Champions League Real Madrid vs Liverpool 26 May 2018

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Champions League Prediction

Real Madrid reaches this final after eliminating 3 European giants PSG, in which I won the 2 games, 3-1 and 1-2, to Juventus, in which after winning by 0-3, to play at home conceded 3 goals, thus tying the tie.

After a penultimate controversial, Ronaldo secured Real Madrid’s presence in the semi-final against one of the favorites to win the Champions League, Bayern, where he got a win out of doors by 1-2, and at home equalized to 2 balls, thus leading the merengue team to this final.

In my opinion, I see Real Madrid to get better results to play away, at home only won to PSG, losing to teams in my view stronger than PSG, Juventus, and a draw with Bayern.

Liverpool come to this unprecedented final after beating Porto a hearty 0-5 away from home, where they took the tie already decided for Liverpool, where they only had to manage the advantage, erminando in a tie without goals. FC Porto no longer risked not to be humiliated again, and Liverpool hastily managed only the result of the first leg.

Then, to my surprise, it was a home win of what they claimed to be the best team in Europe at the time, Guardiola’s Manchester City, where they thrashed home 3-0. In the second leg game, they returned to win by 1-2 out of doors.

The semi-final was played against AS Roma.

Roma are a team to my view with many weaknesses, attention, when you play out of doors, because as it was against Barcelona where they achieved a historic turnaround after a 4-1 loss, at home are a totally different team. Thus, the Liverpool team managed to thrash 5-1 at home, going to lose in the second leg 4-2.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction

Seeing the two formations, I give clear advantage to Real Madrid, is in my opinion a very balanced team in all sectors, that is, have extreme quality from defense to attack.

Looking at the teams that the two formations had to eliminate to reach this final, clearly Real Madrid was the team that “fit” the best teams, all of them candidates to win the Cup, unlike Liverpool that eliminated FC Porto, and Roma, 2 teams without great expression International, not involving Manchester City because as everyone knows has made a spectacular season in the English league, and everyone would expect it to reach a little further.

Unlike Real, Liverpool in my opinion only has a lot of quality in attack, with Salah in an incredible way, that’s all.

The rest of the team is not comparable to Real, Firmino is not Benzema, Mané is not Ronaldo, and in the midfield with Modric and Kroos, it does not compare. I do not even say defense, because I do not think there’s a possible comparison.

However, it is a final, and I foresee a well-played game, a Real already habituated to these wanderings, and a Liverpool trying everything to achieve the most important title in Europe.
Klopp being the coach who is, must set up a scheme that will make life difficult for Real Madrid, not having so much individual quality, thus trying to win in the collective.

So, my bet goes to Real Madrid’s victory, which normally would give Liverpool 2 or 3, but in the final, I see Real winning, for a minimal advantage.

Prediction of the Day: Real Madrid
Odds: 2.20

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