Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert Tennis Betting Tips 16/07/2019

Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert Tennis Betting Tips

Competition: Lausanne 2019

Date: 16.07.2019

Betting Tips Victory Julia Goerges (-6.5)

Odds: 2,10

Stake: 5/10 units

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Goerges without problems against young local hero? Here is our betting tips!

Before the Grand Slam is after the Grand Slam. No sooner has the Wimbledon event ended on Sunday with a blistering finish between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, as the next tournaments start on Monday. Before the stars of the scene travel to North America to prepare for Hardcourt for the US Open, there are still some clay court tournaments like the Rothenbaum in Hamburg. In Lausanne, Switzerland, there will be a WTA tournament this week, which will be held in high-caliber. At the top of the tableau stands the German Julia Görges, who automatically ranks among the narrower favorites. But also players like Caroline Garcia, Alize Cornet or Mihaela Buzarnescu, who was the only lady Simone Halep at Wimbledon to take a break, are looking for opportunities.

Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert Tennis Betting Tips

The German number 2 starts on Tuesday in the tournament and faces a feasible opening hurdle. Julia Görges meets the youngster Simona Waltert and a prediction goes clearly in this match in the direction of the number 25 in the world. Waltert is ranked 562 in the world ranking list at the age of 18 and has participated exclusively in junior events this year. In Lausanne she received a wild card from the organizer and is allowed to present herself on the big stage. However, she does not expect any real serious chances and between Görges and Waltert everything would be anything but a tip in the direction of the favorite.

Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert Tennis Betting Tips

Julia Goerges  – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 25.
Position in the seedling list: 1.

Julia Görges played her best year on the tour in 2018. Not infrequently, followed by a small low, through which the 30-year-old is currently. After a great start to the season with the title win in Auckland, performances and results in “Jule”, as she is known by everyone, subsided. In the clay court season, the good results were completely absent and the hope was great that returns on their favorite turf lawn the success. In Birmingham, the German also moved into the final and was there defeated only the newly-French Open winner Ashley Barty. But on Church Road then Görges could not improve the weak German performance on the sacred turf. After victories against Ruse and Flink was in round three against the eventual finalist Serena Williams as in the previous year (then in the semifinals) terminal.

Now she’s trying her luck again on the red ashes, before the last year section starts over the big pond in the States. In Lausanne, Görges is in first place and wants to live up to her favorite position. To kick off she should have no trouble against the 18-year-old local hero. The repertoire of strokes of the Germans is greater and especially in the pace in the basic strokes, there are great differences between the opponents. Basically, it’s up to Görges himself how seriously she approaches the match. Should she reach her “normal” level, nothing stands in the way of a clear two-set win.

Last matches by Julia Görges:

🎾 06.07.2019 – Williams vs. Görges 6-3, 6-4 (Wimbledon)
🎾 04.07.2019 – Görges Vs. Fast 6-1, 6-4 (Wimbledon)
🎾 02.07.2019 – Görges Vs. Ruse 7-5, 6-1 (Wimbledon)
🎾 23.06.2019 – Barty Vs. Görges 6-3, 7-5 (Birmingham)
🎾 22.06.2019 – Görges Vs. Martic 6-4, 6-3 (Birmingham)

Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert Tennis Betting Tips

Simona Waltert – Statistics & Current Form

Current ranking in the world rankings: 562.
Position in the seedling list:

The first name makes you hopeful for a great career. But until Simona Waltert approaches the great successes of the newly crowned Wimbledon champion, there is still a long and hard road for the 18-year-old. In her younger years, she has already played on position 562 of the world rankings and among her peers, she is thus represented in the world class. In 2017, she celebrated her biggest success so far with the entry into the semi-finals of the junior tournament of Wimbledon. It can therefore also insist on fast ground, which suggests that it at least somewhat copes with the pace of Görges. In 2019, Waltert has not yet completed a match on the ITF, Challenger or even WTA level, which of course greatly complicates an assessment of their form.

It is clear that the performance on Tuesday for the teenager is an absolute premiere and of course she will have to fight with her nervousness. It’s easy to say that, logically, she has nothing to lose against the number one in the tournament. But it is for the outsider, as quickly as possible to put off their inhibitions and set free play, otherwise the appearance against the Germans could be short-lived. Julia Görges is right against a very low odds against Simona Waltert and a tip for a smooth two-set win of the favorite is clearly the best option.

Last matches by Simona Waltert:

🎾 13.07.2019 – Naito vs. Waltert 6-4, 6-4 (Torino ITF)
🎾 12.07.2019 – Waltert vs. Marfutina 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 (Torino ITF)
🎾 11.07.2019 – Waltert vs. Sherif 7-5, 7-6 (Torino ITF)
🎾 10.07.2019 – Waltert vs. Muramatsu 6-4, 6-2 (Torino ITF)
🎾 27.06.2019 – Wagner vs. Waltert 6-4, 7-5 (Darmstadt ITF)

Görges vs Waltert – Head to Head Statistics

It is almost self-evident that between Julia Görges and Simona Waltert no prediction is possible by means of direct comparison. Since Waltert has not yet completed a match at the WTA level, she has not yet been able to meet her twelve-year-old counterpart.

Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert Tennis Betting Tips Explained

It’s not easy to make a good betting prediction on such an unequal duel. The 18-year-old underdog from Switzerland is unlikely to have a chance and there is almost only the question of the height of the victory of Julia Görges. The rate on the side of the Germans for a pure victory is much too low to place a bet, which is why it is necessary to look around for possible handicaps. The selection Görges -6.5 appears as the best option. A 6: 3 6: 2 or 6: 1 6: 4 would be sufficient from the perspective of the number two Germany to crack the handicap. Success at this level is absolutely realistic and the probability is at least 50%.

Julia Goerges vs Simona Waltert vs Simona Waltert tips

⭐️ Görges, the number 25 in the world and number one in the tournament, is a real private label on the WTA Tour
⭐️ The 18-year-old Waltert will be playing her first professional-level match in 2018 and will be playing a wildcard in Lausanne
⭐️ The teenager is inferior in all respects and must, coupled with the nervousness in the first match on a big stage, probably pay a lot of apprenticeship

At the serve of Görges Waltert, this prediction is daring, hardly have a chance. Jule is one of the strongest athletes in her own service on the tour. In return, Waltert has no such weapon and will come under pressure from the return. She lacks the means to free herself from the grip. Waltert relies on her opponent’s mistakes if she wants to play a few games. A more than clear result suggests itself and the victory of Julia Görges against the young local hero should only be the beginning of a successful week for the German. The bet for this tip is six units.


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