Stoke City vs Bournemouth – Featured Picks

The Stoke team needs to make up and it’s already in their home that this is very likely to happen.

Stoke is in 16th place in the Premier League with only 8 points in 8 games.

The moment is bad and the team not only came from a win but also won a game in the last 6 meetings to count for the main English step, this time against Southampton and here at home, the stage of the game this afternoon.

Ireland, Martins Indi, Edwards and Shawcross are the casualties in Stoke’s team while in the Bournemouth side the absentees are Federici, Mings, Smith, Fraser and Wilson.

The Bournemouth side are even worse off than Stoke, occupying the league’s penultimate place with only 4 points from a single league victory so far, having been won at home against Brighton.

Bournemouth are a Stoke league team but for me it is still qualitatively inferior to the opponents team this afternoon.

Stoke has higher quality players and playing at home should win this match but I will also bet on over as although Stoke has a habit to score in most of his games,

since in the last 9 meetings he has not scored in 2, he also suffers a lot of goals, and there are already 7 games in a row, always conceding goals.
Prognosis Stoke vs Bournemouth:

Bournemouth do not score many goals but suffer many, and in the 8 games so far for the league, only for once the team did not concede a goal, and this in a meeting at home against Leicester.

This time playing away I believe he suffers 2 or more goals.

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