NFL Predictions Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles 27/09/2019

NFL Predictions Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Thursday, there’s a thunder. Why? Because at the next Thursday Night Game the Packers meet the Eagles, which promises a very exciting and high-class game. The Packers are still in 3-0 victories, whereas the Eagles are already under pressure after a mixed season start with 1: 2 victories.

NFL Predictions Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Competition: NFL

Date: 27.09.2019

Betting Tips Philadelphia Eagles

Odds: 2,95

Stake: 6

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If one had probably seen the Eagles as favorites before the season, this is now the Packers with some points ahead. However, since we expect a very close game on the knife edge, this matchup is ideal for betting. We definitely trust the Eagles to bring down the Packers for the first time, so at Green Bay – Philadelphia, a tip on high odds seems logical to the Eagles.

Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery will probably be on board again on Philly’s side, giving Carson Wentz an important reference station. Already the Vikings on matchday 2 showed in the second half, where the Packers are vulnerable and that is the case, among other things over the air. The possible further failure of DeSean Jackson, of course, still hurts her in this regard.

The Packers, however, with the exception of the German Wide Receiver EQ St.Brown, can rely on their entire staff and have so far been spared serious injuries. Contrary to all expectations, it has been their defense that has been convincing so far.

With already twelve sacks, she is among the top 3 in the league in this statistic and also the four caught interceptions belong to the absolute top of the NFL. There are also four captured balls for Fumbles, also a great value. All those who had set up the Packers Defense in their fantasy team so far, could be very pleased with the point yield.

However, we expect that they will not have much fun against the Eagles, as they can usually take good care of the ball. At Packers Vs. Eagles is a tip on Green Bay definitely not our first choice. Rather, the Eagles will try everything to avoid a false start to the season, which can also succeed due to their individual class.

Green Bay Packers – Statistics & Current Form

The Packers have started the season without damage and are one of seven teams without defeat. This comes after the mixed season last year, but somewhat surprising, especially since their previous opponents were not bad. But how long can they maintain this high level?

Sieggarant has definitely been their defensive leader, leading the NFL with eight conquered balls. The Packers as a Defense Monster? We have to get used to that after the last few weak years. Just as the multiple Pro Bowler Clay Matthews has migrated in the Off Season, this strength surprises.

Although we dare to challenge that level, it does help Aaron Rodgers that he no longer has to decide the games on his own. He himself is with 647 yards achieved namely only ranked 22 of the entire league, which also comes as a surprise.

Actually, virtually everything has been reversed at the Packers. Rodgers holds back and the defense wins the games. We are curious how it will work if the defense does not catch a Sahnetag. Already on Thursday against the strong Eagles this scenario could arrive on Green Bay.

We also do not see the Packers as consistent enough to actually start the season with 4-0 victories. Already the first three games have shown that offensively not everything is going well. Speaking of running … even Aaron Jones, who has already scored three touchdowns, is still not the constant element of the attacking game they need.

On average, it also achieves just 58.0 yards, which is usually not enough to really support Aaron Rodgers. All in all, we still see some construction sites in the team of Packers, which are hidden by the good table stand something. That could exploit the Eagles on Thursday, who fly a little under the radar due to their weak start.

At Green Bay vs Philadelphia odds on the Eagles is also much higher than that on the Packers, so there’s no way around this tip for us.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Aaron Rodgers
🏆 RB: Aaron Jones
🏆 WR: Davante Adams
🏆 TE: Jimmy Graham
🏆 K: Mason Crosby

Last Games:

🏈 22.09.2019 Green Bay Packers – Denver Broncos 27:16
🏈 15.09.2019 Green Bay Packers – Minnesota Vikings 21:16
🏈 05.09.2019 Chicago Bears – Green Bay Packers 3:10
🏈 30.08.2019 Green Bay Packers – Kansas City Chiefs 27:20
🏈 23.08.2019 Oakland Raiders – Green Bay Packers 22:21

Philadelphia Eagles – Statistics & Current Form

The Eagles are still beating themselves too often. Both the defeat in Atlanta and the home defeat against the Lions was more than avoidable. This puts them under pressure after three match days to keep up with the strong cowboys. In the NFC a 9: 7 record as in the previous year namely this season hardly enough to conquer a wild card spot.

Against the Falcons, it was the Secondary of the Eagles, which made a point at the crucial moment and against the Lions the Offense could bring no points on the scoreboard despite best field position in the last two minutes. In Philadelphia, for example, you do not have a team member to blame, but all areas are not yet in full swing.

The experts were sure before the season that the Eagles are one of the deepest occupied teams in the entire league. But all that does not matter if too many individual mistakes are made. This should change quickly if they do not want to start with a 1: 3 in the season.

However, we believe they have no bad chances on Thursday to clinch their first away win of the season. The Packers surf on a wave of success and could take the game a bit too loose, whereas the Eagles always look good against the top teams. As underdogs, they are easier to experience, as if they carry the role of favorite.

The best example of this was last season’s Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Many of the players of that time are still in the squad of the Eagles and the change in the quarterback position (Wentz instead of Foles) should not necessarily be a downgrade.

Nevertheless, Carson Wentz must slowly resume his form of the 2017 season, where he was until his cruciate ligament rupture on MVP course. With 803 total yards, he is not yet placed among the top 10 quarterbacks, which should be normal for a player of his caliber.

However, we expect a Wentz in top form against the Packers. Such games are always special to him, because he often delivers his best performances against the best opponents. At Packers vs Eagles, our prediction is therefore a surprising away win.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Carson Wentz
🏆 RB: Jordan Howard
🏆 WR: DeSean Jackson
🏆 TE: Zach Ertz
🏆 K: Jake Elliott

Last Games:

🏈 22.09.2019 Philadelphia Eagles – Detroit Lions 24:27
🏈 15.09.2019 Atlanta Falcons – Philadelphia Eagles 24:20
🏈 08.09.2019 Philadelphia Eagles – Washington Redskins 32:27
🏈 29.08.2019 New York Jets – Philadelphia Eagles 6: 0
🏈 22.08.2019 Philadelphia Eagles – Baltimore Ravens 15:26

Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Direct Comparison

The Packers won four of their last five direct duels against the Eagles. But if we look at the years in which these games took place, it quickly becomes clear that we can neglect these statistics.

Only once was Carson Wentz on Philly side in these duels on the field and that was just in his rookie season. Today’s Eagles team is no match for 2016 as it is better positioned in all positions than it was then.

That’s why Green Bay vs. Philadelphia our prediction also not on the direct comparison. We take the Philly of the last few years and their top squad cadre 2019 as a guide and thus also see the conditions to make bets on them.

🏈 11/29/2016 Philadelphia Eagles – Green Bay Packers 13:27
🏈 16.11.2014 Green Bay Packers – Philadelphia Eagles 53:20
🏈 10.11.2013 Green Bay Packers – Philadelphia Eagles 13:27
🏈 09.01.2011 Philadelphia Eagles – Green Bay Packers 16:21
🏈 12.09.2010 Philadelphia Eagles – Green Bay Packers 20:27

Predictions & Betting Base Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles

For the bookmakers, the Packers are the big favorite, which is probably due to their great start of the season. In turn, this is the unique opportunity to win at Packers Vs. Eagles to bet on good odds on the away team to recommend. The value for these tips is almost unbeatable.

Key Facts – Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles three keys and predictions:

⭐️ The Packers missed in the previous year with a 6: 9: 1 balance the playoffs
⭐️ The Eagles came in second to NFC East with a 9: 7 record
⭐️ The German wide receiver EQ St.Brown fails with an ankle injury for this season

For bets on the total points we would prefer sub-points, since the bookmakers start with 46 already very high. Especially the Packers have not reached this number in any of their games yet.


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