San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks NFL Predictions

The best comes last. At least on this match day we can say that justifiably, because what comes up in the NFL’s Monday Night Firecracker is a treat of a very special kind.

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks NFL Predictions

Competition: NFL

Date: 12.11.2019

Betting Tips Seattle Seahawks

Odds: 3,35

Stake: 5/10 units

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With the San Francisco 49ers expected the only still unbeaten team the Seattle Seahawks, who also play a very strong season and have with Russell Wilson the previous MVP favorites in their ranks.

The icing on the cake, however, is that both of them are still active in NFC West and currently occupy places one and two. It is also the duel for the top of the table and for San Francisco already a great opportunity to bring some buffer between themselves and their pursuers, since the Rams already have three defeats in the account.
For the Seahawks, on the other hand, it is possible to reduce the gap to the 49ers to a win and win the first direct duel of the season, which may also be important in the end, for example if there is a tie in the table.

With Josh Gordon, the Hawks have also taken during the week only another absolute top receiver under contract, which extends their weapons on the offensive once again drastically. We therefore see them in a very good position to clinch an away win and add the first season deficit to the 49ers.

Since at 49ers vs. Seahawk’s odds on Seattle are also immensely high, such bets pay off all the more.

San Francisco 49ers – Statistics & Current Form

The 49ers are the new level of things in the NFL. After the Patriots lost their first defeat last matchday, they are the only remaining white-league team in the league. Of course, they also want to defend them against the Seahawks, which will be more than difficult.

The Seahawks are also a team of the hour and still unbeaten (4-0). A series will thus come to an end, either the home series of the 49ers or the away series of the Seahawks.

With San Francisco on the verge of losing a game on several occasions in recent games, we believe it could be on Monday. Traditionally they do not like to play against the Hawks. Nine of the last ten duels have lost them and only in the preseason they succeeded once again a success.

The problem that will come to the 49ers has a main name: Russell Wilson. He is stronger this season than he has been in a long time. Many even say that he plays the best football of his life. Although the Californians are the best team against the pass, but since that is the strength of Wilson, he could thus make the 49ers defensive weapons harmless.

Also on the other side of the field, the 49ers ‘strengths are not quite as good to the Seahawks, as the Hawks’ great weakness over the air can not necessarily take advantage of Jimmy Garoppolo. With 219.1 passing yards per game, he and his 49ers offense are only in 22nd place in the NFL.

We already realize that this matchup does not really play San Francisco in the cards. Although they still have a chance to win the game, especially with the self-confidence with which they are currently on the pitch, but a big favorite position looks different.

Therefore, at San Francisco vs. Seattle our prediction a very tight game that could end up well and happy again with a game winning drive from Russell Wilson. Hardly anyone in the league is in such a good mood.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Jimmy Garoppolo
🏆 RB: Matt Breida
🏆 WR: Marquise Goodwin
🏆 TE: George Kittle
🏆 K: Robbie Gould

Last Games:

🏈 01.11.2019 Arizona Cardinals – San Francisco 49ers 25:28
🏈 27.10.2019 San Francisco 49ers – Carolina Panthers 51:13
🏈 10/20/2019 Washington Redskins – San Francisco 49ers 0: 9
🏈 13.10.2019 Los Angeles Rams – San Francisco 49ers 7:20
🏈 08.10.2019 San Francisco 49ers – Cleveland Browns 31: 3

Seattle Seahawks – Statistics & Current Form

The Seahawks and their close games. No other team this year seems to be more predestined to win the tight matches than Russell Wilson and his Hawks. Also against the Buccaneers it was again an encounter on the knife edge.

In the end, it was only the toss of the extra time that decided the match in favor of Seattle. These won him, secured the ball possession and then marched into the end zone. Game over.

Once again, Russell had beaten Wilson and scored a single drive for the 27th time since 2012. Only Matthew Stafford has a single drive for him during this period.

With that, the Seahawks also come to San Francisco with an immense sense of confidence, and we’ll have a little testosterone battle on Monday. In addition to the two quarterbacks, it will also depend on the supporting cast and then the Seahawks have once again improved during the week.

With Josh Gordon, they hired a proven top pass receiver, who had his problems outside the course, but is considered one of the best in the field. If he finally focuses on the football, then Seattle now has with Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf and Josh Gordon one of the most dangerous receiver trios in the league in his ranks.

So, if all goes well, they can even have a say in the Super Bowl. Gordon was also given the green light by the doctors, so he will be able to participate on Monday. It could have been the last puzzle piece that was missing and we expect it to be delivered on Monday.

With Gordon, a Wilson in MVP form and a great away record, we assume Seattle will have everything in the Monday Night Game. That’s why the odds of the bookmakers are surprising us with something that sees SF clearly ahead. We would definitely use that to bet on the men of Head Coach Pete Carroll.

Key Players:

🏆 QB: Russell Wilson
🏆 RB: Chris Carson
🏆 WR: Tyler Lockett
🏆 TE: Will Dissly
🏆 K: Jason Myers

Last Games:

🏈 03.11.2019 Seattle Seahawks – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40:34 n.V.
🏈 27.10.2019 Atlanta Falcons – Seattle Seahawks 20:27
🏈 20.10.2019 Seattle Seahawks – Baltimore Ravens 16:30
🏈 Oct 13, 2013 Cleveland Browns – Seattle Seahawks 28:32
🏈 04.10.2019 Seattle Seahawks – Los Angeles Rams 30:29

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Direct Comparison

The 49ers’ play against the Seahawks is one of the NFL’s most-played games, no wonder with the same division membership. However, that makes it all the more amazing that almost always the Hawks could prevail. Only once in the last five years have the 49ers been victorious.

That also speaks for a slight favorite status Seattle, which has not necessarily been reduced by their commitment of Josh Gordon. Since we do not expect a points festival, 49ers vs Seahawks in addition to betting on the away team also under-point betting an alternative.

🏈 16.12.2018 San Francisco 49ers – Seattle Seahawks 26:23
🏈 02.11.2018 Seattle Seahawks – San Francisco 49ers 43:16
🏈 11/26/2017 San Francisco 49ers – Seattle Seahawks 13:24
🏈 17.09.2017 Seattle Seahawks – San Francisco 49ers 12: 9
🏈 01/01/2017 San Francisco 49ers – Seattle Seahawks 23:25

Prediction & Betting Base Trend San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks

For the bookmakers, the 49ers are the high favorites and we still wonder why? So convincing they were offensively not always and their defensive run must end sometime. That’s why San Francisco vs. Seattle is a good bet on good odds on the Seahawks. Such a great value is rarely given to a team with a 7: 2 balance.

Key Facts – San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks three keys and predictions:

⭐️ The 49ers are the only team without defeat (8: 0)
⭐️ The Seahawks are ranked second in NFC West with 7-2 wins
⭐️ Of the last ten direct duels Seattle could win nine

We have already decided on under-points for the total points, but even bets on a touchdown from Tyler Lockett are always an option. The one with the best hands of the NFL and conjures up regular Monster Catches on the square, which stifles the audience’s breath.


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