Mayweather – Conor McGregor


The ‘Fight of the Century’, as it was called in the United States, is just one day away, one of Boxing’s living legends still in work Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. will fight the 50th fight on August 26, against an unexpected fighter, is Conor McGregor, the Irish who surprised the UFC world, but who has no professional boxing match. An interesting fight, between two worlds of contact sport, where Floyd is definitely going with the first chance.
Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr

He is unbeaten in his career as a pugilist, with 49 wins, 26 coming through KO
He is championed in 5 divisions, where he has won 8 world titles.
He temporarily withdrew from the boxing world in 2015 after his victory against Andre Berto.
He is recognized as the best defensive pugilist in history.
One of Floyd’s drawbacks is his 40-year age, but also the fact that he has failed to win a KO match since 1999.
He said in press conferences to promote the struggle to attack the Irish from the first rounds, this being an unusual thing, being known for the way in which the victories come through ‘couterpunch’, waiting for the opponent’s mistake .
He is still a great favorite, being unbeaten throughout his career, being hard to believe he will be knocked down by a beginner in the boxing world.

Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor

The Irish has, besides the benefit of strength and power, and the advantage of age, noting 29 years of age.
It has shaken the UFC world, through victories that he accurately predicted, even in press conferences, and he managed to win the battles in the very way and the round he predicted.
He made history in the UFC and managed to be the first fighter to hold 2 belts in 2 different categories at the same time.
He has a record of 21 victories – 18 through KO, and only 3 defeats, underlining that all these defeats came through ‘submission’.
The most impressive victory was in front of the Brazilian Jose Aldo, unbeaten for 10 years, who was shot down by the Irishman after only 13 seconds with the first shot.
He said he would win the game against Floyd in just two rounds after it was decided to fight with lightweight gloves.

My tip for Mayweather vs McGregor

I expect a Floyd-dominated game that has the ring experience, but as many world and box names have said, Conor has his chance, but the only way to win the Irish is KO. My tip is based on the fact that perhaps this fight will reach 12 rounds, Floyd is a much-experienced boxer and the best boxer in the defensive to be shot by McGregor, but he’s still 40, and he has not managed to win through KO for 18 years. I think this fight will be decided at points, where Floyd will win because of the experience.

Tip: Floyd wins points, odds 3.75

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