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In the city of London, at the Wembley Stadium, the Tottenham Stadiums, led by Mauricio Pochettino and Liverpool led by Jurgen Klopp,

in the great match of this day and in a meeting that places in opposition the third and seventh classified. The home team will not be able to count on Lamela,

Davies, Dembele, and Wanyama are in doubt; the visiting team will not be able to count on Sadio Mané, Clyne and Bogdan, and Adam Lallana is in doubt.

Tottenham’s formation enters this match with an excellent start to the season, as has been customary in recent years, struggling, almost from the eye,

with the other teams applying for the Premier League triumph, although they will certainly have a much lower budget than some of the teams in the competition.

In addition to that, the team comes from an excellent campaign in the Champions League, following the excellent series of games without defeats, which lasts from the middle of August.

As for Liverpool, comes from a series of very alternating results in the Premier League, with a record that, in the last 5 matches for example, adds three draws, a win and a loss,

being, clearly, the most inconsistent team of those who are candidates for the triumph in the competition. The team has an interesting offensive record,

but from the defensive point of view it’s a shame.
Tottenham vs Liverpool Prognosis:

That said, at least one thing is certain: both teams, crossing a good moment, are the teams that best football present, whether in Europe,

either internally, combining the quality of goal-scoring and very accomplished games. Given that both have a very promising offensive record

and being this one of the great games of the competition, I predict a games with goals and especially in the first part of the game.

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