Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem Tennis Betting Tips 10/05/2019

Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem Betting Tips

At the Masters tournament in the Spanish capital Madrid, there were hardly any surprises in the men’s competition so far. Overall, no less than six of the eight quarter-finalists in the top eight of the seedling list can be found. The two exceptions are with Marin Cilic (9) and Stan Wawrinka (unset) two Grand Slam winner dar. From a German perspective, it comes not only to the duel between Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas, but especially to the showdown between Dominic Thiem and Roger Federer!

Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem Today’s Betting Tips

While Dominic Thiem made a formidable performance from start to finish in his first knockout round tie against Monte Carlo winner Fabio Fognini, Federer took a break from a fierce 6-0 draw with Gael Monfils and was almost punished. Despite the clear set win, he had to shake powerful and fought in the tiebreak of the third round in the quarterfinals. Although Federer is in the world rankings before Thiem, the Austrian on the red ashes is the big favorite. For a win by Dominic Thiem against Roger Federer odds of a maximum of 1.44 are offered.

Roger Federer – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 3.
Position in the seedling list: 3

After Roger Federer announced at the beginning of the year, that he will be back on sand this season, many fans feared that this could indicate an end to his career. But the now 37-year-old does not want to know about it and still enjoys the game. He always takes time out and plays only selected tournaments, but when he’s on the court, there is only one goal – to win. In 2019 he has so far had an outstanding 25-2 record and only had to pull the short straw at the Australian Open against Stefanos Tsitsipas and in Indian Wells against Dominic Thiem. Federer is a perfectionist and shows in the first two games in Madrid in good to very good shape.

The second appearance against Frenchman Gael Monfils, however, was a game of ups and downs. After an outstanding first round (Monfils could only win nine points, the set took only 19 minutes), Federer lost a bit of focus and had to take a quick break in set two. At first he succeeded in the rebreak, but at the score of 5: 4 he gave his service again. A few moments later, he was in the decision set with 0: 3 back. However, Federer proved great morale, fought back and had at the score of 5: 6 fend off even two match points. In the tiebreaker he retained the upper hand with 7: 3. Finally, he stood two hours on the pitch – certainly no advantage over Thiem, who was already in the quarter-finals at this time. For the Swiss this was a very special success, after all it was the 1,200. Victory on the ATP Tour!

“It has not looked good for a long time, I had some stressful moments. But I got it right, then luckily it went well ” – Roger Federer

The game against Monfils has shown that the hunger for success of the Swiss is far from satisfied. Even against Thiem, he will fight back to the last rally, but soberly considered in the game between Thiem and Federer a prediction on the victory of the Swiss associated with enormous risk. On clay court there are simply better players than Federer – one of these players is Dominic Thiem.

Last matches by Roger Federer:

🎾 09.05.2019 – Federer Vs. Monfils 6-0, 4-6, 7-6 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 07.05.2019 – Federer Vs. Gasquet 6-2, 6-3 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 31.03.2019 – Federer Vs. Isner 6-1, 6-4 (Miami)
🎾 30.03.2019 – Federer Vs. Shapovalov 6-2, 6-4 (Miami)
🎾 29.03.2019 – Federer Vs. Anderson 6-0, 6-4 (Miami)

Dominic Thiem – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 5.
Position in the seedling list: 5

The last sixteen match between Dominic Thiem and Fabio Fognini was eagerly awaited. Although two players faced each other, the last with tournament victories (in Monte Carlo / Barcelona) could convince, the game was only scheduled on the third largest court. Already in the run-up to the match Fabio Fognini pushed the role of favorite in the direction of the Austrian and Thiem filled this role perfectly. Especially in the first sentence a difference in quality could not be denied. With own service the Austrian remained completely inviolable and had to give only four points altogether. In the second round, Fogini sniffed a break, but otherwise there was nothing to be found in the service of the Austrian. Thiem himself took advantage of one of two break options at the score of 6: 5 and served shortly afterwards to loose the match win.

“That’s very difficult, Federer is back in great shape, even on sand. The tournament is incredibly busy, there are only absolute Kracherpartien. I’m happy to be in the quarterfinals. ” – Dominic Thiem

After Thiem could play in the first round against Reilly Opelka still little tennis, the game against Fabio Fognini was further proof of why Dominic Thiem is now called by many experts in the same breath with Rafael Nadal regarding his qualities on the red ashes. Above all, Thiem also showed his mental strength against Fognini. The Italian is known again and again smaller antics and thus tried to bring the Austrian from the concept. Thiem, however, remained completely unimpressed and focused on his outstanding clay court game.

Thiem was overjoyed with his performance and did not want to know anything about a possible favorite role against Federer. He sprinkled the Swiss roses – but the game of Thiem is definitely more predestined for sand than that of Federer. In addition, Thiem is the height of Madrid, in 2017 and 2018 he was in the final and now hopes for the final triple. But first Thiem must insist against Federer. At Federer vs Thiem are offered odds of 1.45 for the tip on the Austrians.

Last matches by Dominic Thiem:
🎾 09.05.2019 – Thiem Vs. Fognini 6-4, 7-5 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 07.05.2019 – Thiem Vs. Opelka 6-7, 6-3, 1-0 (Madrid – Masters)
🎾 28.04.2019 – Thiem vs. Medvedev 6-4, 6-0 (Barcelona)
🎾 27.04.2019 – Thiem Vs. Nadal 6-4, 6-4 (Barcelona)
🎾 26.04.2019 – Thiem vs. Pella 7-5, 6-2 (Barcelona)

Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem – Head to Head Statistics

Head-to-Head: 3: 2

25-year-old Austrian Dominic Thiem is one of the very few players to have a positive head-to-head record against the exceptional Swiss player Roger Federer. Five times, the two top stars already faced each other, Thiem could win three of these five duels for themselves. The last game is not so long back and had for Dominic Thiem the biggest triumph in his career to follow. In the final of Indian Wells convinced Thiem on hard court and was able to beat the Swiss favorites in three sets. On clay court Thiem and Federer were only facing the Masters in Rome 2016 – in two sets Thiem kept the upper hand.

Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem Our Best Tennis Tips Explained

Before the tournament in Madrid Roger Federer was last seen in May 2016 on clay court – and had to accept there in his last game a defeat against Dominic Thiem. Almost to the day exactly three years later (12 May 2016) Federer could again concede against the Austrians defeat. The bookmakers regard the Austrians as quite clear favorites and offer for a victory of Thiem against Federer a odds in the range of 1.40 to 1.45! For a quite surprising Federer success, however, betting odds up to 2.90 are offered.

Key facts – Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem tips

⭐️ Thiem underscored his excellent clay court form with a very concentrated performance against Fognini!
⭐️ The last duel Thiem could win in Indian Wells for themselves!
⭐️ Federer had to fend off two match points against Gael Monfils despite a 6-0 in the first set!

Roger Federer is and will remain a big name – but especially on the red ashes, the simple Roland Garros winner is not one of the big top stars. The extreme topspin of Dominic Thiem is even more effective at the altitude in Madrid. In addition, Thiem is full of confidence. Federer is a terrific tennis player, who certainly deserves a set win, but in the quarterfinals between Thiem and Federer the odds for the tip on a 2-0 victory of the Austrian (2.30) definitely have value to offer.

Betting Tips: Thiem -1.5 sets
Odds: 2.30

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