Kevin Anderson vs Pablo Carreno Busta


South African Anderson is No. 32 at ATP, prefers to play on the fastest courts and comes from a win over American Querrey in the quarterfinals.

The Spaniard Carreno Busta is No. 19 in the world, prefers to play on the clay and comes from victory over the Argentine Schwartzman in the quarterfinals.

The two have faced each other twice, with two wins from Anderson.

Anderson is a great punter, hits hard from the bottom of the court and has become an increasingly better player in the move, besides beating well on both sides.

Carreno Busta is a consistent bottom-set player, a good first serve, defends well and is still becoming more aggressive, completing his style of play well.

They are two players who surprise at this stage, with Anderson showing all his potential of serve, giving few chances in the games of service, being very aggressive.

Meanwhile, Carreno Busta shows more and more versatility, not only being a hitter or even a very defensive player, but seeking more the game, taking control of the points, showing greater power of the blows.

I think the favoritism is South African, with a serve that can have a much greater effect in the match, being favorable to Anderson, who comes from games in which he won more than 80% of the points when he played with the first service.

Even with the greater aggressiveness of the Spanish, it is worth noting that he has been winning close to 60% of the points with the serve, which is a low number,

as well as Schwartzman having won only 2 of 10 break points in the quarterfinals, which shows that the match could have been much tougher.
Prognosis Kevin Anderson vs. Pablo Carreno Busta:

With the game being held in the first half of the semis, the trend is a higher speed of the blocks, with the serve walking more and favoring Anderson’s style.

It is also worth noting that in addition to Shapovalov,

Carreno Busta has not yet faced any player in the tournament with the characteristics of the South African, who does not give rhythm and who dominates the points since the serve and strong beating of the bottom.

Even if the Spaniard balances the actions, I do not believe that he has many chances before the game of much power of the South African that, at most,

has everything to impose and lose at most a set and win with some tranquility.

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