Vitoria Guimarães vs. Salzburg



In that match Pedro Martins rolled some elements, Hurtado was one of them, but finished the game exhausted, and only made 45 minutes. I speak of Hurtado because?

Because the Peruvian is the best player of this team, he is not no ace, but as the squad of Victory this season is weak, makes him the star.

The triumph appeared in the last round, but attention that was against a very but very limited Boavista, nothing to do with the opponent tonight.

Salzburg are an interesting team, but have dropped production in recent games, having lost to Sturm Graz and drew 2-2 against Rapid Vienna.

But it seems that this team is tailor-made for European competitions, or else the players run more in this competition because the showroom is much bigger.

In the play-off of this competition, the Romanian champion, with a triumph 3-1 in Romania, and even having won in the 1 * mao, then at home thrashed 4-0,

and this demonstrates well what I said of the shop window, because the normal thing was to relax, but instead, gave 4 more to the Romanian champion.
Prognosis Vitoria Guimarães vs Salzburg:

By way of conclusion, I see a Victory with difficulties in creating an offensive game, and the fact that he has gone blank in 3 consecutive games before Boavista, proves that.

He will have a good team ahead of him, and they will improve on European races, so I expect the most likely result to be an Austrian triumph, and maybe a 2-3 win.


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