Sporting vs Porto Soccer Prediction 18 April 2018

Sporting vs Porto Today’s Soccer Prediction

A great week to follow the Portuguese football. After the game between Benfica and FC Porto that returned the blues and whites to the first place of the First League

The Portuguese Cup semi-finals occupy a Wednesday afternoon that promises excitement.

FC Porto will have a say in the game this Wednesday. The team achieved its great goal of the week, recovering the leadership of the championship, and this game brings a challenge very different from the one it had in Luz.

Sérgio Conceição’s men have the first-leg advantage, even if short, and will have to play the game in a way that will not be their most usual. The precaution will speak louder in this case.

For Sporting, the current moment is very positive. The team left reinforced the tie against Atletico Madrid, as had been predicted at the time of the draw.

Playing in front of a powerful opponent made it difficult to qualify, but it increased the possibility of being worked on the mental level. That’s how it happened, with a victory last Thursday and safer league appearances.
The fact that he is now only dependent on himself to reach second place also opens new perspectives for the whole of Jorge Jesus.

It is certain that the two teams want to reach Jamor, and the advantage of FC Porto will know in this context. A goal from Sporting return to put the bills equalized in the access to the final.

The two teams had tough encounters last Sunday, and none can defend themselves with greater fatigue. At the same time, both have had injuries that condition part of the choices and options to present at this meeting.

Prediction Sporting vs Porto:

A Sporting with clear offensive focus is the most expected, trying to reach the goal that allows him to dream about Jamor. A rigorous FC Porto, but still with some spaces granted to the rival, may have to wait for Casillas a new great exhibition.

Prediction of the Day: Sporting
Odds: 2.70

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