Zulte Waregem vs Vitesse – Featured Picks


In a group constituted by the Belgians of the Warengem, the Dutch of the Vitesse, joining Nice and Lazio.

This group is very unbalanced, Nice and Lazio follow with 2 games and 2 victories while these two teams have 2 games and two defeats, what draws my attention is that they are very strong offensive team,

who have high averages of goals in their games, for example in their respective championships, Warengem has an average of 3.4 goals in their games whereas the average in the Dutch games is 3 per game.

At European level the trend has increased even more, since the Belgians have 8 goals in 2 games and Vitesse has 7 in 2 games.

In fact Dutch football has always been very prone to goals, the teams were very questionable since they attacked well but defended badly, I think that this characteristic has changed a little,

with Vitesse being a good example since it does not have a defensive process that bad. On the other hand, Belgian football has become increasingly attractive and increasingly productive.
Prognosis Warengem vs. Vitesse:

For this meeting the teams are in full force, only Warengem has the low Bossut, guard Belgian networks that neither has been part of the plans of the team,

so we have all the ingredients to have a good game, well open and with a lot of goal to the mix, so I follow an odd that seems quite nice:

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