Sagadam vs Nebitci Betting Predictions and Odds

Sagadam vs Nebitci Betting Predictions and Odds

Sagadam vs Nebitci Betting Predictions and Odds

Does Nebitci stay true to his weakness away from home?

On the ninth game day in the Yokari League, the duel between Sagadam and Nebitci increases. The odds favor the hosts, who have been constant so far. They haven’t lost in four rounds, but it was only against the weaker team of the Turkmen Oberhaus like the bottom two tables Merw and Energetik.

In addition, it is a feat that the kickers from Türkmenbasy with a narrow-to-goal ratio of 5: 5 have already won three games and drawn from eight league games. This can be used to see how benign Sagadam is, or how lucky the team has been in their games.

The middle of both assessments is probably the most likely to be the case. For their part, the guests have to get the shaky defensive under control if they want to go up. Together with the penultimate table Merw, the group from Balkanabat has the weakest back team.

However, the balance has recently improved and the sensational win on the penultimate matchday against Altyn Asyr has shown that things are going better overall. The Sagadam vs. Nebitci’s tip now includes a maximum of two hits in the course of the game. A limit that the minimalist hosts have never exceeded in any of their eight league games.

Further analyzes of games in the Yokary League or other divisions around the world can easily be found in our section of the betting base for international football tips. The kick-off in Türkmenbasy on May 18.

Sagadam – Statistics & current form

Sagadam took third place last year and is currently in this position again. However, the success of the team around captain Hemra Amanmämmedow came only in the recent past. Before the Yokary League stopped playing and also in the first match after resuming play in mid-April, no victories had been won.

Lean two points were thus earned on the first four rounds of the game. Afterwards, however, things got better, as I said, the opponents turned out to be very easy and the successes could only be achieved with 1: 0. The series of three victories also broke last Wednesday when only a 1-1 draw at Asgabat FC.

Only Magtymow can convince in the attack

The fairly weak storm should also increase if it should continue to be enough for one of the top places in the tableau. The two teams from Asyr and Ahal placed in front of each have around ten more goals.

The only exception to the criticism is Yhlas Magtymow.

The 28-year-old attacking midfielder has already kicked the series champion of the past few years Altyn Asyr and still has two goals, which means that he has scored almost half of all goals with the 2002 champion.

Strong defenses are particularly stable at home

The kickers from the west of Turkmenistan can at least rely on a very stable defense. This is especially true for home games: There have been four of them so far and only Altyn Asyr was able to score a goal. No wonder that none of the encounters on their own territory have yet been lost.

Probable Sagadam lineup:

Coach: Aleksandr Klimenko

Starting eleven: Gorbunov – Hojaahmedow – Italmazow – Orazgulyyew – Saryyew – Nurlyyew – Nurnazarow – Magtymow – Yakubow – Amanmämmedow

Nebitci – statistics & current form

With the 1-0 win over Altyn Asyr, Nebitci had a big surprise a week ago. The opponent has been picking up the title for six years and was unbeaten until this bankruptcy. The victory cannot therefore be overestimated. On top of that, coach Amamyrat Meredow’s team was able to stop a series of four bankruptcies.

Respectable loss to the top of the table

However, on the last day of the game, the next slump came, with Ahal admittedly the best team of the current season in the Yokary League. Furthermore, the team of captain Azat Garayew only had to give up 1: 2.

From this point of view, this defeat can also be seen as a further sign of a performance upswing at Nebitci. The upcoming encounter also represents a special match for Kerim Hojaberdiyew, who was employed by Sagadam last year. He even delivered the best goal yield to his old employer in the port city.

When the attacker returns to the old workplace, he is certainly particularly motivated. This also applies to Akmämmet Metdäyew, who scored the most goals on the side of “Petrol Iscileri” last season. In recent matches, his operating times have been continuously increased after he was still missing at the start of the season. Merhad Gurbanow is also in a good mood.

The former professional from Ahal scored the last three hits on the side of Nebitci! The previous away record gives little hope: All four guest appearances were lost and a goal difference of 2:10 shows that the four-time title holder of the Yokary League has so far been weaker abroad than at home.

Sagadam vs Nebitci Tips

The prediction is supported by the fact that the guests had to accept such a course of the game in three of their four guest appearances this season.

Probable lineup Nebitci:

Coach: Amanmyrat Meredow

Starting eleven: Tukyyew – Geldiyew – Mämmetaliyew – Ylyasow – Gurbanow – Garayew – Hojamämmedow – Kadyrow – Hojaberdiyew – Garadanow – Deryayew

Sagadam vs Nebitci Direct comparison

The duel last took place on the second day of the season. In mid-March, the professionals from Balkanabat achieved a 1-0 home win. Thanks to the triumph, a real fear opponent could be overcome: After all, Nebitci had previously not achieved a victory in this pairing in ten attempts. Instead, no less than nine bankruptcies were collected and only a pitiful draw was made.

Bookmakers expect a home win

For the next edition of Sagadam against Nebitci, despite the recent triumphs, the odds again indicate a victory for the hosts. Current offers from bookmakers can be called up at any time using our easy-to-use betting base odds comparison.

Sagadam vs Nebitci Best odds – Yokary League

Betting Prediction: Sagadam wins
Odds: 1.40
Betting Prediction: Draw
Odds: 4.85
Betting Prediction: Nebitci wins
Odds: 8.50

Sagadam vs Nebitci Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Experts

Sagadam can point to twice as many points as Nebitci. The home advantage for footballers also speaks of the Caspian Sea. None of four games have been lost in front of their own audience and especially the defense is almost insurmountable: three clean sheets reach the home games!

On the other hand, the guests on the penultimate matchday caused a real shock by beating the series champion Altyn Asyr 1-0. The following bankruptcy against the league leader Ahal was also narrowly 1: 2 and can also be used as an indicator of an increasing form.

The Sagadam vs. Nebitci’s tip now aims for a maximum of two goals to be scored in the match. In our eyes, the starting point is not quite as clear as the picture of the odds in favor of the hosts, especially since the guests even won the first season duel. A favorite victory of the third in the table is not expected.

Sagadam vs Nebitci tips

First season duel Nebitci won 1-0
In addition to Merw, guests have the worst defense in the Yokary League
Each of the eight games played by the home side ended with a maximum of two goals

The home side’s offensive does not seem to be designed for this despite the good position in the table and the weakness of the guest defense mentioned: they have managed a meager five goals to date and at least three goals have not yet been scored in any league game of the third in the table.

Betting Prediction: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.85

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