Manchester City vs Manchester United Premier League 11/11/2018

Premier League Manchester City vs Manchester United

During the week, Manchester United fueled plenty of confidence – just in time for the upcoming city derby. But is that enough to make Manchester City dangerous?

Mourinho vs. Guradiola, United vs. City: The city derby in Manchester is now one of the planet’s premier duels – and it’s coming up on the weekend. On the twelfth Premier League matchday, City receives the arch rival at Etihad Stadium, with United hoping for their fourth win in the series. However, beating the league leaders should be a difficult undertaking.

Betting Tips and Predictions Analyzed Manchester City vs Manchester United

Clear conditions on the betting market are outperforming the real, and yet they are setting the right direction: City is not only the best team in the city since this season, and the team of Pep Guardiola will do their best to defend this reputation over the weekend. They enjoy an important advantage: Unlike United, who competed in Turin with full cast, Guardiola has the ability to rotate plenty – City had it in the Champions League namely “only” to do with Schachtar Donetsk.

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Add to that the fact that the Citizens are unbeaten this season and have been at home for years, a power. In sum, these are enough arguments for a close but deserved home win in the top game.

Manchester City

The last three results: 6: 0 vs. Shakhtar Donetsk, 6: 1 Vs. Southampton 2: 0 vs. 0. FC Fulham

Those who had even the slightest doubt about the performance level of Manchester City in the run-up to the season should now have acknowledged that there is no way around the SkyBlues this year – neither nationally nor internationally.

Pep Guardiola has once again managed to bring his team to new heights – and proved on top of that that he is able to keep a world-class squad successfully in a good mood. No matter who the Spaniard throws into the starting lineup these days: it’s delivered.

This breadth combined with the dependability of each individual gives City the opportunity to send a fresh, fit and motivated Elf on multiple occasions – which then disassembles the opponent according to all the rules of the art.

Recently this spectacle was observed against Donetsk. City played outstanding offensive football in front of their home crowd and dismantled the Ukrainians 6-0. Thus, the team also exceeded the great performance a few days earlier against Southampton, where they could win 6-1.

Overall, the team has been at zero wins against Liverpool in six wins in a row with a goal difference of 23: 1. Sensationally good.

With city rivals United now waiting an opponent, the city can hurt much more than the last individually weak opponents. But if you look back at City’s previous performance in top games, you can expect that Guardiola will find a tactical answer – as against Tottenham (1-0) and Arsenal (2-0).

Possible lineup Manchester City

As I said: Pep Guardiola has immense scope for rotation, and he will also use this against united. Above all, the two offensive forces Sané and Agüero, who watched 90 minutes against Donetsk, can expect start-up missions.

Ederson – Walker, Kompany, Laporte, Mendy – Bernardo Silva, D. Silva, Fernandinho – Sané, Aguero, Sterling

Manchester United

The last three results: 2: 1 vs. FC Juventus, 2: 1 vs. AFC Bournemouth, 2: 1 Vs. Everton

The situation just will not settle down at Manchester United. Actually, the team could be satisfied, given three important wins in a row. But despite good results, negative headlines dominate these days. That’s because of the results – and to José Mourinho.

In turn: Two weeks ago, it got to do the Red Devisl in the league with Everton. The team struggled against the Toffees, it developed a tough, tactically shaped game in which United’s individual superiority rarely came to fruition – but often enough. In the end, it was enough for a 2-1 win.

More or less the same statements can be made for the following match day. There, United was met at AFC Bournemouth, where they had their problems – but ultimately won 2-1.

Even if United could hardly convince, the victories against Bournemouth and Everton could still be credited. But as the Red Devils managed to beat Juventus despite clear inferiority, they probably do not know themselves.

It had long looked in the CL top match for a deserved defeat for United that the playful class and defensive sovereignty Turin had little to oppose. But with two standard goals within three minutes Manchester turned the game in the closing stages – and was suddenly in the lead. Until the final whistle, the team successfully managed the lead, which was a great success on paper. But who pursued the game, will know that the team playfully definitely no exclamation point succeeded. And who has pursued the scenes after the final whistle on top of that, will not be surprised why it is so uneasy at United.

With provocative gestures José Mourinho brought within a few seconds, more or less the entire Turin Stadium against him, then he fought some heated verbal fights with opposing players. His own professionals had to hold back the Portuguese, which gave the moment of success a bitter aftertaste.

So before the city derby there is a lot in the wrong – even if the recent results do not look like it.

Possible lineup Manchester United

Mourinho does not have the luxury of a Guardiola, his rotation options are much more limited. He will therefore recapture large parts of the Turin starting line-up, even if the legs should be a bit heavy.

De Gea – A. Young, Smalling, Lindelof, Shaw – Ander Herrera, Matic, Pogba, – Lingard, A. Sanchez, Martial


Prediction of the Day: Victory for Manchester City
Odds: 1.45

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