PSG vs Bayern


In spite of its different essence. Both teams draw a domain territory in their respective countries,

showing themselves capable of combining a much higher capacity in financial terms with an attitude in the market that ends up formulating it as the club that, at national level,

you know better and you can go get reinforcements from your competitors.

This property is not beneficial to the respective championships. But it allows to affirm two teams that are not in the two richest championships like natural competitors to the European title.

This has been achieved by Bayern over the years, that is what Paris SG intends to do.

The Paris team have had a season-trip, only conceding a draw against Montpellier this past weekend, in a game in which, curiously, Neymar was left out of the team.

Bayern Munich have lost points, they are third in the Bundesliga, but few seem to doubt the Bavarians’ ability to reach the top position and leave,

from there, to recover the title, although in Germany there are other competitors with similar ideas this year.

But they will face each other in the Champions League.

With recovered Neymar, Paris SG will not know how to play other than to have a ball, look for the goal, stating a style that their fans will defend as the best to reach the glory.
Prognosis PSG vs Bayern:

Bayern Munich are not a team to be left in the fight for possession,

being able to even be before a game where it will require almost the arrival of more balls for the quantity of quality players.

Goals. It is a relatively safe bet to imagine that both teams can score in a game where the points will be important but not decisive,

taking into account the difference between these two teams and the other competitors of Group B.

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