France vs Belgium Semi Final World Cup 10/07

France vs Belgium – World Cup Cup Prediction

Football is beautiful, it is unfair, it is ungrateful and sometimes wins if and if, because of details.

Roberto Martinez is already great, Tite is a beast now, and why? As Thiago Silva had, completely unprovoked, swept the legs out from under an opponent in front of a linesman after 8 minutes.

We were going to see a balanced Brazil as it always was, against attacking with danger, as it always was, and Martinez was going to have to change strategy soon enough.

Only the gods were with the Belgians, they took with the ball in the post, then Paulinho can not shoot the best, he who was completely alone.

Next, Fernandinho puts the ball in the goal, and the game has changed. The Brazilians continued for ten minutes to force, but the nerves began to block the ideas, and De Bruyne makes the 0-2 against the chain of the game.

No, I do not think the Belgians were superior to Brazil, they were, they were effective, and then they managed the game well.
I saw a Belgium to defend badly in the first 25 minutes, many people to defend, and yet Brazil had 3 chances of goal.

Even in the 2nd part, without much discernment, Brazil could well have tied, through Renato Augusto and Coutinho.

The result was unfair, and the Belgian victory too overpowered. There was merit of course, Hazard hid the ball, De Bruyne is the best middleweight ever, Lukaku fought an incredible duel with Miranda, and in the goal a giant like Courtois. Casemiro missed a lot, and Douglas Costa came in very late.

Prediction France vs Belgium:

This time, the Belgians will face France, it is a question as to how they will play in Belgium, but everything seems to repeat the same formula, punishing Meunier, entering Vermaelen, passing Alderweireld to the position of Meunier.

With this, the Belgian defense becomes more fragile, since Vermaelen is without rhythm, and Meunier came to play very well.

Honestly, I did not expect a Belgian triumph, but I was not delighted with the game either. There was such a spirit of sacrifice that I thought there was not, and also a bit of luck to the mix.

The Gauls, cleaned Uruguay, did not play a great game, always controlled the match, taking two sets of parachute, where Lloris shone.

Cavani needed, France did what they wanted of the game, was never in question the Gallic victory, but now, the opponent will be another in offensive terms.

France will catch a very strong opponent offensively, but despite the victory against Brazil, it is not very strong defensively.

Whoever is strong to defend, does not allow 6 clear chances, even more, when he passed the whole game to defend with 9, only Hazard and Lukaku did not defend.

I predict here maybe the best game of the World, with chances of goal in both goals, and the match can end on penalties. He was not surprised if the bet was won before the break!

Prediction of the Day: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.71

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