Rafael Nadal VS Nick Kyrgios

After a few years in which Nadal has been constantly affected by injuries, it seems that this year he has returned with full force. After two GS and several ATP 1000s won,

arrives at this final phase of the season in order to continue with the excellent results that has presented this year. In this tournament has felt some difficulties, having already saved match points in the first round.

Nick Kyrgios, a 22-year-old Australian player, is currently ranked 19th. Despite not being in the top positions of the ranking, it is considered by many the best player of its generation.

He is a very talented player, but often against weaker opponents and in smaller tournaments, he has no motivation for the match.

But when opponents are the best in the world, the thing changes shape. He has made a tournament of enormous quality, where he only had a break point against.

It comes from a great victory against Zverev in straight sets.

In the direct confrontation, both players won 2 games each. Kyrgios won the meetings on the fastest floors and Nadal won the encounters on clay.
Prognosis Rafael Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios:

The Nadal by the season that is doing is considered favorite, but as the other side is Kyrgios, I will choose to go in the Australian’s victory.

Nadal already has a long leg season, with many tournaments and games played, and this factor at this stage of the season is important.

In addition, Kyrgios has made an excellent week and is a player who is in these games that demonstrates all his quality as he himself has already stated,

and here is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate all its quality.

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