Coritiba vs Atletico GO Soccer Prediction 18 April 2018

Coritiba vs Atletico GO Soccer Prediction for Today

You would not imagine life away if you did not have a perfect campaign. You would not imagine perfect life with the cast that theme layout

After accumulating failure in sequence and an extremely disappointing debut in Series B, the technician Sandro Forner ended up being fired. Ex-idol of the club, Czech will interimly command the team tonight.

After the former coach pays the duck, charges may be more accentuated on the White Thigh cast.

This is worrisome, since the base of the team is formed by many boys. If the crowd returns to play with you, hugging the squad, the Thigh may be a little more capable, since at home, by leaps and bounds, still have good results.

Trying to be more offensive, playing with intensity and disposition, is what you are expected of yourself, anyway.

Interim coach Czech could make some punctual changes in the base that made a disappointing debut against Sampaio Corrêa.

Atlético, in my opinion, was in the opposite direction of the rival in its debut. Not only for the victory won in his home against Criciúma, but for being able to show those involved with him that there is a job being done, that Atlético can be competitive after a frustrating first half.

Despite the compliments for the dedication imposed on the field, yes, many points still need to be corrected in his game, in my view.

There were no changes in posture in relation to the defensive commitment. In front of the Criciúma, Atletico arrived the third consecutive game suffering at least two goals in field.

The offensive dedication, coupled with the momentum generated by the triumph, combined with the pressure on the rival, allows you to dream of surprising here. Atletico have good numbers away from home.

Coach Claudio Tencati will maintain the base used in the debut.

Prediction Coritiba vs Atletico GO:

It’s going to be a risky bet. I do not believe that, after the change in the technical committee, Coritiba will act so badly again. Atlético, despite having won and played with disposition, remained to show some loopholes in their game.

If the fans return to play with you, if there is a new disposition in the squad, I see Coritiba chances, in any case, to take advantage of the defensive breaches of the rival, obtaining his first victory here.

Prediction Today: Coritiba
Odds: 1.73

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