Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Betting Predictions and Odds

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Betting Predictions and Odds

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Betting Predictions and Odds

Will Movistar Riders force the next champion at the EU Masters?

The EU Masters Spring 2020 are entering the decisive phase. Of the 16 teams in the group phase, only eight are still in the race to win the tournament. Movistar Riders and Fnatic Rising will meet on the second day of the quarterfinals. Both teams ended their groups with 4-2 victories, with Movistar Riders having two Tiebreakers to ensure success in Group C.

The Spaniards sent the German champions Schalke 04 Evolution home. For Fnatic Rising it was only enough for second place in Group D, behind Mousesports.

In this duel, the British champions meet the Spanish runners-up. With the surprising departure of the Vodafone Giants, Movistar Riders is the last hope for the Spaniards. For the teams from Great Britain, on the other hand, the group phase went extremely well, because BT Excel also made the leap into the playoffs. There are no favorites in the match between Movistar Riders and Fnatic Rising. Spain vs. Great Britain – Who will reach the semi-finals of the EU Masters 2020?

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Livestream – When & Where?

Date: 06.05.2020
TV / Livestream: Twitch (Official Channel: EU Masters)

The second quarter-final day begins on Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 with the duel between Movistar Riders and Fnatic Rising. Gamers Origin from Frankrich and K1CK Neosurf from Poland then fight over the last semi-final ticket. The two winners of these matches will also meet in the semi-finals. The game is played in Bo3 mode, on Twitch the channel EU Masters broadcasts the games in English

🇪🇸 Movistar Riders – Fnatic Rising 🇩🇪, 06.05.2020
🇫🇷 Gamers Origin – K1CK Neosurf 🇵🇱, 06.05.2020

Movistar Riders – Statistics & current form

The Spanish team Movistar Riders started as second in the LVP Superliga at the EU Masters. In a group with the tournament favorites Schalke 04 Evolution and the surprisingly strong Poles K1CK Neosurf, excitement was guaranteed.

Even before the tournament started, Movistar was one of the expanded favorites at the EU Masters. The team confirmed this position right at the start – by defeating Schalke 04 Evolution. Strong team battles through good “engagement comps” were the way to victory for Movistar.

Threesome break in group C

After defeating Schalke there was a damper against K1CK Neosurf. After the first half of the season, three teams were tied with 4-2 in Group C: Schalke, Movistar and K1CK. There was a three-breaker to get ahead with, Mivstar had to beat Schalke 04 Evolution to get ahead. In a 50-minute drama, Movistar finally won against the Prime League champion and then secured the group victory by defeating K1Ck Neosurf.

Elyoya saves Movistar!

The jungler “Elyoya” in particular had a strong performance in the tie-breakers. Movistar was already standing with its back against the wall against Schalke 04. A backlog of almost 6000 gold and two destroyed inhibitors made a comeback almost impossible. However, “Elyoya” secured his team the “Elder Dragon” and initiated the comeback.

Also in the game against K1Ck “Elyoya” set the tone and dominated the game with “Graves”. The game was balanced for a long time before a team fight with the “Quadrakill” for “JaVaaa” decided the game in favor of Movistar Riders.
Now the next hurdle awaits the Spanish runner-up with Fnatic Rising.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇬🇧 Jarge

Players: 🇪🇪 Beansu, 🇪🇸 Elyoya, 🇵🇹 Xico, 🇪🇸 JaVaaa, 🇵🇹 rhuckz

Fnatic Rising – Statistics & current form

The name Fnatic says something to every European LoL fan. The organization is one of the oldest and most popular in the LoL scene. As world champion of the first season and record champion of the LEC, Fnatic is at the top of Europe and has many followers. At the EU Masters, the second team, Fnatic Rising, started as the British champion. As a Pool 1 team, Fnatic Rising received the German runner-up Mousesports, as well as the Serbian team Energypot Wizards and eSuba from the Czech Republic.

Not an easy task for coach “NicoThePico”. “Mousesports” in particular was considered a strong competitor.

Battle for 1st place in Group D

In the first half of the group stage, Fnatic started with a win over eSuba. This was followed by a surprising loss to Energypot Wizards, which Fnatic Rising made up for by defeating Mousesports. In Group D, three teams went on to win the second half with 2-1 victories.

Fnatic Rising lost to Mousesports in the second leg, but the victory in the last game over Energypot Wizards ensured the British got ahead. Even as a runner-up, Fnatic Rising should not be underestimated.

Is Fnatic Rising a title candidate?

If you look at the individual players of Fnatic, Midlaner “Magifelix” stands out from the line-up. The Swede is considered one of the strongest midlaners in the tournament and has already played for the main team in the LEC. He demonstrated his skills in the group phase and led his team. Together with “Dan”, Fnatic Rising provides a strong mid-jungle duo that doesn’t have to hide from any opponent.
Against Movistar Riders, Fnatic Rising is almost on a par according to odds, but some betting providers see the British as an easy favorite.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇳🇴 NicoThePico

Players: 🇨🇭 Pride, 🇬🇧 Dan, 🇸🇪 Magifelix, 🇬🇧 xMatty, 🇸🇪 Bravado

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Experts

There are no favorites for the quarter-final duel between Movistar Riders and Fnatic Rising. If you look at the group opponents, Movistar Riders has probably been able to beat the somewhat stronger competition than Fnatic Rising and is therefore also prepared for the British champions. In the jungle, “Elyoya” is viewed somewhat more strongly than its counterpart “Dan”, however, with “Magifelix”, Fnatic Rising has the stronger midlaner in its lineup.

Due to the balanced odds, the betting base recommends betting on a win for Movistar Riders over Fnatic Rising.

You can expect a duel at eye level, in which both teams should decide a card for themselves. In the First Blood, “Dan” was more successful in the current tournament, which is why a tip is more likely to be given on Fnatic Rising.

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Betting odds & other interesting bets at a glance:

Betting Prediction: Both teams to score/ Yes
Odds: 2.00
Betting Prediction: Both teams to score/ No
Odds: 1.72

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Tips

Movistar Riders won two tie-breakers to win the group
Fnatic Rising is the champion of the UK League Championship
The quarter-finals of the EU Masters will be played in Bo3 mode

Overall, the betting base expects a close 2-1 win for Movistar Riders over Fnatic Rising, the odds for this result are 3.75. The match is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th, 2020, the winner will meet Gamers Origin or K1CK Neosurf. Does Movistar Riders eliminate the next regional champion from the competition or does Fnatic Rising rise and advance to the semi-finals of the EU Masters 2020?

Movistar Riders vs Fnatic Rising Best odds – EU Masters Spring 2020

Betting Prediction: Movistar Riders
Odds: 2.05
Betting Prediction: Fnatic Rising
Odds: 1.86

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