San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns NFL Predictions

San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns NFL Predictions

Back to the future, the San Francisco 49ers will receive the Cleveland Browns on Monday, as these two teams could become absolute title favorites in the foreseeable future and shape the next few years in the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns NFL Predictions

Competition: NFL

Date: 08.10.2019

Betting Tips Cleveland Browns (2)

Odds: 2.80

Stake: 6/10 units

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On the one side are the 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The Sunnyboy, who a year ago was destined to bring San Francisco up again, but then tore the cruciate ligament and this undertaking had to be postponed for a year.

Now he is fit again and around him, the franchise has built a young and hungry for success team, which now even has a strong defense, one of their major problems of the recent past. So something could grow, which is also related to head coach Kyle Shanahan.
On the other side are the Cleveland Browns who, within just two years, have grown from the laughing stock and a 16:16 team into a serious contender for the playoffs. They went the way to build a top team on first-round picks and surprising trades.

Odell Beckham Jr. was kicked off by the New York Giants in this off season, and quarterback Baker Mayfield was thus added another high-carat as a reference station. Jarvis Landry had been picked up before.

It is difficult to say which of the two teams will be more likely to set the tone in the NFL in the future, but given the huge market, we are quite confident in the 49ers. This season, however, we see the Browns already a bit further, although they did not have an optimal start to the season.

Their performance explosion last Sunday has nevertheless shown what they are capable of, and that’s why at 49ers. Brown’s a tip on Cleveland in the Monday Night Game for us even the better alternative.

 San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns NFL Predictions
San Francisco 49ers – Statistics & Current Form

The 49ers are still unbeaten. Who would have expected that before the season? Well, the kick-off program came along a bit, but you still have to beat teams like the Buccaneers or the Steelers.

So they could put a crush on the Browns now the division-internal competitors from Los Angeles and Seattle quite a lot of pressure. The fact that all three teams come in the end in the playoffs, that’s what we dare to doubt.

The task against the Browns, however, is now anything but easy and their medium-sized favorites surprised us a bit. If you looked at the first three games of the 49ers, then you could still discover some vulnerabilities and the game against the Steelers could just as well have been lost.

However, it also speaks for San Francisco, that they were always there in the crucial moments and have not allowed a game can turn. In addition to their offense, which at least 32.0 points per game hangs, as well as their defense responsible.

With 283.3 yards per game, only two teams allow less. We can mention that the German linebacker Mark Nzeocha also had his share, as he also intercepted an interception and blocked an opponent’s punt. In the last game, however, he came mainly in the Special Teams used.

What is amazing about their defensive statistics is that they defend well against both the run (5th place in the league) and the pass (6th place) and thus do not have much weakness, as is the case with most other teams only in front of one of these categories.

If they are able to build on their performance from the first three matches against the Browns, then they have a good chance to extend their record to 4-0. However, we believe that they are not yet firm enough to go to the limit for a fourth consecutive week, which is why we at 49ers. Browns make a different prediction.

For us, the Browns should be able to take their updraft from the Ravens game and inflict San Francisco their first season defeat.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Jimmy Garoppolo
🏆 RB: Matt Breida
🏆 WR: Marquise Goodwin
🏆 TE: George Kittle
🏆 K: Robbie Gould

Last Games:

🏈 22.09.2019 San Francisco 49ers – Pittsburgh Steelers 24:20
🏈 15.09.2019 Cincinnati Bengals – San Francisco 49ers 17:41
🏈 08.09.2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – San Francisco 49ers 17:31
🏈 30.08.2019 San Francisco 49ers – Los Angeles Chargers 24:27
🏈 25.08.2019 Kansas City Chiefs – San Francisco 49ers 17:27

 San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns NFL Predictions

Cleveland Browns – Statistics & Current Form

So it was the performance explosion that fans and experts at the highly hyped Browns have been waiting for the whole season. Was this the kick-start for a season that ended for the first time in ages with a Cleveland playoff?

It could be so, because in their division, only the Ravens seem to be able to play the division title. This would give the Browns at least a 50-50 chance to reach the Post Season via the division, quite apart from the additional chance of the Wild Card Spots.

We can well imagine that in the end it will actually happen that way, because not many teams in the league can win against the Ravens in Baltimore. Especially running back Nick Chubb has shown that he is one of the top 5 running backs of the NFL, which many experts had predicted.

If he plays as strong as last Sunday, then the Browns have all the odds in the world, because then he pulls the field apart so that the other weapons around Odell Beckham have much more room and time – and then Beckham, Landry and Co are not too to stop.

And when tight-end Ricky Seals-Jones thaws up like in this game, the Browns have an almost outrageous amount of weapons. But is that enough to beat the 49ers in their own stadium?

We think so, because what many forget about their offensive strengths is that the Browns are not that defensive. With 335 allowed yards per game, they also scrape the top 10 of the league and in their defensive work against third attempts of the opponents they are with 29% even in third place.

All this leads us to the conclusion that we should calmly tap the bookmakers on Sunday to make the most of the odds on the Browns at San Francisco vs Cleveland.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Baker Mayfield
🏆 RB: Nick Chubb
🏆 WR: Odell Beckham Jr.
🏆 TE: David Njoku
🏆 K: Austin Seibert

Last Games:

🏈 29.09.2019 Baltimore Ravens – Cleveland Browns 25:40
🏈 23.09.2019 Cleveland Browns – Los Angeles Rams 13:20
🏈 16.09.2019 New York Jets – Cleveland Browns 3:23
🏈 08.09.2019 Cleveland Browns – Tennessee Titans 13:43
🏈 30.08.2019 Cleveland Browns – Detroit Lions 20:16

San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns Direct Comparison

The 49ers’ game against the Browns is one of the least-played games in the entire millennium. Quite four times both teams faced each other so far and since the last duel took place in 2015, one can confidently neglect these statistics a bit.

However, what is striking is that so far there has been no duel in the NFL, which scored less points on average, regardless of the decade. Most of the counters were scored in 2015, the Browns’ 24:10 home win.

So there must be something about this game that points are not that easy on the scoreboard and we would also make this prediction for next Sunday, as both teams have a good defense. Betting on under-points is a great alternative to winning on Cleveland.

🏈 13.12.2015 Cleveland Browns – San Francisco 49ers 24:10
🏈 30.10.2011 San Francisco 49ers – Cleveland Browns 20:10
🏈 12/30/2007 Cleveland Browns – San Francisco 49ers 20: 7
🏈 21.09.2003 San Francisco 49ers – Cleveland Browns 12:13

Prediction & Betting Base Trend San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns

For the bookies, the 49ers are the favorites. That’s why we at 49ers against Browns a tip on the away team also much more, since thus the value is also higher.

Key Facts – San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Brown three keys and predictions:

⭐️ The Ravens won the preseason AFC North with 10: 6 victories
⭐️ The Browns were third with a 7: 8: 1 balance sheet of the same division
⭐️ Of the last eleven games in Baltimore, the Browns could win only one



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