Bryan & Bryan vs Gonzalez & Peralta – Featured Picks


From the Antwerp ATP pair variant the Bryan brothers face a South American duo that is almost unheard of in this variant.

The Bryan brothers are the best doubles of this circuit and have been for years, they are very experienced players who have played for many years together but above all play to a tremendous level.

They arrive at this round after having faced a double wildcard that even created them many difficulties.

The Americans want to renew the title of last year and for that they have to win.

Peralta and González are a duo who have only started to play tournaments together recently and in fact have even been a successful duo.

In China and Japan they were eliminated in the Quarter and Semi-finals, respectively.

It is a pair more inexperienced as a pair, which will certainly cause many problems.
Prognosis Bryan & Bryan vs. Gonzalez & Peralta:

I’m going with the first seeds to win this tournament and with the clear favorites that have to show more than what they showed in the first round.

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