CS: GO: Orgless vs Cloud 9 Betting Predictions and Odds

CS: GO: Orgless vs Cloud 9 Betting Predictions and Odds

CS: GO: Orgless vs Cloud 9 Betting Predictions and Odds

Orgless faces Cloud9 in the ESL One Road to Rio 2020 match

In ESL One: Road to Rio 2020 North America, Orgless meets Cloud9. On April 24th, 2020, this CS: GO game will start between a team from Canada and one from the USA. This pairing has often not occurred, and Cloud9 has often won. We will go into more detail about the direct duels on this page.


World Ranking 34th
Have the slightly stronger lineup
Won 2 of 6 maps against Cloud 9

Cloud 9

World Ranking 25th
Have won 4 of their past 5 games
Decided 4 out of 6 maps against Orgless

Can Orgless win its very first game against Cloud 9 in CS: GO?

The Canadian-based esport team was actually not that weak in the past 3 months. After all, they won 63% of their games. However, only 1 of their past 5 games. The last competition was Flashpoint 1. They finished in 6th place. 6 of these 9 games went over 3 maps. So that we can create a serious analysis, we only looked at the statistics from the current lineup. So far, he recorded 61 maps, of which 36 could be won and 25 were. Each map went on average over 26.9 laps. Orgless now knows 6 different cards. Inferno they decided only 47.1% and Dust2 50%. Nuke, Train and Overpass were won over 62%. Mirage decided 80% of the time. The Canadian kill-to-death ratio is 1.05. The FNS 1.0 rating is 0.84. That of yay 1.00, Subroza 1.04 and WARDELL 1.10. Infinite has one of 1.12. They are superior to Cloud 9 in all these values. However, Cloud 9 is more experienced that it could tip the scales.

Will Cloud9 remain undefeated against Orgless after games?

So far, Cloud9 has not been completely unbeaten against Orgless, because in 2 maps they had to drop their feathers, but they decided the games. In the last 3 months they won 61.9% of their games and decided 3 out of 5 of the past games. After finishing Flashpoint 1 in 4th place, they won all 3 of the qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Spring 2020. Only in 6 of the last 14 games did they have to go over 3 maps. With Cloud9, too, only the data from the current lineup was actually interesting. So far, he has contested 130 maps, of which 82 could be won and 48 documents. Each card went on average over 25.82 rounds. They know 7 different maps. Vertigo won only 46.7% and Nuke 50%. Dust2, Mirage and Inferno decided over 60% and Train and Overpass over 72%. The kill-to-death ratio of these 5 players is 1.04. Only JT has a 1.0 rating below 1, namely 0.85. motm and Sonic have one of 1.03 and oSee of 1.07. floppy has one of 1.09. Even if they are inferior to Orgless, each of these players has played more maps so far. They are also ranked better in the world rankings.

Orgless vs Cloud9 Direct comparison

These two Esport teams played 6 maps against each other so far, these were divided into 2 games. The Americans won both games. Orgless only decided 2 maps and Cloud9 4 maps. Each map went over 26 rounds. Inferno, Train, Nuke and Dust2 were used. These meetings took place between March 24th, 2020 and April 14th, 2020. It was the Flashpoint 1 competition. Orgless’ strongest player, Infinite, outnumbered Cloud9’s best player, floppy, in almost every respect. Only in the case of KAST and Average Damage per Round does he have to give up, which is only a few percentage points. If you compare the odds of the maps of the past 3 months, Orgless Mirage, Inferno and Nuke have won more often. Cloud9 often chose Dust2, Train and Vertigo. The Americans had also been stronger in the past 5 games.

Orgless vs Cloud9 Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Tipsters

A little more we assume that Cloud9 will win, so we can advise on a Cloud 9. The experience of the Americans will probably prevail. The odds in this winning bet are only somewhat useful. We can recommend an over / under bet on over 2.5 maps, even if the bookmakers do not share this opinion with us, at least if you can believe the odds. Placement on under 26.5 laps 1 map is also an option for us.

Betting Prediction: Orgless
Odds: 2.70
Betting Prediction: Cloud9
Odds: 1.40

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