West Ham vs Huddersfield

Without a point earned, he will receive one of the surprises until the moment of the race, the Huddersfield that occupies the 6th place with 7 points conquered in 9 possible.

West Ham has been one of the disappointments of the season for me. After a market of transfers where they were reinforced with players of great quality, as for example Joe Hart, Chicharito or Arnautović,

the coach Bilic has not managed to put the team to play good football as well as the results could not be worse.

It is true that in all three games they have played all of them away from home, but conceding 10 goals and only 2 can never be a good sign regardless of the difficulty of the moves.

Huddersfield, recently promoted to the Premier League, could not ask for a better start. After two wins in the first two rounds,

they got a point ahead of the ever-complicated Southampton. Another aspect to take into account is that the team has not yet conceded a goal.
Tip West Ham vs Huddersfield:

Huddersfield is not the favorite for this game, but the quality of the game that both teams have presented leads me to think that the Huddersfield might cause a little surprise.

West Ham and Bilic are going to play in front of their audience and without Arnautović things are even more complicated. Faced with a team with serious defensive problems,

Huddersfield can win this match based on their defensive safety. If I had to risk a result, I would bet 1-0 on the visitors.

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