Everton vs. Watford – Featured Picks

Where it can be worth leaving the relegation zone for Éverton, and for Watford may be the chance to approach the qualifying zone for European competitions.

Everton has already added 8 games without winning even counting the games of the Europa League, but speaking of premier, the team occupies the 19th position with only 8 points gained and is to 4 games without winning,

adding 2 draws and 2 losses having a campaign much lower than expected since the investment for the season was very heavy.

Watford are happy with their fans, despite coming from a defeat in the home against Stoke, the team ranks 9th with 15 points

and carries a great away-from-home record where he wins 3 wins 1 draw and only 1 loss and makes his campaign stronger when Watford plays away from his fan.
Everton vs Watford Prognosis:

It is inevitable that Everton need more than ever a victory, to be in the vice lantern, to come from several negative results and also for needing a response to their supporter,

but on the other side has one of the best visitors of the competition, a team that plays very well on a counterattack and knows how to behave when they do not have the possession of the ball feeling comfortable and achieving their good results.

Due to the need for Everton and the ability that Watford has already demonstrated away from home, I see here a game with both teams looking for the goal,

Everton by the need to win and Watford for exploiting just the bad time of the home team, so I believe that a market of both teams scoring would be ideal for this game.

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