Ahal vs Energetik FK Betting Predictions and Odds

Ahal vs Energetik FK Betting Predictions and Odds

Ahal vs Energetik FK Betting Predictions and Odds

Can Energetik FK defy the next top club?

Competition: Turkmenistan Yokary
Date: May 5, 2020
Betting Prediction: X / 1
Betting odds: 4.00
Stake: 4 units

Last week, Ahal FK, the Turkmen leader in the Yokary League, had their first defeat of the young season. For the Green-Whites, the defeat in the top game against Altyn Asyr, the record title holder in Turkmenistan, was a bitter setback in the championship race. The lead over the pursuers is again minimized.

Another point loss would be fatal for Ahal FK. This means that the pursuers can catch up or even conquer the championship lead. On Wednesday afternoon, Ahal FK rounds off the sixth matchday of the Yokary League with the home game against Energetik. In contrast to last week, the green-whites from Ahal really benefit from the home advantage at Asgabat Stadium this time.

The importance of home law for Ahal FK has been impressively demonstrated last season. At Asgabat Stadium, which is also home to FC Asgabat and Altyn Asyr, last year’s runner-up was the strongest home team of the season with a record of 11-3-0. So far, Ahal FK have had three home wins in three home games this season.

In addition, the league leaders remained without conceding in all three home games. It is therefore not surprising that Ahal is traded as a favorite against Energetik FK according to the odds of the best bookmakers. A prediction of the home side is definitely recommendable given the strong start to the season.

Ahal – Statistics & current form

Ahal FK failed the matriculation examination. In the top game against Altyn Asyr, the Turkmen record holder, there was the first defeat of the season for the green-whites. To prevent the league leaders from being squandered this week, a defeat on Wednesday afternoon is prohibited. So far there has not been much to complain about in the home games of Ahal FK.

Strongest home team in the Yokary League

After the disappointing defeat last week, frustration is the order of the day in the home game against Energetik FK. In the first three home games of the current season, Ahal FK prevailed against Sagadam (2: 0), Merw (3: 0) and Nebitci (2: 0). If the fourth win in a row now waves, odds of 1.40 for tip 1 will be paid out at Ahal against Energetik.

Last season, Ahal had a strong 11-3-0 record in 14 home games. Only a total of five goals were conceded. The green-whites played the best home season in the club’s history. The importance of home law for some teams has already been explained in detail in the betting guide on home advantage.

Defensive difficult to crack

With nine goals, Ahal FK is currently the best offensive in the Yokary League, but can also rely on a strong defensive bulwark. With only two goals conceded – both in the last league game against Altyn Asyr – the green-whites have delivered sovereign appearances so far. So far, Ahal FK has been able to keep the clean sheet in four of five games.

It is quite possible that the fifth match will be a clean sheet. Despite losing on the previous day, there will be no changes in the Hojaahmet Arazow squad.

Probable lineup of Ahal:

Babayev – Annagulyyew, Azyrov, Annaorazow, Hojowow, Gurbani, Tagayew, Saparmammedow, Annayew, Tamurkin, Yaksyyew

Last games from Ahal:

04/30/2020 – Altyn Asyr vs. Ahal 2: 1 (Ýokary league)
April 25, 2020 – Köpetdag Ashgabat vs. Ahal 0: 1 (Ýokary league)
04/20/2020 – Ahal vs. Şagadam 2: 0 (Ýokary League)
16.03.2020 – Ahal vs. Merw 3: 0 (Ýokary League)
07.03.2020 – Ahal vs. Nebitçi 2-0 (Ýokary League)

Energetik FK – Statistics & current form

FC Energetik Mary is one of the more unknown names in Turkmenistan. The Maryland football club has been renamed three times in the past ten years. The green-whites have been participating under the new club name Energetik FK since 2015 and have had promising seasonal results since then.

With Rahmanguly Balyyew to old strength

In 2018 Energetik FK played the strongest season in the club’s young history. With the cup final and the third place in the table in the Yokary League, records were set. After the comparatively disappointing season performance last year, Energetik wants to find its old strength under the new coach Rahmanguly Baylyyew.

For the first time since 2007, the 48-year-old leads a professional team as a head coach. After five completed match days, an interim conclusion at Energetik FK is currently difficult to determine. Surprisingly, there was one point against top clubs such as Altyn Asyr (1: 1) and Köpetdag Asgabat (0: 0), but defeats against FC Asgabat (0: 1) and Merw (0: 1).

Surprise potential?

Energetik FK has so far only won the away game against Nebitci, the old workplace of head coach Rahmanguly Baylyyew. The second win of the current season will be difficult to achieve on Wednesday afternoon, especially since the away game at Asgabat Stadium is one of the hardest away games of the season.

If the guests succeed in the surprising away coup at the Asgabat Stadium, wave at Ahal vs. Energetik FK betting odds in the range of the 7.00 mark.

Probable lineup of Energetik FK:

Kerimov – Jumanazarow, Meredow, Jumanazarow, Temriyew, Minhairow, Salow, Musaibow, Sermetow, Rizayew, Atayew

Last Energetik FK games:

04/25/2020 – Energetik FK vs. Altyn Asyr 1-1 (Ýokary League)
04/20/2020 – Nebitçi vs. Energetik FK 1: 2 (Ýokary league)
16.03.2020 – Energetik FK vs. Ashgabat 0-1 (Ýokary League)
03/11/2020 – Merw vs. Energetik FK 1: 0 (Ýokary league)
03/06/2020 – Köpetdag Ashgabat vs. Energetik FK 0: 0 (Ýokary league)

Ahal vs Energetik FK Direct comparison

Since the renaming to Energetik FK, the two clubs in the Yokary League have met 16 times so far. Ahal FK currently leads the direct comparison with a balance of 8-4-4. In front of their home crowd, Ahal has only surrendered once in eight home games. Recently there were two home wins in a row against Energetik FK.

Including 4-0 last season. Energetik FK was able to score a point against Ahal FK at least in the second half of the season (1: 1).

Ahal vs Energetik FK betting odds & other interesting bets at a glance:

Betting Prediction: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.73
Betting Prediction: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 2.00

Betting Prediction: Both teams to score/ YES
Odds: 1.91
Betting Prediction: Both teams to score/ NO
Odds: 1.80

Ahal vs Energetik FK Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Experts

Ahal FK wants to maintain the lead on their own. But a home win on this matchday is inevitable. There have been three home wins in three home games so far, and Ahal FK have not conceded a goal in all three games. In the current state of the green-whites, the fourth home win in a row is by no means absurd on Wednesday afternoon.

The fact that the guests should not be underestimated was already proven on the previous day. Energetik FK scored an important point in the home game against Altyn Asyr (1-1). The equalizer only fell in the last minute of stoppage time, but Energetik FK had previously been able to keep the strong offensive of the previous champions at bay throughout the game.

Key facts – Ahal vs Energetik FK tips

Energetik got a draw against Altyn Asyr last week
Ahal FK has won all three home games so far.
Last season, Ahal FK celebrated a 4-0 home win over Energetik FK.

The Rahmanguly Baylyyew team will also have to build on this at Ahal FK. Energetik FK went down 4-0 at Ahal FK’s Asgabat Stadium last season. We would rule out a home win at altitude on Wednesday afternoon. We expect a match at eye level, in which the decision will only be made in the second half.

Betting Prediction: X / 1
Betting odds: 4.00

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