Kiel vs Wolfsburg Soccer Prediction 21 May 2018

Kiel vs Wolfsburg Soccer Prediction

Kiel vs Wolfsburg Today’s Soccer Prediction

In the match of the second leg of this Bundesliga Relegation playoff which ends the football season in Germany, to be played at the Holstein Stadium in the city of Kiel, play the Kiel team and the Wolfsburg side as the two sides rejoin each other a few days after the first leg of the tie that saw Wolfsburg triumph at home 3-1.


The home team enter this meeting having to sweat enough to get back to the tie in this game, being that the disadvantage brought to this match is already something considerable, but still not being bad at all taking into account that the Kiel team still managed to score a home goal from Wolfsburg which may be important to determine who is the winner of this tie in case, for example, Kiel win 2-0, which would make them win the aggregate of these two games.


The away team enters this match in front of the tie and with an almost perfect result were it not for him to have conceded a goal on his ground from his opponent, something that Bruno Labbadia’s team will have to be very careful about, as explained above.

Thus, it will suffice to the training visitor a tie or even a short defeat to succeed in this tie and thus achieve, although indirectly, the maintenance in the main echelon of Germanic football in what was one of the most painful times of the team recently.

Prediction Kiel vs Wolfsburg:

In this way and given that the home team has little or nothing to lose at this moment, given their disadvantage on the undercard, and given his offensive ability demonstrated throughout this season, to add to some imbalances on the part of the Wolfsburg, be it in offensive terms or in defensive terms, I think we can have a match here with goals and emotion.

Prediction Today: Over 1 goal to HT
Odds: 1.61

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