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Found in this match and the pursuers Warengem and Vitesse. Lázio and Nice arrive here with 2 wins and should face this double journey as a decision for the first place in the group.

They are two teams capable of producing very good football, but one of them, the Nice is very inconsistent, often being also capable of the worst.

Looking at this game I can only imagine one thing: GOALS!

It has been a constant in the games of these teams throughout the season, both internally and at the level of this competition, Nice for example for the league has in its nine games 26 goals,

and Lázio an incredible 31 goals in 8 games. At the Europa League level Nice have 9 goals in both their games and Lázio 7.

There are two teams here at different times, Nice are very poor in the championship, occupying only 14th place with only 10 points in 9 games, coming from a defeat at Monteplier 2-0.

On the other hand, we have Lázio, who comes from a victory in Turin, against the powerful Juventus, and occupies the fourth place of the championship in equality with that same Juventus, chasing Inter and the leader Napoles.
Prognosis Nice vs Lazio:

Two teams that know how to attack very well and that preveligiam very much this phase of the encounter, I imagine here enough goals and I follow the line of over 3.5. I think this game could be 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-2 4-2, with some naturalness

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