Chelsea vs Arsenal


At a time when they are going through different moments internally.

The Chelsea team despite the Diego Costa case and the various failed signings can go to this league with practically the same cast and some more depth in the squad in order to play the champions and the championship without saturating the same players

But the requested signings were being missed and looking at the current squad

it is clear that there are no cronies and signings like Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Morata, Rudiger and Zapaccosta even though the good ones are not properly upgrades to the team.

And the team even started very badly the league losing at home against Burnley, giving wings to several crises made by the press but what is certain is that Conte did not enter these games and managed to get the team to win all the following games that included a victory in the field of Tottenham and Leicester, a homecoming victory against Everton and an opening win over champions on Tuesday. Adding all games including defeat, we can see that 14 goals were scored and in all games they always scored at least 2, even in defeat. With this Conte recovered well from the first unnecessary loss and is already top 3 in the league with the teams of Manchester, and the only spot of the season ends up being the defeat in the match against Arsenal.

In good form has been Marcos Alonso who continues to give letters on the left side. For this game all players are available.

Already in Arsenal continues the crisis. The whole structure seems to be busting and just did not because Wenger remains in command, something that goes on for too long, even considering its value as a coach. The club already overflows with saturation everywhere and Wenger at the moment is over.

But it is not the only visa that there are several players who already deserved the dispensation for several reasons. Ox eventually went out, but it would have been good for Ozil and Sanchez to follow suit.

Despite all the problems and a bad start to the championship, including with a thrashing at Anfield, the truth is that Arsenal is the cup holder and has already raised the superstar this season, so even worse remains better than most, including City, Liverpool and Tottenham.

In the Europa League against the more complicated opponents of the group were still losing but turned around, managing to score 3 points and still make enough savings, otherwise they would have very little rest time.

Sanchez pointed out that he made the game and was decisive, but that clearly is not yet with his head back to the club.

A positive aspect was the shopping market since although they only entered 2 players clearly brought quality to the 11, and I speak of Kolasinac and Lacazette.

It should be noted that in 2 away games the team has not scored yet they have always scored 3 or more goals at home which means that they have 10 goals scored and an average of 2 goals scored per game.

For this game Chambers and Cazorla are injured.
Prognosis Chelsea vs Arsenal:

With this my bet will fall to the goals.

The home team is clear favorite at this stage but Arsenal may well surprise and therefore being a derby and teams with enough goals so far I do not think better bet than the more than 2.5 goals.

In my view Chelsea at this stage can even thrash Arsenal, so do not get both to score, is a difficult game to predict given the chaotic state of the Gunners.

More than 2.5 seems like the best option.

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