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JUVENTUS vs TOTTENHAM featured pick

JUVENTUS vs TOTTENHAM Soccer Prediction for Today

This will be a very tactical game, very measured, very calculated, where the one who makes an error in defense, the one that releases or neglects a mark to sharp and effective front like Higuain or Harry Kane will lose … and neither Juventin nor the Spurs will do it, that’s why Allegri and Pochettino will defend themselves behind with 11 Spartans, and it will be a game with few goals, but since Juve is playing at home, like they are playing Serie A, today the win is more for the BiancoNero side. .which will score 1 goal, and take care of it with the everlasting, the best goalkeeper in the history of football, Gianluigi Bufon, with the alcabala that ride, Benatia Chelini, Lichsteiner, and Alex Sandro the Spurs will not mark

I feel a 1×0. .o 0x0, if both defenses are imposed on the attackers, this will be a very attractive game, excellent defensive football to watch, so finish 0x0, today we will see in Turin a sample of the best of European football, we play a low of 1 , 5 goals that will score 1 goal (the safest Juvent ino) or none,

Prediction Today: UNDER 1.5 GOLES
Odds: 2.85

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