequisites for this are absolutely given, but the Steelers have since renounce their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger since the second matchday.
But look, the Steelers are in a 5: 4 balance and have now won four games in a row, including the Chargers and against the Rams. Although their strong defense has a bear share of it, for example, rookie Mason Rudolph does his job so far not bad either.

With another victory in Cleveland, the Steelers could cement their playoff spot and send an adversary almost hopelessly into the desert. The Browns want to prevent that, of course, because a premature end in the playoff race would be a really big disappointment after all the hype that existed before the season around them.

However, we do not see the Browns as solid and do not expect their big breakthrough until next season. That’s why, for Brown’s vs. Steelers our outlook also an away win from Pittsburgh where some points should be scored.

Cleveland Browns – Statistics & Current Form

The Browns were able to halt the downward spiral on Sunday, at least in the short term, and once again give their fans a bit of hope that this season will still be torn up. With matches against Pittsburgh, Miami, Cincinnati and Arizona, their schedule for the coming weeks is also the easiest of the entire NFL.

Of course, a home win against the Steelers at the Thursday Night Game is a prerequisite for a catch-up, as they would not recover from a 3-7 record, even if a weaker AFC could still reach an 8-8 balance in the end for the post season.

But what are your chances for Thursday night? Rather suboptimal we would think, because even if the Browns were able to win against the Bills again, so it laps at some corners and ends in their game.

With 19.0 points on average, they only score the 19th best offense in the league and, with 24.6 points, only the 21st best defense. These are not playoff-worthy numbers and especially against the run they are clearly too many yards. (134.9: 27th place)

However, since the Steelers are not the sensational force over the run, they could be spared a bit of mischief. Nevertheless, we see Cleveland in the direct duel slightly behind, as they just over four points per game collect more. It may turn out to be a close affair in the end, but the tight games rarely win the Browns this year.

That’s why Browns vs. To recommend Steelers a tip on high odds on Pittsburgh or – and this is our main recommendation – to over 40.5 points. In any case, this score should be reached.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Baker Mayfield
🏆 RB: Nick Chubb
🏆 WR: Odell Beckham Jr.
🏆 TE: David Njoku
🏆 K: Austin Seibert

Last Games:

🏈 10.11.2019 Cleveland Browns – Buffalo Bills 19:16
🏈 03.11.2019 Denver Broncos – Cleveland Browns 24:19
🏈 27.10.2019 New England Patriots – Cleveland Browns 27:13
🏈 Oct 13, 2013 Cleveland Browns – Seattle Seahawks 28:32
🏈 08.10.2019 San Francisco 49ers – Cleveland Browns 31: 3

Pittsburgh Steelers – Statistics & Current Form

The Steelers are one of the hottest teams currently in the NFL. With four wins in a row, they have the second-best streak in the league. Only the Ravens could win one more game in a row. Nobody would have thought that a few weeks ago.

Specifically, after Big Ben injured his elbow in the second season game against the Seahawks, the tribulation in and around Pittsburgh was great. Rookie Mason Rudolph did not dare to fill in the big footsteps. But after some minor teething troubles, the backup quarterback now delivers properly.

With eleven touchdowns in only four interceptions and a QB rating of 93.0, he is in the very good upper midfield among the quarterbacks and leaves such established names as Joe Flacco, Jared Goff or Jameis Winston clearly behind. Even his upcoming counterpart Baker Mayfield he puts with almost 18 points more in the QB rating in the bag.

That’s why we see the quarterback position as a big plus for Thursday, as the pressure on Rudolph in this game should be significantly lower than on Mayfield, which is practically all about. Whether the still very young captain gets along with it, may be doubted.

But when we talk about the strengths of the Steelers, we also have to name their defense, which has increased significantly over the course of the season. Already 33 sacks and 14 interceptions are available for her, with newcomer Minkah Fitzpatrick causing a sensation.

All in all, much speaks for the fact that the Steelers on Thursday can again achieve a success, even if the Browns are dangerous because of their individual class. For Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh is a tip on over-points, so from our point of view, this is the slightly risk-free option.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Mason Rudolph
🏆 RB: James Connor
🏆 WR: Juju Smith-Schuster
🏆 TE: Vance McDonald
🏆 K: Chris Boswell

Last Games:

🏈 10.11.2019 Pittsburgh Steelers – Los Angeles Rams 17:12
🏈 03.11.2019 Pittsburgh Steelers – Indianapolis Colts 26:24
🏈 29.10.2019 Pittsburgh Steelers – Miami Dolphins 27:14
🏈 14.10.2019 Los Angeles Chargers – Pittsburgh Steelers 17:24
🏈 06.10.2019 Pittsburgh Steelers – Baltimore Ravens 23:26

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers Direct comparison

The Browns’ duel against the Steelers is once again a division-internal one, which makes it particularly tingling, especially since both teams are not feeling very well. However, the balance clearly speaks for Pittsburgh, who have not lost since 2014 against the Browns.

Of the last 13 clashes, they lost only one in a draw. In that sense, Cleveland’s success on Thursday would be a bit new territory, although we must of course take into account that the Browns have been a laughing stock for a long time in recent years.

However, last season has also shown that the dominance of the Steelers has not diminished in this matchup and so we can at Browns against Steelers quite the odds on an away win in the eye. Or we rely on many points, which were usually in this duel.

🏈 28.10.2018 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cleveland Browns 33:18
🏈 09.09.2018 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cleveland Browns 21:21
🏈 31.12.2017 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cleveland Browns 28:24
🏈 10.09.2017 Cleveland Browns – Pittsburgh Steelers 18:21
🏈 01.01.2017 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cleveland Browns 27:24

Prediction & Betting Base Trend Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Browns are the easy favorite among bookmakers. Since it’s going to be a tight game where anything can happen, at Cleveland versus Pittsburgh we’d rather favor over-point bets. That under this duel under 40 points have been achieved in the last ten meetings namely only three times before.

Key Facts – Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers three keys and predictions:

⭐️ The Cleveland Browns are currently in 3rd place at AFC North with 3-6 victories
⭐️ The Pittsburgh Steelers occupy second place in the same division with a 5: 4 record
⭐️ The Browns could only win a home game this season

Other betting options are bets on the Steelers and we could well imagine James Connor running a touchdown again. Brown’s running defense is one of the worst in the NFL.


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