Cerro Porteno vs Defensor SP Soccer Prediction 14/03/2018

Cerro Porteno vs Defensor SP – Copa Libertadores Soccer Prediction

Cerro Porteno team made a good impression on the debut of the liberators

With a win away from home on the Monagas by 2 x 0 in game valid for group 1 of the liberators of America 2018.

Ball touch, and with quick transitions, the Paraguayan team managed to involve its opponent, and reached 3 points without so many difficulties.


10.03.18 PDV Olimpia Asuncion Cerro Porteno 1: 0

04.03.18 PDV Cerro Porteno Dep. Capiata 2: 2

27.02.18 LIB Monagas Cerro Porteno 0: 2
23.02.18 PDV Libertad Cerro Porteno 1: 1
17.02.18 PDV Cerro Porteno Sol De America 2: 0

Now, playing in your home, you have everything to win again, and leave your situation within the group well underway.

Cerro missed the weekend game for the Paraguayan championship, and he must want to win here to rehabilitate himself. In the last game, some players were spared, which makes the team come 100% for this confrontation.

Information Defensor Sp.

Latest Games: DEFENSOR SP.

10.03.18 PDV National Defender Club Sp. 2: 0
04.03.18 PDV Defensor Sp. Fenix 3: 2

27.02.18 LIB Defensor Sp. GrĂªmio 1: 1

24.02.18 PDV Rampla Juniors Defender Sp. 1: 1
18.02.18 PDV Defensor Sp. CA Torque 2: 1

The first game in front of the defending champion, left the Defensor team somewhat resentful in my view. The team even playing in Uruguay, presented a very defensive posture, playing for the draw.

I do not know if I respect them very much, but from what I saw, they did not demonstrate a sharp technique. The Uruguayan claw is not lacking, as everyone knows, but I do not know if this is all that is necessary for the team to win a place in the difficult Group 1 of the Libertadores.

As you drew the game against the Guild, the team will have to get points away from home if you want to dream about something. I find it difficult, but the liberators have already shown that there is nothing impossible.

Cerro Porteno vs Defensor SP - soccer prediction

Prediction Cerro Porteno vs Defensor SP:

If we are to draw any conclusions, to the detriment of the first round of the group stage of this liberators, certainly the ample favorite here is the Hill.

The team demonstrated personality, even playing from a fragile opponent, and convinced everyone with a good away win.

The Defender has a lot of clout, they demonstrated this when they got the draw in the last minutes in the game before the Guild, but did not demonstrate any quality.

As I have this very well, and analyzing the last games of Cerro playing at home, I would be very surprised if the Paraguayan team could not get the 3 points here.

Let us indicate the victory of Porteno, because I think the odds are a very acceptable value.

Prediction Today: Cerro Porteno
Odds: 1.53

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