Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri Vesely Tennis Betting Tips 15/07/2019

Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri VeselyTennis Betting Tips

Competition: Umag 2019

Date: 15.07.2019

Betting Tips Vesely 2: 1

Odds: 4.00

Stake: 4/10 units

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In the tennis season is currently a very hot phase – from sports betting point of view anyway. For most of the stars of the scene it is time to holiday after the highlight in Wimbledon, which ended on Sunday with the epic final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Afterwards, many pros will continue straight on the American hard court tour with preparations for the last Grand Slam tournament of the year – the US Open.

Interestingly, it is because some athletes also take the last lawn tournament in Newport, others are in Umag or Bastad on the sand road. The various rubbers promise a lot of excitement and every now and then interesting pairing when it comes to finding good value tips. On Monday, for example, the match between Cedrik-Marcel Stebe and Jiri Vesely is set in the Croatian Umag, where the prediction leaves room for a possible surprise.

Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri Vesely Tennis Betting Tips

The German uses after his lengthy injury break his Protected Ranking to be in the tournament at the start. The world ranking position (453) would not have been enough. His opponent from the Czech Republic is of course the clear favorite and it is no wonder that between Stebe and Vesely the quota on the number 142 side of the world is significantly lower. However, Vesely travels directly from the Wimbledon tournament, where he moved in until round 3. He thus has a much shorter start-up time and also has to cope with the most extreme of all pad changes (from turf to clay). Maybe there is something in it for the underdog and at least completely chance, the Munich should not be.

Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri Vesely Tennis Betting Tips

Cedrik Marcel Stebe – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 453.
Position in the seedling list: unset

Cedric-Marcel Stebe has a bitter history of suffering, which explains the world ranking position beyond the top 400. In 2019, he had to undergo surgery on his right wrist twice within six months and was unable to complete a match for more than a year after the Australian Open in 2018. Only this season he returned to Marrakech in April on the tour. He uses wildcards (as in Munich) or just his protected ranking (in Wimbledon), to slowly gain a foothold again. Of the nine completed games he could win at the ITF event in Kaltenkirchen after all, two. His second attempt at ATP level will now be started in Umag. Sand is the clearly preferred surface of the 28-year-old. Most recently, he was at the Challenger in Brunswick at the start and failed in just three sets to his compatriot Johannes hardness. Especially at their own serve Stebe had big problems and collects a total of six breaks.

He has to logically increase significantly on Monday, if he wants to do something against the high-impact Czechs. At least he is more used to the underground than his opponent. With the exception of one gig in London, Stebe has been playing on red ashes since his comeback. There he also celebrated his greatest successes, such as winning the title at the Challenger tournament in Sibiu in 2017, shortly before his long injury. Now it is time to go back the long and stony path towards the top 100. A small step could be taken on Monday, when Cedric-Marcel Stebe brings a surprise against Jiri Vesely despite high odds and moves in round 2.

Last matches by Cedrik Marcel Stebe:

🎾 07.07.2019 – Haerteis vs. Stebe 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 (Brunswick Challenger)
🎾 01.07.2019 – Opelka Vs. Stebe 6-3, 7-6, 6-1 (Wimbledon)
🎾 13.06.2019 – Lindell Vs. Stebe 6-4, 2-1 (Stebe C.)
🎾 12.06.2019 – Stebe vs. Barbecues 6-4, 4-6, 6-1 (Stebe C.)
🎾 12.06.2019 – Stebe vs. Styler 7-5, 6-2 (Stebe C.)

Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri Vesely Tennis B

Jiri Vesely – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 142.
Position in the seedling list: unset

Jiri Vesely has been playing an unsatisfactory season so far and has dropped out of the top 100 in the world rankings. All the more surprising was his strong run on the sacred turf of Wimbledon. The Czech struggled confidently and without losing a set through the qualifiers and switched off in the main draw to the chagrin of the German fans in round 1 Alexander Zverev. After another win against Pablo Cuevas he was in lap 3, where then was against Benoit Paire terminus. The strong week was good for both his score and self-confidence. In Umag he wants to build on the good performance and finally be successful on sand again. On the red ashes, the 26-year-old reached only a single quarter-finals in 2019 (in Marrakech) and otherwise remained well behind his options.

Now is the tricky first-round match against the German underdog, in which Vesely has to cope with the change from grass to sand. Although it has been one and a half weeks since his last match in London, but due to a short break after the tournament, the preparation time in Croatia was still very short. Especially in matches, it often happens that a player takes some time to get used to the “new” conditions. Between Cedric-Marcel Stebe and Jiri Vesely is the tip that especially in the first round of the favorite could still have a few problems, not a bad idea. At the end of the day, but the Czech has the punchier and all in all better game, which is why a 26-year-old is not expected.

Last matches by Jiri Vesely:

🎾 05.07.2019 – Paire vs. Vesely 5-7, 7-6, 6-3, 7-6 (Wimbledon)
🎾 03.07.2019 – Vesely vsCuevas 4-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4 (Wimbledon)
🎾 01.07.2019 – Vesely vs Zverev 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5 (Wimbledon)
🎾 27.06.2019 – Vesely vs. Vesely Paul 6-2, 6-3, 6-3 (Wimbledon)
🎾 26.06.2019 – Vesely vs. Menendez-Maceiras 6-3, 6-1 (Wimbledon)
🎾 24.06.2019 – Vesely vs. Bolelli 6-4, 6-2 (Wimbledon)

Stebe vs Vesely – Head to Head Statistics

Not surprisingly, the direct comparison between Cedric Marcel Stebe and Jiri Vesely does not help in predicting the match, as both players have never played against each other. In recent years, the German was often injured and even before he was more on the Challenger Tour, as on the ATP level on the road.

Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri Vesely Our Best Betting Tips Explained

Even with German glasses is the game Cedric-Marcel Stebe. Jiri Vesely a hint on the underdog difficult to justify. Stebe has not won a single ATP or Challenger level game since his long injury and is only allowed to race in Umag due to his “protected rankings”. Vesely, on the other hand, travels home with a good sense of self-confidence following Wimbledon’s Round 3 and appears to be in good form.

It is precisely this point, however, that should make German hopes. Vesely made a real run out of qualifying in London. Thus, his preparation time and also the time to change from lawn to sand was very short. This could be the chance for Stebe to break the favorites. If he succeeds in destroying the Czechs’ rhythm early on with his variable play, he will at least be able to annoy him at times. We even trust Munich to win a set, which would be a success.

Key facts – Cedrik Marcel Stebe vs Jiri Vesely tips

⭐️ Stebe wants to celebrate after his long injury, the first ATP victory after the comeback
⭐️ Vesely has to cope after his strong appearance in Wimbledon the fast pad change with little lead time
⭐️ The German can, especially at the beginning of the game, disturb the rhythm of the Czech and at least annoy the favorites

As Vesely is the stronger player at the end of the day and he will adapt to the conditions in Umag in the course of the match, the success of the favorite is very likely. In relation to the odds worth in our eyes both a tip on Stebe, and on Vesely not. Alternatively, rather a small bet on a 2: 1 of the Czechs to recommend. A set win is the underdog from the Upper Bavarian capital daring and the probability should be over 25%, which makes the tip profitable. The stake can be chosen with four units, which is absolutely sufficient to possibly derive a nice start to the week.



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