Liverpool vs Burnley


Given the latest result, this game at Anfield Road has a tense atmosphere.

A modest eighth, behind even Bunrley himself, even if the distance to Manchester United leader is only 3 points, a victory with good performance is almost a must.

The team come from a 5-0 suffered for Manchester City, and if the thrashing was not enough to generate great pressure, the next game valid for the debut in the Champions League also ended in failure, a 2-2 win over Sevilla left the crowd with a flea behind the ear.

It is a game to win and win well, and for that coach Klopp must climb Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho, he started on the bench in the last match, but with the expulsion of Mané against City, it is very likely to start this game.

With it the team gains in verticality, good pass and kick of medium distance, the great problem is the absence of Mané, that of all mobility to the attack.

At Bunrley the expectation is again surprising, I say this because in the few Premier League rounds we have so far, the team has already managed to leave gaping two full stadiums.

In the first round a surprising win over defending champion Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and further down a draw against Tottenham at Wembley.

It is clear that during the season this team will not appear even in the top 10, its fight is against relegation, but it is undeniable that it has been making games at least interesting.

Liverpool have the negative mark of having the third worst defense of the league, Klopp, who has been doing an interesting job in this team regarding the organization and variation of offensive moves, has not been successful in defense.
Liverpool vs Bunrley Prognosis:

The game must have Bunrley once again playing in the mistakes, as well as against Chelsea and Tottenham, and we all know that Liverpool has given too many chances to the opponents.

I think the home team wins, it is the favorite, but I’m not sure that you will get a score so elastic, and especially that will not concede a goal.

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