NFL Predictions Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Predictions Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Can the Steelers finally get their first win of the season? Here is our NFL Prediction!

A hate duel takes place at the Monday Night Game in the NFL when the Pittsburgh Steelers receive the Cincinnati Bengals. We are curious whether the duel will be as emotional and hard as in previous years, even though both teams are currently playing with a 0-3 balance rather not a major role in the league.

NFL Predictions Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Competition: NFL

Date: 01.10.2019

Betting Tips Most points in the 4th quarter

Odds: 3,20

Stake: 3

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At least one duel, which has always caused a stir in recent years, there will be no more in 2019, namely the meeting of Antonio Brown and Vontaze Burfict. Diva Brown is currently through all his antics without a club and Burfict has joined the Oakland Raiders. This reduces the risk of further concussions even by half.

But even without these two players, we expect a heated duel, as neither of the two teams would like to start the season with 0: 4 victories. Especially for Pittsburgh, who started as a clear playoff candidate in the season, that would be a very early knockout in the race for the post season.
However, they must continue to do without their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who will fail with an elbow injury for the rest of the season. The main burden in the offensive is therefore due to backup Mason Rudolph, but so far rather poorly managed to cope with this pressure.

Having done very well against the Seahawks after his short-term substitute and the Steelers almost led to victory, his performance against the 49ers was rather mixed. With only 51.9% pass rate and an interception, there is still room for improvement in the 24-year-old.

On the opposite side of the Bengals falls with A.J. Green is also a very important player, although his replacement receivers Boyd and Ross have done well so far. In general, this Bengals troop is just lower mediocrity in the league, which is why they are just outsiders in the Steelers.

We expect a low scoring game again on Monday, which could pick up speed especially towards the end and that’s why for Steelers vs Bengals our prediction a Pittsburgh success, which will be tightened only in the last quarter.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Statistics & Current Form

That was really a used season so far, which was turned on the Steelers there. First, the demoralizing bankruptcy against the Patriots, then the failure of leader Big Ben in the game against the Seahawks and last Sunday, then also the turnover festival against the 49ers, which finally ended with defeat number three.

So the playoff hopes of the Steelers are almost at the zero point arrived, because as it looks currently, you need this year at least a 9: 7 balance for the playoffs, rather even one with 10: 6 victories. The fact that backup quarterback Rudolph finished the remainder of the games with 10: 3 wins is pretty much out of the question for us, which is why it will probably be a transitional season in Pittsburgh.

They want to win against the Bengals on Monday, but this rivalry is one of the hardest in the NFL. With a win against Cincinnati they could correct the weak start at least a little. This is roughly comparable to FC Schalke 04, who was able to save his past catastrophe season, after all, by spoiling BVB’s championship title.

A victory against the Bengals should be in any case, but make the opponent but one of the worst defenses in the league. Especially against the race at Cincinnati is not much together and so they allow 168.7 yards per game. That should be the opportunity for Steelers running back Connor, from which far too little came.

The hopeful after the departure of Le’Veon Bell is with 97 yards after three games on a disastrous 41st rank, concerning the running game. With Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen even two quarterbacks are in front of the front runner of the Steelers.

Therefore, we would also see Pittsburgh’s running game as the sticking point for Monday. If Connor manages to reach the 100-yard mark for the first time in the season, then nothing should stand in the way of a Steelers win. However, if he stumbles again, then it could be tight. At Pittsburgh against Cincinnati our tip is still a close success of the men of Head Coach Mike Tomlin.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Ben Roethlisberger
🏆 RB: James Connor
🏆 WR: Juju Smith shoemaker
🏆 TE: Vance McDonald
🏆 K: Chris Boswell

Last Games:

🏈 22.09.2019 San Francisco 49ers – Pittsburgh Steelers 24:20
🏈 15.09.2019 Pittsburgh Steelers – Seattle Seahawks 26:28
🏈 09.09.2019 New England Patriots – Pittsburgh Steelers 33: 3
🏈 30.08.2019 Carolina Panthers – Pittsburgh Steelers 25:19
🏈 26.08.2019 Tennessee Titans – Pittsburgh Steelers 6:18

Cincinnati Bengals – Statistics & Current Form

For the Bengals, the situation looks similar to the Steelers, with one difference: the Bengals had not expected otherwise. Maybe the home game was planned against the 49ers as a chance to win, but away from home this season is unlikely to be much for the Bengals. All the more astonishing was their close match on the first matchday at the Seahawks.

Since they lost the victory only in the last minutes of the game by an interception of Dalton, who otherwise but so far a quite ordinary season plays. With 979 yards, he is at least ranked third in the league in terms of space gain and standing in front of him Aaron Rodgers has already played one more game. Take it out, there is only the towering Patrick Mahomes in front of him.

How come then that the Bengals still concede one defeat after another and are not even remotely regarded as a playoff team? Their running game is rather mediocre and their defense has been very bad for years. This has only gotten worse after the departure of Burfict.

Against the 49ers on Matchday 2, they lost the rushing duel with an incredible score of 25 against 259 rushing yards. That is a difference that is almost never seen in the league. If they can not handle this vulnerability on both sides of the field then it will be hard to win a game at all.

That’s why the Bengals are considered the outsiders of the bookmakers every week, even if the starting quarterback fails. Also, we do not really see good cards on Cincinnati’s side, finishing in Pittsburgh for their first win of the season.

Their only chance is a low scoring game that stays within a score until the end. Then a big play would be enough to make the surprise. For Steelers vs Bengals, the odds are not inviting enough for betting on either Pittsburgh or Cincinnati, so we’d bet the fourth quarter as the highest-scoring. That always brings extremely good value for low scoring games.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Andy Dalton
🏆 RB: Joe Mixon
🏆 WR: Tyler Boyd
🏆 TE: Tyler Eifert
🏆 K: Randy Bullock

Last Games:

🏈 22.09.2019 Buffalo Bills – Cincinnati Bengals 21:17
🏈 15.09.2019 Cincinnati Bengals – San Francisco 49ers 17:41
🏈 08.09.2019 Seattle Seahawks – Cincinnati Bengals 21:20
🏈 30.08.2019 Cincinnati Bengals – Indianapolis Colts 6:13
🏈 23.08.2019 Cincinnati Bengals – New York Giants 23:25

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals Direct Comparison

The Bengals are on the one hand the hate opponents of the Steelers, on the other hand, but also their favorite opponent. They have not lost against them for eight games and even if they are now without Big Ben on the field, they should be able to maintain this series.

However, with some very tight matches, we would avoid winning at Pittsburgh just as the Steelers are vulnerable this year, as they have not been for years. We therefore prefer to stick to recommendations on the total score or scores for specific quarters.

All in all, there is much to suggest that the 44.5 total points sought by the betting operators should not be achieved. Since we expect a very defensive start to the game, we also expect that in Pittsburgh against Cincinnati a tip on the fourth quarter as the point richest is a really good betting option.

🏈 30.11.2018 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cincinnati Bengals 16:13
🏈 05.10.2018 Cincinnati Bengals – Pittsburgh Steelers 21:28
🏈 29.09.2017 Cincinnati Bengals – Pittsburgh Steelers 20:23
🏈 11/11/2017 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cincinnati Bengals 29:14
🏈 23.12.2016 Cincinnati Bengals – Pittsburgh Steelers 20:24

Prediction & Betting Base Trend Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

For Monday we are predicting the winner and would consider other alternatives for betting. For one thing, at Steelers Vs. Bengal’s betting on under-points is an option, but as written above, also on the fourth quarter, which in our opinion will be the one with the most points.

Key Facts – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals three keys and predictions:

⭐️ The Steelers were 2018 with a 9: 6: 1 balance sheet of AFC North third
⭐️ The Bengals were in the same division with 6:10 victories last
⭐️ The Steelers have won their last eight games against the Bengals

Another betting option is a touchdown of Steelers’ running back James Connor, who has been underperforming so far, but with the Bengals facing a defense that does not live up to their name. Especially against the run, this is holier than any Swiss cheese.


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