Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions League Final 2019

Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions League

On June 1, 2019, a Champions League final will take place in the Spanish capital Madrid for the fifth time. For the first time not in Santiago Bernabéu, but in September 2017 opened Wanda Metropolitano – the home of Atlético Madrid, with a capacity of 67,000 visitors. However, there is no sign of Spanish teams in this 27th premier-class final. For the first time since 2008 (then Chelsea and Man United) there will be a pure English showdown in the Champions League final in 2019. In 2013 it was the last time that a Champions League final between two clubs from the same country was played (then Real Madrid vs. Barcelona ). The Tottenham Hotspur will face the Liverpool Football Club.

Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions League
Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions League Final 2019

For the Reds of Merseyside it is already the ninth Champions League / European Cup final of the national championship final and the second in a row, after Liverpool last season was still inferior to Real Madrid (1: 3). Five times (1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005) Liverpool already won the most important club trophy in European football. For the Spurs, however, it is the first ever participation in such a final. Although Tottenham won twice the UEFA Cup (1972, 1984) and once the European Cup Winners’ Cup (1963), a Champions League final has never been in the 136-year history of the North London club. Accordingly, in the Champions League final in 2019, the Spurs are not exactly favorites, according to betting odds of bookies and analysis of meaningful betting experts.
Made possible by this completely English final two not considered possible comebacks in the semi-final second leg. Liverpool once again benefited from a magic night in Anfield, beating big-time FC Barcelona 4-0 in the second leg despite a 3-0 first-leg deficit. No less dramatic was the day after, when Tottenham had already lost 3-0 at half-time to Ajax Amsterdam. But a hat-trick by Lucas Moura (only the fifth player to make it to a semi-final), with his third goal in the 96th minute, ensured the Pochettino team’s turnaround and final victory thanks to the away goals control in the European Cup. For Pochettino it is the second final ever as a coach (record before: a defeat in the League Cup Final 2015). Significantly more experience here has Liverpool Jürgen Klopp. However, Klopp has attacked a final curse. Will Klopp finally be able to put an end to this curse in Madrid? If you look at the betting odds of numerous betting offices for the Champions League Final 2019, then the answer is yes. However, the German could win none of his recent six Cup finals: 2018 and 2013 Klopp already lost twice a Champions League final, in 2016 the finals in Europa League and League Cup, 2015 and 2014 respectively the DFB Cup final.

Like every year, the final in the premier class is one of the absolute highlights in the football calendar. This year, it is eagerly awaiting which Premier League team will crown themselves continental champions. For the Champions League Final 2019 between Tottenham and Liverpool we will do an analysis and evaluate numerous bets and the associated betting odds extensively.

Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions LeagueWho will win the Champions League Final 2019: Tottenham or Liverpool? 1X2 bets

The historical record clearly speaks for the Reds (82 Liverpool victories, 42 draws, 48 ​​Tottenham victories). The last duels were almost exclusively to Liverpool. Of the 14 most recent competitive games since March 2013, the Reds have won nine matches against the Spurs for themselves. Only in October 2017 Tottenham could celebrate a home win against Liverpool. In addition, both teams played four times draw. Liverpool have not lost to Tottenham for three Premier League games (2-1-0). In the championship were at the end of the season 25 counters between the second-placed Liverpool (97 points) and the Third Tottenham (72 points). While Tottenham crossed the finish line with only one victory from the final five Premier League games (1-1-3) and due to the inability of Arsenal and Manchester United to solve the Champions League ticket for the upcoming season, the Reds moved in an epic title race against Manchester City the shorter. For the first time ever a team with only one defeat of the season was not English champion. Unlike the Spurs, Liverpool won the last nine Premier League matches in a row. According to the current form curve, in the Champions League final 2019 bets on the Merseyside guys would make more sense.

Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions League However, the 2019 Champions League final is not a Premier League and Liverpool can not build on Anfield fortress in Madrid. There, the Reds celebrated for the first time in 18 years again 22 competitive matches. Although a neutral venue is not an away game, it comes very close to it. In the Champions League Liverpool lost all three group games in foreign countries and lost clearly 3-0 in Barcelona. Only the second-rate Porto and the form-weak Bayern there were victories. In addition, coach Klopp has a final allergy and lost the last six finals. The league performances of the Spurs also suffered in recent weeks due to the great historical opportunity in the Champions League. In addition, Tottenham had to fight in contrast to Liverpool with numerous injuries. Although the Spurs benefited especially against Man City (VAR) and Ajax (last-minute goals) of unbelievable luck, but tottenham in full occupy, this team can compete with any opponent. The almost three-week break before the final could turn out to be ideal. The ailing and injured players are likely to be fit again until the final. First and foremost Tottenham talisman Harry Kane. In the Champions League Final 2019 bets on the Reds appear to be a safe bank. But the return of Harry Kane, could give even the ultimate faith to win the final, yet another thrust. Because for the Champions League Final 2019 our analysis recommends the odds for a success of the Spurs not to be ignored.

Champions League Final 2019 – Betting odds on ‘Double Chance’

The Premier League is currently rightly considered the strongest league in the world. This is reflected not only in the Champions League Final 2019, in which Liverpool, according to betting odds, the bookmakers as a favorite, but also in the final of the Europa League. Also there are two English teams with Chelsea and Arsenal. Manchester City and Liverpool play even in the Premier League in a separate league, this season, no one could reach the water. Accordingly, in the Champions League Final 2019 bets on the Reds thanks to Double Chance would minimize the risk of a losing bet, but are also the reason why these odds of 1.29 are absolutely uninteresting. This also applies to bets on Double Chance “1/2”. The only interesting option would be to bet on Tottenham or Draw. For a draw after regular time is not excluded between these two top teams in the Champions League final 2019, according to our analysis. However, Tottenham set in this Premier League season, a new record in league games in a row without draw (29 games without draw).

Champions League Final 2019 – Double Chance bets
⚽️ Tottenham or X: 1.87
⚽️ Tottenham or Liverpool: 1.32
⚽️ X or Liverpool: 1.29

Champions League Final 2019 – Betting Odds for ‘Win to Zero’

In this year’s Champions League season, the Reds played a total of five times to zero. But always at home on Anfield. Liverpool were without conceding in any of the six matches. Even against Red Star Belgrade (0-2) or in Porto (4: 1) conceded the Reds goals. In the Premier League, the Reds remained conceded 21 times without conceding and set the best defensive of the league (22 goals conceded). However, twelve of these 21 “white west” were scored in home games (57 percent). Away Liverpool remained “only” nine times free-goer. In addition, Liverpool played against the other five top six teams only at Manchester United to zero.

Tottenham remained in the premier class four times without a goal. Three times at home, as well as away in Dortmund. In the league, the Spurs played 13 times to zero (seven at home, six times in a foreign land). However, it is enough for Manchester United to win without conceding a top team. In addition, as the quality of the offensive players in both teams is enormous, we would be wary of zeroing in the 2019 Champions League final despite attractive odds. None of the past eight Champions League finals saw a zero victory. Last time, Inter Milan crowned 2010 without a final goal against the new kings of Europe (2-0 against Bayern Munich).

Champions League Final 2019 – Win Zero Bets

⚽️ Tottenham wins to zero: 7.00
⚽️ Liverpool wins to zero: 3,25

Champions League Final 2019 – Over / Under 2.5 Goals bets

As our analysis precludes a zero victory in the Champions League Final 2019, but it is clear to us that both teams will meet, a tip on “over 2.5 goals” in the final also seems to be an interesting option. In the 38 Premier League games of the Spurs fell 106 goals and thus an average of 2.8 goals per game. In the 38 Premier League matches of the Reds, there were even 111 hits to admire and accordingly an average of 2.9 matches per match. In the six premier-class KO games, the Reds twice stayed “under 2.5 goals” (home each) and four times “over 2.5 goals”. Tottenham comes in the six playoffs of this year’s Champions League season at 50 percent “over / under 2.5 odds”. With many goals possible in both teams, we think a “Over 2.5 Goals” result is likely and would place bets for Over 2.5 in the Champions League final in 2019.

Champions League Final 2019: Over/ Under bets

⚽️ Over 2.5 goals: 2.01
⚽️ Under 2.5 goals: 1,90

Champions League Final 2019 – Both Teams to Score YES/NO

We strongly assume that both teams will score. Liverpool scored 89 times in this Premier League season (second in the league) and scored 22 goals in the Champions League. The Spurs are in the league (67 goals, fourth place) and in the Champions League (20 goals) also on a decent goal. In seven of the most recent eight competitive games between Tottenham and Liverpool both teams score (last four times in a row). In addition, both Mauricio Pochettino (Spurs), as well as Jürgen Klopp (Reds) pursue an offensive approach and will not try to succeed with an ultra-defensive style of play to success. Therefore, in the Champions League Final 2019 our analysis would tend to bet on “Both teams to score”. The betting odds for betting on an exact result are quite tempting, but the chances of success are slim. Especially in a final between two teams at eye level, it is extremely difficult to predict an exact match result. But if we had to commit ourselves to a final result, this would be a Spurs 2: 1 victory.

Tottenham vs Liverpool – Both teams to score YES/NO

⚽️ Both Teams to Score/ Yes: 1.82
⚽️ Both Teams to Score/ No: 2.10

Tottenham vs Liverpool Champions League
Champions League Final 2019 – Analysis Goal Scorer Betting

The hopes of the Spurs are certainly resting on Harry Kane, who should be fit in time for the finals. Despite a two-time injury break this season, the England captain met 17 times in the Premier League. The striker is Spurs’ record scorer in the European Cup and has been responsible for 40 percent of Tottenham goals in his last three Champions League seasons (17 out of 43 goals). But South Korea’s Heung-Min Son (20 goals) and Brazilian Lucas Moura (hat-trick in the Champions League semi-final in Amsterdam) are also interested in the scorers’ bet for the 2019 Champions League final. For Torgefahr from the midfield could worry about the Spurs Christian Eriksen. The Dane is known for his distance shots.

In Liverpool, Mo Salah, Bobby Firmino and Sadio Mane scored 68 out of 113 competitive goals this season (60 percent). With two Africans Salah and Mane (both 22 goals), Liverpool have two of the three Premier League top scorers this season in their ranks. In the Premier League, the Reds with 89 goals, the second best offensive in the league. Only in the 2013/14 season (101 goals) met a Liverpool team in the past 55 years more often in a Erstligaspielzeit. In addition to the top attackers Salah, Mane, Firmino so many more goals in Jürgen Klopps Reds.

Tottenham – Liverpool scorer betting

⚽️ Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): 2,10
⚽️ Harry Kane (Tottenham): 2.37
⚽️ Sadio Mane(Liverpool): 2.60
⚽️ Heung-Min Son(Tottenham): 4,00

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