Schalke 04 Evolution vs Movistar Riders Betting Predictions and Odds

Schalke 04 Evolution vs Movistar Riders Betting Predictions and Odds

Schalke 04 Evolution vs Movistar Riders Betting Predictions and Odds

Will the Royal Blues get their revenge against Movistar Riders?

After the end of Spring 2020 of the LEC, LoL action in Europe is far from over because the EU Masters tournament is on the program. At this event, the strongest teams from the individual regional European leagues compete against each other. Thus, the tournament is probably to be seen as the LoL European Championship.

There are also three representatives from the German Prime League at the EU Masters Spring 2020: winner Schalke 04 Evolution, Mousesports and Gamer Legion. After the first round, all German teams with 2-1 victories have a good starting position in their group to reach the knockout round.

Last year BiG, a team from the Prime League, won the EU Masters title, which is why Schalke 04 Evolution was one of the tournament’s favorites. At the start, the Royal Blues initially suffered a defeat against the Spaniards Movistar Riders.

Will the German champion get revenge against Movistar in the second leg? For the second leg between Schalke 04 Evolution and Movistar Riders, the odds are clearly on the side of the royal blue.

Schalke 04 Evolution vs. Movistar Riders Livestream – Where?

TV / Livestream: Twitch (Official Channel: EU Masters)

The EU Masters tournament will be broadcast on Twitch in the EU Masters channel with English commentary. On Friday the second half of Group C begins with Schalke 04 Evolution. The following day, Mousesports in Group D argued about reaching the playoffs.

EU Masters – group games of German teams

Group C

🇩🇰 Team Singularity vs. Schalke 04 E. 🇩🇪 – 01.05.2020
🇪🇸 Movistar Riders vs. Schalke 04 E. 🇩🇪 – 01.05.2020
🇵🇹 K1CK Neosurf vs. Schalke 04 E. 🇩🇪 – 01.05.2020

Group D
🇩🇪Mousesports vs. Energypot Wizards 🇷🇸 – 02.05.2020
🇩🇪 Mousesports vs. Fnatic Rising 🇬🇧 – 02.05.2020
🇩🇪 Mousesports vs. eSuba 🇨🇿 – 02.05.2020

Schalke 04 Evolution – Statistics & current form

In Spring 2020 Schalke 04 Evolution dominated the Prime League from day one. The Royal Blues not only won the regular season, but also the playoffs. With a well-deserved 3-1 victory over Mousesports, the midlan team “Sertuss” secured the Spring 2020 title of the German Prime League. The freshly baked champion went to the EU Masters Spring 2020 as a Pool1 team and one of the favorite favorites.

Change of roster at Schalke 04 Evolution

There were several changes in the line-up of the choach “Mert” over the regular season of the Prime League. The reason for this was the struggling main team from Schalke 04, which could not perform in the LEC. Therefore, “Lurox” and “Innaxe” were promoted to the main team to make success return. The two were replaced by “Gilius” and “Neon”. Despite this change, Schalke 04 Evolution remained at the top of the Prime League and the newcomers quickly found their way into the team.

Bumpy start to the EU Masters

The great hope for Germany had to cope with the nerves at the start of the EU Masters. In the opening match of the tournament, the Royal Blues were clearly defeated by the Spanish runner-up Movistar Riders. After this setback, self-confidence quickly returned because Schalke 04 Evolution secured a quick victory over Team Singularity in the second group game. Especially “Gilius” shined in the jungle with a dominant performance on “Lee Sin”.

In the third group game of the EU Masters, “Lurox” was set up as a jungler. The match against K1ck was on the brink until the 18th minute, but then Schalke picked up the pace. Despite a baron steal, the Germans did not burn anything and stayed on the trigger. After 37 minutes, the Nexus of K1CK exploded, making Schalke 04 Evolution the leader of the group with 2-1 victories, on the same level as Movistar Riders and K1ck.

In the second half of the season, the German champion needs a good daily performance to get through the group stage. Victory over Movistar becomes particularly important to compensate for the direct comparison. The Schalke 04 Evolution vs. Movistar Riders odds see good chances for that.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇹🇷 Mert
Players: Sleeping, 🇩🇪 Gilius, 🇩🇪 Sertuss, 🇸🇰 Neon, 🇪🇪 NukesAlot

Movistar Riders – Statistics & current form

Movistar Riders is the second seeded team from the Spanish LVP SLO at the EU Masters. With 13-5 victories, the group ended a strong regular season in 3rd place just behind MAD Lions Madrid. In the playoffs the team really turned up and dismantled Team Queso with 3-0 in the first playoff round. Movistar Riders also kept the performance curve up in the semifinals and beat MAD Lions Madrid again with a smooth 3-0 win.

Endgame against Giants!

After these strong appearances it went against the title favorite Giants and the current form of Movistar could hardly be better. However, it was not enough against the defending champions of the Spanish league. In an exciting game series, Movistar Riders lost 2-3 against the group of the German jungler “Lamabear”. Movistar is the second best Spanish team in Pool Two.

Up and down at the EU Masters!

So far, Movistar Riders is doing well at the EU Masters. With 2-1 victories, the Spanish team still has every chance of winning the group. The opening win against Schalke 04 Evolution in particular confirmed the strength of the team. After this convincing success, Movistar weakened in the second match against K1CK and lost without a chance after only 26 minutes. Afterwards, the Spanish representative returned to success and secured a mandatory victory over eSuba and thus the 2-1 position in the group.

It was particularly striking in the games of Movistar Riders that the team likes to play pro-actively and needs strong “commitment” to be successful. In the second game the team combination of the Spaniards lacked opportunities to tackle the opponent and a clear defeat followed. This fact is both strength and weakness of the Spaniards.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇬🇧 Jarge
Players: 🇪🇪 beansu, 🇪🇸 Elyoya, 🇵🇹 Xico, 🇪🇸 Javaaa, 🇵🇹 rhuckz

Schalke 04 Evolution vs Movistar Riders Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Experts

For the top game in Group C at the EU Masters between Schalke 04 Evolution and Movistar Riders, a tip on Schalke is interesting with current odds. After the opening defeat, the Royal Blues had their nerves better under control and should therefore be prepared in the second leg against the charging riders. Although no clear victory is to be expected, Schalke 04 will not again select such a vulnerable team combination as in the opening match.

Schalke 04 vs Movistar Riders tips

Movistar Riders won the opening game against Schalke 04
K1CK, Schalke 04 E. and Movistar Riders are tied with 2-1 victories in Group C
The Prime League champion has won the last two games in the EU Masters

A very interesting bet is the tip that Movistar Riders will get the first kite. The bet is played with 5 units. Movistar Roders won the first kite in all three games of the EU Masters, so the team attaches great importance to this object. First Blood bets are also appealing in this match.

Overall, the betting base assumes a group win for Schalke in Group C. On Friday, May 1st, 2020 Schalke 04 Evolution will fight to reach the playoffs at the EU Masters Spring 2020. The re-match against Movistar Riders is scheduled for 8pm.

Schalke 04 vs. Movistar Riders Betting odds & other interesting bets at a glance:

Movistar Riders gets the first kite
Betting Prediction: Yes
Odds: 2.20
Betting Prediction: No
Odds: 1.61

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