Germany vs Denmark Betting Predictions and Odds

Germany vs Denmark Betting Predictions and Odds

The doctors once said that they want to return to Westerland. Similarly, the mission on which the German handball ladies are. The destination is not a place on a North Sea island, but the Japanese capital Tokyo. The DHB ladies are currently playing the World Cup in Kumamoto, where they have to finish seventh to participate in the qualification tournaments for the Olympic Games next year.

Germany vs Denmark Betting Predictions and Odds – World Championship Women 2019

Competition: World Championships Group. B

Date: 03.12.2019

Betting Tips Germany +2.5

Odds: 1.88

Stake: 4/10 units

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Against this background, there will be an absolutely groundbreaking game in Group B on Tuesday. Germany will face the representation of Denmark in the neighborhood duel. Both teams traveled to Japan with the same destination. With a victory, the team of national coach Henk Groener could already book the ticket for the main round.
After two matchdays, the table has little meaningfulness, but Germany leads after the two victories over Brazil and Australia as the only team without loss point to the ranking. Denmark comes second with three points. If we like, then it comes on Tuesday for the top game in this pool.

The toughest competitor is the team from South Korea with three points. The World and European champion from France has surprisingly only one point after a defeat and a draw, as well as Brazil. Australia fulfills the role of underdog and has a goal difference of -51 after two bankruptcies.

In the duel between Germany and Denmark, the bookmakers give a prediction on the Danes, which seems relatively clear. However, the German ladies have convinced so far and therefore could be possible in this match a little surprise. It would certainly not be a sensation if Germany were to prevail in this match.

Therefore, one or the other betting friend may be tempted between Germany and Denmark to a tip to high odds on the DHB ladies. Not only in the direction of the main round, for which the first three teams qualify in the group, but also for the fight for seventh, a victory would be a milestone.

Germany vs Denmark Betting Predictions and Odds
Germany – Statistics & Current Form

It was already assumed that Germany could start with two victories. However, the clarity with which Henk Groener’s team completed the first two games is a bit surprising. 4: 0 points after two games are a perfect result, but everyone involved is aware that the big chunks are still coming.

Also in the second game a compact defense was the key to success, whereby Australia is not the yardstick, which is interesting for the German ladies. Nevertheless, you have to make it once to allow over 60 minutes in a handball game only eight goals. In the end it was 34: 8. With a victory at this altitude was not to be expected.

Antje Lauenroth was the most successful shooter with six goals. Important for Henk Groener was that he was able to provide his entire squad with match practice. Especially in the following games, it will now depend on all the ladies in the tournament. These are not bad conditions to test the odds on a German success in the match between Germany and Denmark.

Henk Groener makes it very clear once again that things are really getting started now.

“The confidence is there, but now there are only finals.” – Henk Groener

However, it is important that the first two games were won in order to recharge confidence, because on the way to the Olympic Games the German team are now facing only finals.

Personnel we assume that the German team will fall back on the root formation and will change in the course of the game. Especially on the position of the goalkeeper there will be no problems. Isabell Roch and Dinah Eckerle both belong statistically to the best goalkeepers of the tournament after two games.

The formation of Germany:

🤾🏻‍♀️ Goal: Eckerle, Roch, Giegerich
🤾🏻‍♀️ Back area: Grijseels, Naidzinavicius, Bölk, Minevskaya, Weigel, Stolle
🤾🏻‍♀️ Left Wing: Grossmann, Lauenroth
🤾🏻‍♀️ Right Wing: Berger, Behrend
🤾🏻‍♀️ Circle: Behnke, Schmelzer, Schulze
🤾🏻‍♀️ Coach: Groener

Last matches of Germany:

🏆 01.12.2019 – Australia vs Germany 8:34 (WM 2019)
🏆 30.11.2019 – Germany vs Brazil 30:24 (WM 2019)
🏆 21.11.2019 – Germany vs Montenegro 29:33 (Friendly Match)
🏆 26.10.2019 – Germany vs Croatia 32:23 (Friendly Match)
🏆 21.10.2019 – Croatia vs. Germany 21:21 (Friendly Match)

Germany vs Denmark Betting Predictions and Odds
Denmark – Statistics & Current Form

While the Danes are reigning world champion men, the Danish women are not on the top shelf of the absolute world leader. At the Olympic Games four years ago, the Danes were not even at the start and places six at the 2017 World Cup and eight at the European Championships 2018 certainly make the Danish women no title candidate.

Seventh place should definitely be the goal, in order not to lose sight of the Olympic opportunity, with a similarly large goal to be the home European Championship in December 2020. Overall, the team of Klavs Bruun Jörgensen have a good chance not only to come in the main round, but there also to reach the important fourth place, which in the end entitled to participate for the match for seventh place.

Denmark had to solve the compulsory task against Australia for the opening round of the World Cup. The bottom line was that the Danes did not show any nakedness. In the end it was 37:12. The cross comparison with the German team Denmark loses at least at this point. Trine Östergaard was the most successful Danish thrower with six goals.

The Danes had to work properly on Matchday 2. On Sunday there was a duel against the selection from South Korea. The Asian were ahead at the beginning of the second half with four goals. However, then Denmark took over more and more scepter and led a few minutes before the end with 26:24. In the end, the victory at 26:26 but still out of hand.

However, in the end, it could well have gone back to the Korean direction. South Korea scored fractions of a second before the end of the alleged winning goal, which was not recognized by the referees. Nevertheless, Denmark have now won seven and drew from their last eight international matches.

Especially in the goal it was not really round at the Danes. Sandra Toft and Althea Reinhardt came together on only seven parades. If the defense of the Danish team is not more stable on Tuesday, it could well be that we would get carried away in a match between Germany and Denmark to a prediction for a German victory.

The formation of Denmark:

🤾🏻‍♀️ Goal: Toft, Reinhardt
🤾🏻‍♀️ Back area: Grigel, S. Jörgensen, Hansen, Haugsted, Kr. Jörgensen, Burgaard, Höjlund
🤾🏻‍♀️ Left Wing: Nolsöe, Cohrt
🤾🏻‍♀️ Right Wing: Böhme, Östergaard
🤾🏻‍♀️ Circle: Iversen, Heindahl, Bodholt
🤾🏻‍♀️ Coach: Kl. Jörgensen

Last matches of Denmark:

🏆 01.12.2019 – South Korea vs. Denmark 26:26 (WM 2019)
🏆 30.11.2019 – Denmark vs. Australia 37:12 (WM 2019)
🏆 27.07.2019 – Norway vs. Denmark 24:28 (Friendly Match)
🏆 05.06.2019 – Switzerland vs Denmark 14:26 (World Cup qualification)
🏆 01.06.2019 – Denmark vs. Switzerland 35:22 (World Cup qualification)

Germany vs Denmark Direct Comparison

Since 2008, the national teams from Germany and Denmark faced each other in eight games on the plate. In a direct comparison Denmark leads in this period after victories with 4: 3 – in a draw. It is interesting that no team celebrated two consecutive victories.

The last encounter was won by the Danes against their southern neighbors. In the round of 16 of the 2017 World Cup, the Danish team prevailed in Magdeburg with 21:17. The best German thrower was Xenia Smits, who this year can not be involved due to injury. Stine Jörgensen and Mette Tranborg were the most successful for Denmark.

Germany vs Denmark Handball Betting Predictions and Odds Provided by

For Germany and Denmark it would be a huge step in the direction of the main round, if in the direct duel on Tuesday succeeded in a victory. The slightly better impression has left up to here the German team. The DHB ladies represent the only team in the group B, which is loss-point-free up to here. However, statistically, Denmark has a lot to oppose.

In the last eight international matches, the Danish women brought seven wins and a draw. Among other things, title candidate Norway was defeated. However, since 2008, the Danes have failed to bring two wins in a row against Germany. This could be an indication to give a tip on the DHB ladies between Germany and Denmark.

⭐️ Germany vs Denmark Betting Odds & other interesting betting prediction:

Betting Prediction: Over 46.5 goals
Odds: 1.85
Betting Prediction: Under 46.5 goals
Odds: 1.90

Key Facts – Germany vs Denmark tips

⭐️ Germany is the only team in Group B to have four points after two games.
⭐️ Denmark have taken seven wins and a draw from the last eight internationals.
⭐️ Two years ago, Denmark won at the World Cup in Germany against the DHB selection.

If Germany is able to build on the good performances of the first two games then much could be possible. In the end, however, we assume that Denmark will prevail. For we play between Germany and Denmark, the odds on a German Handicap +2.5 Goals. With that we would be on the safe side with a narrow Danish victory or a draw.



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