Dominic Thiem vs Fernando Verdasco Tennis Betting Prediction 15/05/2019

Dominic Thiem vs Fernando Verdasco Tennis Betting Predictions

These days, the ATP circus is in full swing. When Novak Djokovic celebrated his first clay court title since the French Open 2016 in Madrid on Sunday, the Masters tournament in Rome was already underway. After the top stars had a bye in the first round, they now attack in round two. Austria’s figurehead Dominic Thiem meets Fernando Verdasco!

Dominic Thiem vs Fernando Verdasco Tennis Betting Prediction

Due to the extreme density of the red ashes, there is no easy task at a Masters tournament, with the 35-year-old veteran Fernando Verdasco is certainly on Thiem an outstanding clay court player. Nevertheless, there is nothing to shake the favorite role. Thiem is again the world number four since this week and an early failure would be a bitter disappointment. For a victory of Thiem vs Verdasco odds in the amount of 1.20 are offered.

Dominic Thiem – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 4.
Position in the seedling list: 5

After winning the title in Barcelona, ​​he missed in the Spanish capital Madrid the final in singles. Nevertheless, Thiem was able to start the journey from Madrid to Roma on Sunday evening with a good feeling. The single in the individual came only in the semifinals against the eventual tournament victory Novak Djokovic. Twice he had to beat himself in a tiebreak, the Serb was in the “Crunch-Time” the player, who hardly allowed an unforced error. However, there was a final in Madrid for Thiem, because in the doubles he reached with his friend Diego Schwartzmann the final. But as in 2017 and 2018 in singles, Thiem had to be defeated again in the final.

The performance of Dominic Thiem in recent weeks has meant that the 25-year-old Lichtenwörther is now referred to by many as the currently best clay court player. Responding to this praise from actors such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Thiem was pleased, but also immediately looked ahead to confirm these achievements.

“It has not been easy, but Fernando Verdasco is tough. I’ve never won against him, he can hurt me with certain things, but I think I’m already playing better than in Rio last year. ” – Dominic Thiem

The tournament in Roma is certainly not comparable to that in Madrid. In the “eternal city” the course is much slower than in the high altitude of Madrid. The spin gets less effect, but there will be more hard-fought points. For Thiem, this does not have to be a disadvantage. Already on Monday he was on the training ground and on Tuesday he completed his first double appearance with Jürgen Melzer. After the tournament in Roma Thiem will reduce his double workload and concentrate on the individual. Due to the draw, the Austrian has spent the quarter-finals (according to plan there is a duel with Nadal) as a minimum target. Although he has never won against Fernando Verdasco, a victory must be expected. However, in the two-way market between Thiem and Verdasco a tip in favor of the Austrians due to the low odds is not recommended. Roma is for Thiem the dress rehearsal before the French Open – due to the strong form he has his appearance in Lyon (where he is, after all, defending champion) already canceled.

Last matches by Dominic Thiem:

🎾 11.05.2019 – Djokovic Vs. Thiem 7-6, 7-6 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 10.05.2019 – Thiem Vs. Federer 3-6, 7-6, 6-4 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 09.05.2019 – Thiem Vs. Fognini 6-4, 7-5 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 07.05.2019 – Thiem Vs. Opelka 6-7, 6-3, 1-0 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 28.04.2019 – Thiem vs. Medvedev 6-4, 6-0 (Barcelona)

Fernando Verdasco – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 38.
Position in the seedling list: unset

The now 35-year-old Fernando Verdasco is already an old warhorse on the tour and is always considered an extremely unpleasant lot. Verdasco could not celebrate the big triumph in his career despite a total of seven tournament victories (five on sand). Constance has often thwarted him, but in individual games, he grew over and over again and was also the top stars of the ATP circus at eye level.

Meanwhile, a bit of the gnawing of time at Verdasco and the former number seven in the ATP world rankings (November 2010!) Tingelt in the area between the top 30 and the top 50 in the world. In 2019 he played 22 games on the tour and has a slightly positive match record in the form of twelve wins and ten defeats.

In the first round Verdasco was already in action on Monday and needed almost 2:30 hours before he could fix the fourth duel with Dominic Thiem. Against the British Kyle Edmund Verdasco prevailed after a lost set yet. Especially in the third round, he was the much more active player, but left countless chances unused (eight breakballs Edmund could fend off). Against one of the best clay court players in the world Verdasco will certainly not get many opportunities. However, if he does manage to win at least one set, Thiem and Verdasco will offer over 2.00 odds on the Verdasco +1.5 bet on the game. As a left-hander, Verdasco certainly has an advantage in service; Nevertheless, a set win is not necessarily expected.

Last matches by Fernando Verdasco:

🎾 13.05.2019 – Verdasco Vs. Edmund 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 (Roma)
🎾 09.05.2019 – Tsitsipas Vs. Verdasco 6-3, 6-4 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 08.05.2019 – Verdasco Vs. Khachanov 6-7, 6-1, 7-5 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 06.05.2019 – Verdasco Vs. Albot 6-2, 3-6, 6-1 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 24.04.2019 – Dimitrov vs. Verdasco 6-2, 6-7, 6-3 (Barcelona)

Thiem vs Verdasco – Head to Head Statistics

Head-to-Head: 0: 3

The Spaniard Fernando Verdasco can be described as a kind of “fear opponent” by Dominic Thiem. The now 25-year-old Austrian has played three games against the Spaniard so far and could not celebrate a single victory. In 2015, Thiem lost in an outstanding five-set game at Wimbledon, Verdasco celebrated in the Masters in Paris (Halle hard court) a victory in two sets in 2017 and the only duel on clay court Verdasco won in February 2018 in Rio de Janeiro clearly 6: 4 and 6: 0.

Dominic Thiem vs Fernando Verdasco Our Tennis Betting Prediction

At his first press conference in Roma, Dominic Thiem even slipped the word “deranged” in front of a few journalists when he was approached on the draw in Rome. One top match is chasing the next and Fernando Verdasco is certainly not a self-runner for Thiem. The bets on Thiem’s ​​win against Verdasco are not particularly lucrative at the current odds. Nevertheless, there are quite interesting betting opportunities.

Key facts – Dominic Thiem vs Fernando Verdasco’s tips

🏸 Thiem is described by many experts and top players (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer) as currently the best clay court player!
🏸 Thiem has lost all three duels with Verdasco!
🏸 The veteran last with fluctuating performances – Match balance 2019: twelve wins, ten defeats!

Thiem has never won against Verdasco and accordingly the set handicap would be +1.5 on the Spaniard obvious. But how much should the last duels be judged? For example, in Rio de Janeiro in 2018 he came to Brazil as reigning tournament winner and had little preparation time. Again, he arrived late in Roma, but had two complete days to recover. Thiem is absolutely “on fire” and a win in two sets is extremely likely.

Betting Prediction: Thiem -1.5 sets
Odds: 1.71

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