Netherlands vs Sweden Football Predictions 03/07/2019

Netherlands vs Sweden Football Betting Predictions

Competition: World Cup Women 2019

Date: 03.07.2019

Betting Tips Sweden

Odds: 2.20

Stake: 4/10 units

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Is Orange entering the World Cup final for the first time? Let’s Find Out in Our Betting Prediction!

Orange strives for the super triumph. The Dutch ladies are in the semifinals of a Women’s World Cup for the first time. This means that you have the ticket to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in your pocket. This is a great success, but the Dutch want more. The European champion is only two steps away from the world title, and she wants to go with trainer Sarina Wiegman with her girls now as well. The hurdles will not be smaller, because in the semi-finals are waiting for the strong and experienced Swedes, who like to once again want to move back into the World Cup finals.
For the fourth time, the Scandinavians made the leap to the semi-final, but failed there twice and were defeated in 2003 in the World Cup final against Germany. The team of Peter Gerhardsson also dreams of the title. Without going so far into detail, in the match between Netherlands and Sweden, a prediction is more likely to go towards the Netherlands. But that does not mean it has to be a straightforward matter. The Swedes are with their physical nature and the fast switching game an extremely unpleasant opponent. So we think everything in this semi-final is possible. It will probably depend on who is willing to invest more in this game. In addition, the experience should be a very crucial point. In big games, the nerves can already play a role. That should be more of a problem with the ladies in Orange.

Today’s Football Betting Prediction Netherlands vs Sweden

For this, Netherlands won the European title in 2017, while the Swedes, who will also be in Tokyo in 2020, by the way, lost the 2016 Olympic final. In this duel between two very strong teams everything seems to be open and the form of the day will play an important role. Therefore it is not an easy task to find the right bet in the game between Netherlands and Sweden. But it will certainly be exciting, because it is about the entry into the World Cup final.

Netherlands – Statistics & Current Form

When one speaks of the Dutch women, then as a rule from the super storm to Shanice van de Sanden, Lieke Martens and Vivianne Miedema. However, these three ladies are usually staged by Sherida Spitse. With four assists at this World Cup Spitse is top in this ranking. That’s another point that makes the Netherlands so hard to figure out. In all five encounters at the World Cup Oranje took the lead and in the end won everything. All in all, nine wins in a row are now available for the European Champion. This is a house number that definitely makes our neighbors a hot candidate for the World Cup title.

In addition, these statistics suggests that it might be useful in the semifinals between Netherlands and Sweden to check the odds on the progress of the team of Sarina Wiegman. If all that was so easy. In part, the Dutch women have shown their weaknesses at the World Cup. Against Japan and Canada, the games were spiked. In the end, the individual class of the Dutch women prevailed.

That was not the case in the quarter-final against Italy. Although we do not want to talk about dominance, Netherlands was clearly the better team in this game and ended up with a deserved 2: 0 at the end. Vivianne Miedema scored in the 70th minute header 1: 0. Stefanie van de Gragt also set a header to make it 2-0.

“We have reached milestones with the semi-finals of the World Cup and Olympics in Tokyo. But we are not satisfied. The focus is now on Sweden and we want to win again. ” – Sarina Wiegman

Then there was apparently a small party in which the Olympic qualification was celebrated. Meanwhile, the Dutch are again fully focused. Trainer Sarina Wiegman makes it clear that they have left two milestones behind, but that the European champion is still hungry and wants more at this World Cup. In terms of personnel, it looks like all the players would be fit for action. Lieke Martens was a bit weak in the last few days, but has fully completed the training sessions and should be in the semifinals probably operational.

Expected formation of Netherlands:
↳ Van Veenendaal – van Dongen, Bloodworth, Groene, Stefanie van de Gragt – Spitse, van de Donk, van Lunteren – Martens, Miedema, van de Sanden
↳ Trainer: Wiegman

Last Games from Netherlands:

⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Italy vs Netherlands 0: 2 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 25.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Japan 2: 1 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 20.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Canada 2: 1 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Netherlands vs Cameroon 3: 1 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – New Zealand vs. Netherlands 0: 1 (World Cup Women 2019)

Sweden – Statistics & Current Form

The Swedes are the only team in this semi-final that suffered a defeat at this World Cup. However, this reminded rather a little of Germany in the 1954 World Cup, as they played in the preliminary round against Hungary with a B-Elf and then marched through the tournament. Although the Swedes have not relinquished all their regulars in the defeat against the USA, but after the move into the round of 16 already was determined, apparently opted for second place and the supposedly easier way in the playoffs. After the current state of affairs, coach Peter Gerhardsson has done everything right.

The Olympics are already bagged once. Now the Swedes want to move into a World Cup final for the second time. We definitely trust them, although many experts in the duel between Netherlands and Sweden are more likely to predict Orange victory. That could also be due to the fact that Sweden has never won three knockout matches in a row in World Cup history.

For more than 20 years, however, could not prevail against Germany in crucial games and exactly this black series was already broken in the quarterfinals. At the same time, it did not look as if Sweden could advance to the semi-finals. Germany took an early deserved lead, but the Swedes used a carelessness of German defense and came through Sofia Jakobsson to compensate.

“It’s going to be an extremely cool semi-final. It will be interesting to see if we can beat one of my favorite footballing countries with men and women. ” – Peter Gerhardsson

Immediately after the break Stina Blackstenius put the 2: 1 winner behind. So really in danger came this victory in the second half not more. Now coach Peter Gerhardsson looks forward to the match against Netherlands, one of his favorite countries, at least in footballing terms. The Swedes will have to show if the experienced Nilla Fischer, who had to be replaced with a broken Germany, can play a part again. But if it’s just somehow, the center-back will be there for sure.

Expected formation of Sweden:
↳ Lindahl – Ericsson, Fischer, Glass, Sembrandt – Asllani, Jakobsson, Rubensson, Seger – Blackstenius, Rolfö
↳ Coach: Gerhardsson

Last matches of Sweden:

⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Germany vs Sweden 1: 2 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 24.06.2019 – Sweden vs Canada 1: 0 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 20.06.2019 – Sweden vs USA 0: 2 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 16.06.2019 – Sweden vs Thailand 5: 1 (World Cup Women 2019)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Chile vs. Sweden 0: 2 (World Cup Women 2019)

Netherlands vs Sweden Direct Comparison

A total of 21 duels have been delivered by the women’s teams from the Netherlands and Sweden. In direct comparison, the Swedes are in five draws with 10: 6 victories in front. However, Sweden has not won against Orange for three games. The last match was in the quarter-finals of the European Championship 2017. The host Dutch women were able to prevail with the goals of Lieke Martens and Vivianne Miedema 2-0 and won a few days later the European title.

Netherlands vs Sweden Our Best Football Betting Prediction

Who is in the semifinals of a World Cup, has delivered to date a big tournament. The Dutch have won nine games in a row and have taken the lead 1-0 in all five World Cup games. So you do not even know what it feels like to be back. It should be exciting, if Sweden scored the 1-0. That the Scandinavians but can also turn back, they have shown in the quarter-final against Germany. Sweden are the only team in the semi-final to lose a game at the World Cup. In addition, the Elf of Peter Gerhardsson has been waiting for a win against Netherlands for three matches. The last duel was at the European Championship two years ago, when the Netherlands prevailed. So it might be time to reciprocate. We think that this is possible and are in the game between Netherlands and Sweden a tip on a victory of the Swedes open-minded.

Key Facts – Netherlands vs Sweden tips

⭐️ Netherlands has meanwhile celebrated nine wins in a row.
⭐️ Sweden are the only team in the semi-final to lose a game at this World Cup.
⭐️ The Swedes have been waiting for a win against Netherlands for three matches.

Sweden simply has more experience in these big matches and the ladies know what matters. We think it is possible that Sweden, after 2003, can move into the World Cup final for the second time. That’s because we really liked the morale and the compactness of this team in the quarter-finals. Netherlands is a bit stronger than Germany at the moment, but we still think that the Scandinavians can be victorious in the semi-final. In the semifinals between Netherlands and Sweden we therefore use the betting odds for the finals of the Swedes.


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